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Tell us about Sleipnir (is that how it's spelled?) the eight legged horse.


One of the most (in)famous of Loki’s shenanigans.

So. Shortly after the construction of Asgard, the gods were going about their business when a stranger arrived at their gates. He offered his services to construct a wall for them around Asgard, one that would never fall. He swore that he would do this in a mere three seasons, which seemed impossible, and as payment for his services he wanted the hand of Freyja, the beautiful, in marriage, as well as the sun and the moon.

The gods went into a huddle at this to discuss things.

“Fuck this guy.” Announced Freyja. “In the metaphorical sense, not the literal. I’m not marrying him.”

“Anyway, yeah, this is a scam.” Odin said. “I know a scam when I see a scam, and this is definitely a scam, and you know what we do to people who try to scam us.”


“What the fuck you two, Loki, shut the hell up, that isn’t what he…”

“Exactly, thank you Loki. We counter scam them. Here’s the plan.”

*Some time later*

“Fine. Fine. I’m in. But know that if he pulls it off, I will kill both of you. Slowly. And use your skulls as food dishes for my cats. And also kill him on the wedding night.”

“Noted, Freyja.”

So the gods returned to the craftsman and agreed, with a condition; he would only have one season to complete the work, and it must be done without any aid save that of his horse.

“Deal.” He agreed immediately. “But you’ve all gotta swear a binding oath that you will keep your word.”

The myth does not specify that he was, specifically, eyeballing Loki and Odin at that part, so I am forced to assume that he was.

The gods all do. The craftsman gets straight to work, and the wall begins going up at an impressive pace. As Freyja’s scowl deepened, it was noticed that the man’s mighty stallion, Svadilfari, was doing most of the work, hauling stones larger than any normal horse could shift and never seeming to tire.

“It’s fine!!!” A sweating Loki assures a glowering Freyja. “Just fine! The horse will tire, he won’t finish it!”

But winter wears on, the wall grows, and it’s soon clear that the horse will not tire, and the man will indeed complete his work. Freyja has taken to making throat-cutting gestures at both Odin and Loki whenever she sees them.

Three days from the end of winter, and only the final layer of stones for the gates need to be laid. I picture here Odin and Loki watching the mason pack up his tools and horse for the evening and ride off, secure in the knowledge that he will soon wed Freyja and take the sun and moon.

“He could do it.” Loki squints up at the wall.

“Yep.” Says Odin, sipping mead.

“He’s a frost giant, isn’t he?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Got this won, he has.” Loki nods, sipping his own mead.

“Oh, yes.”

“Freyja cornered me today and threatened to feed my balls to her cats.”

“She’s going to use my remaining eye as a necklace too, apparently.”

“She’d make it painful, too.”

“Yep.” Odin refills both their ale horns with mead. “Because, of course, there is no one in Asgard who would, in this situation…how did you put it the other day?”

“Cheat like a motherfucker.”

“Yes, that’s it. No one at all.”

“I’ve got a plan.”

A grin from the Old Bastard, a sort of half smirking wolfish grin. “I knew you would.”

They then clink mean horns and cackle like hyenas for a full minute and a half.

The next day, the mason arrives for his work and begins cutting more stones as his stallion grazes. As he works, a pretty young mare prances out of the woods, tossing her mane and tail and giving Svadilfari come-hither glances.

Svadilfari sniffs, decides in .000000003 seconds that a young mare in season is infinitely more interesting than hauling rocks, and takes off after her. The mare dashes ahead of him, staying juuuuuuust out of reach as the giant swore and cursed back by the sledge.

The mare, of course, is Loki. He leads Svadilfari a merry chase, but is still Loki, and allows herself to be caught eventually. Loki and Svadilfari proceed to have a grand few days in a nice clearing in the woods, far from Asgard and Svadilfari’s master.

Meanwhile, the three days come and go. The giant tries his hardest, but cannot finish the wall without Svadilfari. At last the sun sets on the end of the season, and the wall remains unfinished. He has not completed his task, and Freyja and the sun and moon are lost to him.

