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i couldnt find it on your blog anywhere, but do you have any profile where members mention their ideal types? thank you

i don’t really like that kind of content and avoid having it, that’s why you couldn’t find it :) personally i don’t find it to be useful or helpful, because it tends to create delusions. male idols sometimes are marketed as fans’ boyfriends, which i thinlk is pretty messed up.. also there are some interviews where members mention ideal height, weight, hair style etc their partner should have.. and i notice some people go ‘omg i have to lose weight then! change my clothing style!’ etc which i consider bit harmful? you should take info like that with a grain of stalt, plus it’s not like physical appearance is the most important thing when you are looking for a partner. it’s like a christmas gift you know.. it may be wrapped nicely but you open the box just to find a pair of black socks instead of something you wanted. change is good then again but you shouldn’t change yourself in order to make someone like you. plus it’s not like most i-fans actually have the chance to see their fave in person so .. it’s pointleas? having said all that, the only ideal type post i ever made was on yanan saying it’s someone that likes him so :)

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