“YOU CHEATED!!!” He presumably yelled, swelling to giant size and revealing himself as a frost giant at last.

“I didn’t do a single thing,” Says the Allfather, which to be fair is technically true. "Go from this place. You have lost.“

The enraged giant did not. Therefore, he was paid, instead of his wages, a blow of Thor’s hammer to the head, which shattered his skull and killed him on the spot.

Loki did not return for many months, though there were sightings in the forest of a pretty mare with an eight legged foal on occasion. Finally, Loki reappeared at the gates of Asgard with a weanling foal in tow. The foal had eight legs, and followed Loki as a young horse will its mother. The gods all, presumably, gave each other Significant Looks at this.

Loki took the foal before Odin, who also presumably raised an eyebrow.

“You know, you didn’t have to do it that way, but good job.”

“Hey I didn’t question the whole tie yourself to a tree thing, you don’t question my methods. Also, this is Sleipnir. Sleipnir, this is Uncle Odin. You stick with him and be a good boy, okay? Remember, mommy loves you and will come to visit but you’re a big boy now and I need to get back to my other interests.”

And that is how Odin obtained Sleipnir, the eight legged steed that carries him through the realms.

Well, I guess there are worse fates than ending up the absolute epitome of a, “Prettyboy Meathead” who’s “All Brawn and no Brain” or a, “Smelly Brute”

You see, I used to be the captain of the Chess Club. Short, scrawny, specky redheaded beanpole with acne, a lisp, stuttering with anxiety. But now, They really did a number on me…

Who’s they? The football team! That’s who! They’d been bullying me ever since I transferred to this school, having argued for home schooling instead, but losing out and ending up a freshman here. They targeted me right off the bat, first day, “fresh meat” as they called me, while throwing me into a dumpster. This repeated itself for a few weeks, until finally I’d had enough, and lost it.

Yup, I admit it, I lost it. Total tantrum. But I swear, I didn’t mean to break the quarterback’s ankle! All I’d meant to do is… well, I mean I didn’t know what I meant to do, I just charged at him, screaming about how they were all just pretty trophy boys, worthless mindless meatheads, disgusting sweaty animals, plowing head first into his rock solid abs. We both went tumbling down the wheelchair ramp, myself stopped by a column, while he continued, crashing into a display case and howling in a deep rumbling rage.

That afternoon, when the nurse and the ambulance EMT’s concurred that his ankle was shattered in 2 places, taking him off the roster for the big game and chance at the championship, the team was not so thrilled with me. Hell, the whole damn school wanted to lynch me! I had to leave early, my parents getting a phone call to pick me up. I was reamed out the whole way home. My mother nearly had an asthma attack she was screeching so loud.

My dad, while still joining in on the reaming, seemed almost, proud. There was a little shimmer in his eye that I’d never seen before. It lasted only a second though as my mom hit her stride and went into full parental meltdown. I’d never seen her this angry.

Only a day passed before we got a call from the school. I was expelled, unless my parents and I agreed to a few demands. My mother, trying to save my academic career, agreed before even hearing them. My dad though, agreed to a meeting with the Principal, and oddly, the coach of the Football team.

Heading over to the school was like a motorized death march. The car ride dead silent, treading into the school and down to the Sports offices where both the Coach and Principal were having a heated debate. I only caught a blurb or two before they noticed us and quieted down. Something about “coach’s special training”

I found out during the hour long meeting, that the Coach had me in mind for replacing Blake, the Quarterback I’d taken off the field. Everyone, including the principal had their reasons as to why I couldn’t, myself as well, but Coach wouldn’t have it. He claimed that he could have me in playing condition before the big game, and, if I played, I could keep going to school, the expulsion would be voided.

Again, my mom agreed fully, signing the forms before my dad could stop her. My dad though, asked questions. The answered were vague, everything was about “focus, drive, determination, and making up for my mistakes” After a good 25 minute spiel, my dad too signed the form, signing my academic life away to a man who was quite literally an entire team’s worth of brawn packed into one.

Long story short, the game was in 6 weeks. My training started immediately, as well as a strict diet, supplements that coach provided, all of my study halls and my time on the chess team was forfeited to Coach, during which I was to watch football videos and take notes.

Weird thing is, after a few videos and days taking the supplements, I couldn’t really take notes… Strange, as I’d been a straight A Student. I just couldn’t. It was too boring. Even stranger, I couldn’t sit still. My body felt jolted and alive, my muscles aching and warm, feeling like they were going to burst off of me. I sat, squirming in my seat watching the videos, mindlessly taking in the plays, when, day by day, my body seemed to change.

First came the sweat. No matter how little I was active. Even just sitting at school or home, I was sweating, sometimes profusely. Soaking through my clothes, and, rather embarrassingly, stinking through my deodorant and body wash. by day 3, I reeked, constantly, I could smell myself. People noticed as well, the football team calling me stinky, and Jockstrap. Others moved away from me in the halls, or left seats empty near me in classes. However, sometimes I’d catch some of the prettier girls, especially the ditzy Barbie type, taking side glances at me, their eyes lingering on me for a moment before shaking their heads and running off giggling

Then came the muscle spasms and odd unexplained growth spurts. I was a late bloomer, short and thin. but each passing day added a bit of height, a bit of weight, becoming more solid and dense. I had one night in particular where I woke up screaming in pain as my body cracked and expanded, until I’d ended up a week later, 6′2″ 140lbs or so, looking solid, but not brawny. Well, not brawny, YET.

After the growth spurts, the videos lessened, and it was time for on field practice. Alone at first, then with the team. I can’t remember most of it, Coach would say something strange to me, and I’d lose track of time, waking up dazed and dizzy in the locker room with a towel around my waist, wet from the shower, or naked soaping up my body mindlessly as the hot water boiled away my thoughts.

I noticed now that I had bushy, wiry hair under my arms, and a dense collection around my groin, which, after the 4rth practice wearing a cup, felt packed and swollen. Each night I was jerking off load after load, feeling as if each jet caused my balls to swell and churn, until after a week, I had a veritable salami between my legs, with egg sized nuts in a musky, furry sack. The team took notice too, and started calling me Donkey. a nickname that encompassed my densely packed bulk, my large pendulous cock, and the always constant reek of musty stink coming off my body.

It was at this point that my mother tried to stop the whole thing. She cried when she watched my grades plummet, watched me get bigger, brawny and brutish, while out nightly dinner talks about the day and world news skidded to a halt, replaced by football, coach, the team, girls. My dad however, loved every moment! He’d even helped me move out all of my nerdy crap from my room, to replace it with a  weight bench and a shelf for future trophies.

After practiced and the changed to my body, coach had me work up my arms to beefy, thick bulging dense pythons, my biceps rounded, with a vein running down its length even at resting. My chest as well, widened my shoulders and held my pads up like a statue. I was quite built now, lumbering round at about 162lbs, when he stopped me after a grueling workout, held my head in his hands and said it was time for the last details in my reparations for ruining his star player.

I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, as he brought out a tin with gel inside, a pair of cleats that looked about 4 sizes too big, and a jockstrap and cup that seemed to pulsate menacing in his hand. without pause, he greased up his gloved hands and smeared the gel into my hair. it burned, and smelled of sulfur. I thought he was going to make me bald! Until I felt my hair thickening, rustling on its own with the gel mixing with my sweat, leaving me with an oddly boyish, yet decidedly bro-like Bieber cut. I could see my reflection in one of the mirrors, my hair was that of one of those pretty boys you see on TV! Thick and luscious, styled perfectly to the side, it’d stay like this without effort, as I found out soon after.

Then he forced me to sit on the bench behind me, took off my size 12 workout sneakers, tossed them across the room into a bin for lost and found items, and stuffed my feet into the huge cleats he’d brought in. My bare foot sunk into the sole of the cleat, feeling its warm, slimy texture. It felt like it’d recently been warn by a whole team during a month’s worth of games and practices. My feet itched intensely, all I could do was grunt In protest as the material seemed to tighten around my toes. Odd though, they didn’t seem to be moving. Hearing a few harsh, cracking pops and feeling searing pain in my feet, then a disgusting, foul smell rising upward, Coach took the cleats off, and I was staring down at a pair of size 16 boats. Long splayed toes shining with sweat in the fluorescent lighting, stinking up the room, looking masculine and raunchy. He covered his nose with his collar and muttered, “fucking athlete’s foot, always brutal” as I felt the burning sensation between my toes.

Then, as I tried to use my new strength to break Coach’s hold on me, he pulled down my gym shirts, then my jockstrap, letting my hefty, hairy meat free. He wolf whistled, giving me a wink as he slipped the jockstrap up my legs, then stuffed the cup in the pouch, hefting my cock and balls into it. I was right, it was pulsating! It felt like it was gripping my package, squeezing hard, then letting go, repeating over and over rhythmically. As it did so, I could feel my balls churning up a thick, heavy load, while a sudden head rush seemed to knock my brain out of my skull. I felt high, dizzy, horny, as my entire body seemed to warm up, then it felt like I was boiling on the inside, as a dim, dull rag seemed to fill my head. I felt my crotch start to itch, and a burning in my throat. I grunted, them moaned, my voice cracking harshly upward, embarrassingly, before dropping low and dumb, a deep, dim sounding baritone rumble.

M head filled with thoughts of wild, aggressive games, fucking like a stallion, working out till I couldn’t move, all while the cup seemed to milk up a steady drizzle of precum that, I’d find out later, would continue to pour from me at the slightest thought of passing glance of a pretty chick. I felt the need to pound my opponents into the dirt on the field, my whole body in fire, as coach whispered all my new desperate desires for sports, sex, being a man, filling me with pent up needs. Then, he ripped the jock and cup off me as my eyes rolled back in my head, told me to get changed into the outfit you see above, for my Team photo in the yearbook. I grunted, “fuck yeah” and dressed, stating at the Smelly brute, with the pretty boy good looks and dim, no brains behind the eyes state, as he took my photo, and I filled my pants with cum.

Wild, Dark Stallion - 1

Okay guys to keep the ball rolling I’ve brought out another fic hat I wrote a while ago and posted on my old blogs as well. This fic didn’t get past the first chapter but I have written 2 more chapters for it in the last 3 months and would love to see how you all like it. 

A/N: This is sort of short and trash but let me know if you like the concept.

Warnings: Welp, in this fic Roman is a asshole and kinda rude and crass. But hes also so damn sexy and dark. He will have an attitude for miles and a mean streak that will make the devil look like a child throwing a tantrum.

This story is NSFW in general due to future smut and sex scenes. You’ve been warned.

Please feel free to like, comment and re-blog to your followers and friends! Please do not repost to any other sites but Tumblr! Let me know of any spelling/punctuation errors.

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Undeniably gorgeous.

Utterly lethal.

Unbelievably intimidating.

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tell us about those who serves under Celestia - either on Guardians/Orphans projects or maintaining the city. what is it even like to be one of those who knows and participates in all the Mistral's horrors? how many of them are corrupted and how many are tormented by guilt? can you name more secondary/background characters who's filling these roles? like is Blueblood one of the scientists or some sort of priest?

The scientists and doctors who serve Celestia in creating Orphans and Guardians are among the world’s best remaining scientists. They have the technology, the income, location, and most importantly the reason to do these experiments and projects.

Being one of the individuals who brings Mistral Orphans and Guardians is a bit like being santa’s secret helpers: aside from the very select few folks who are known by name (like Celestia, who is the discoverer of alicorn, Luna’s the one who refined and actually made the drug in Tonic form, Scorpan’s known for being the founder of Celestia’s Haven a.k.a the creator of the Orphan procedure, Discord the “Father” of Guardians), no one knows your name aside from your colleagues and Celestia herself. You are the Mistral government’s secret, the workers who perform the atrocities the public doesn’t know about, and the ones who do this are either willing to ignore the atrocities for “the good of the city”, you ignore it because it’s a hefty sum in your pockets (the job pays sinfully well), or are guilt-ridden but are essentially trapped because once you join this team, you cannot leave it unless you’re willing to subject yourself to a memory wipe. Which Celestia would rather avoid, since the team is kept small for a reason. 

Many of them are willing to ignore the horrors they perform because, as much as some of them may be guilt-ridden, they still go about their job because they are just as desperate for an answer to cure this “magiclessness” in Mistral, including themselves. The work isn’t to just produce more alicorn to supply more of the drug, it’s also to find a “shortcut” to fixing their inability to use magic instead of waiting for nature to take control over it. That’s part of the reason why Rarity is so important like Cadance was, they consider them the “key” to that shortcut.

There are of course those who would much rather not do what they’re doing but it’s far too late to be released unscathed, so their only options is a voluntary memory wipe of the work they’ve done (which honestly isn’t much of an option in the first place) or to try and escape which uh…. doesn’t end well if you fail. They don’t kill you, they force you to keep working but any rights you previously had by being a willing worker is completely stripped away.

Some scientists of the top of my head:

-Scorpan, the original creator of the Orphans programming and the refiner of the conditioning process the children go through. He originally remained with the team because he continued to lie to himself that the experiments and projects were justified for the good of Mistral, but he eventually stopped believing in that lie and refused to work. He managed to escape Mistral, but because he’s a high-valued scientist, the search for him is ongoing, so he must remain in hiding.

-Sunset Shimmer, originally a student of Celestia’s and one of the project leads for the most recent Guardian series. Sunset, like Twilight, was somewhat being groomed to be something of a successor to Celestia should anything happen, but Sunset was far more interested in the science side so Celestia found Twi and allowed Sunset to pursue a career in the creation of Guardians. And at first she really did buy into the bullshit Celly sold her; this is for the good of our future, we do the dirty work so the population won’t have to, we’re gonna find a way to bring magic back to our people, then we won’t need alicorn anymore! For years she believed it (I mean, it helped that she was raised by Celestia), but when Twilight was grafted and Rarity was introduced into Mistral… something changed. Slowly but surely she began to see that what they were doing was horrific, no matter how much they tried to justify the kidnapping, exploitation, and murder of children (not all of them survive the process of being turned into an Orphan), allowing nearly the entire population to become addicted to a very dangerous drug, the abductions recently conducted to gain more suitable candidates for Guardian grafting. She stayed because she loves Celestia like she was her mother, she doesn’t want to believe that this seemingly saintly mare was a monster, but it was getting harder to ignore. Luckily for her, Mistral eventually falls, and with that, the decision is made for her. She survives, and upon learning about Scorpan, she joins him in his quest to right the wrongs they’ve committed.

-Blueblood, adopted son of Celestia (Celly’s infertile, she can’t have children of her own). Blueblood isn’t actually in on the atrocities his mother commits but he’s smart enough to know that Tonics (what alicorn is refined into) are highly addictive and dangerous. As such, he doesn’t use them. BUT he’s the lead of the marketing team for Tonics, he helps them get sold and persuades others to buy them because for all of his lack of scientific smarts, Blueblood is very charming and a smart salesman. He has a conscious; he does actually feel a bit guilty for selling something he knows will ruin someone’s life if used too much, but he figures “hey, their lives, their choices. They wanna get fucked by this stuff, then who am I to judge?” It’s also a pretty penny in his pocket, all the mares and stallions he can bed to his heart’s content (these people will do anything to get even a small dosage of Tonic. Anything), and the praise of Celestia. What more can a guy ask for…. right?

-Filthy Rich, not a scientist but a resident of Mistral and one of the richest stallions in the city. Where does he get his riches from? Why, his wife of course! The Rich family was always… well, rich, but they grew even wealthier when Nora “Spoiled” Rich found work as one of the scientists under Celestia’s leadership. And Spoiled Rich loves her job. She’s good at it too; she’s very intelligent and has helped engineer quite a few of the findings toward the invention of Tonic and some of the design problems Guardians had, so she is a valued member of Celly’s team of scientists. She has no qualms about keeping her work “hush hush”, only stating that it’s government business, and Filthy is all too happy to accept that because they are living the big life. not to say Filthy’s a lazy stallion; he works alongside Blueblood in Tonic marketing, but when not doing that he’s very famous for his alchoholic beverage company (which could be all the more popular because maybe he uses Tonic as an ingredient). He usually remains closer to home than his wife, though, who is often gone for long periods of time due to work. He’s the one who primarily raises Diamond Tiara, and he honestly is a loving father. Spoiled? Eh…. not so much. I’d like to think that Filthy’s actually a bit put off by Orphans; he of course doesn’t know the truth but the appearance of them makes him think maybe something wrong is happening to them, which Spoiled brushes off like no big deal. That worries him, but… he isn’t really sure why.

*+* 25 Weeks *+*

Short post today because me and Stallion are putting work away to spend some time together. Between me and my designs and business picking up at the café we have had hardly any time to be alone. So we are decorating little Apple’s room today - or at least starting!

There is a design due to come out tomorrow for you guys, so keep your eyes on the store for that to drop!

Avi xo

More OCs!!! :D This time it’s Terren (AKA: Sinbad); the oldest sibling! His design went through many changes, but I am now finally starting to feel that this is right. :3

Random info about the character: Black stallion. Main breadwinner by working hard on the short-lived jobs he manages to get from time to time. Would not even consider leaving his siblings behind before they both have a safe place to call home. Would collect books if he could afford it. Will do pretty much anything for money. Is the one who fixes damaged/old clothes. When Isaia is not around he will tell stories about their mother to Frey.

PS: None of the main characters have any “default” clothes. In the non-crossover version of this story their clothes do not magically disappear when people transform; only your body transforms, and everything apart from that remains as it was. And because of uncounted-for transformations our heroes are used to loosing/tearing their clothes (especially Terren). :P

OBS: If you have no idea what’s going on —> 

 Isaia, Frey, Live-Action CastingTo Belong - Part 1

Since I saw someone making a Bird!AU of Trolls, I will try to make a Horse!AU of Trolls (after my school intership in a stud, I couldn’t fucking resist, I am sorry)!

-Branch: “Grey” Clydesdale horse (stallion), used for work in the fields, pretty hot blooded, nervous and unpredictable.
-Poppy: Paint horse, used for lessons with kids or games, sometimes for parades since she totally loves people around her.
-Guy Diamond: “White” Andalusian horse (a gelding), used for dressage or for jumping competitions, sometimes for entertaining the kids.
-DJ Suki: “Red” Mustang Appaloosa horse, curly, used for rodeos, not completely tamed and pretty moody.
-Satin and Chenille: Arabian horses, used for parades or events thanks to their unique beauty and grace.
Cooper: Mule or Donkey (a gelding), used for little kids, work in the fields or for games.
-Biggie: Haflinger horse (a gelding), used for work in the fields and for lessons with bigger kids or unexperienced adults.
-Smidge and Fuzzbert (stallion): Falabella horses, treated more like pets and playmates for little kids.
-Creek: Thoroughbred horse (a gelding), used for riding lessons, jumping and hippotherapy, due to his calm and pacific behaviour.

[Stupid and useless Broppy headcanon/story coming, feel free to skip it. Also, even something for DJDiamond too]:

I think Branch’s owners would work pretty near to Poppy’s stud, and that she would often see him in the fields, working his ass off everyday, ignoring her completely. But after a lot of calling and showing herself in the same place, Poppy would attract Branch with her vivid enthusiasm and incredible beauty, pretty much forcing him to approach the small gate that separates them and talk, bonding slowly and meeting at special events, in secret or something like that.
At first Poppy’s owners would just let the two horses communicate, of course keeping their guard high since Branch is a stallion, but after a few years (and because of a little, innocent escape at night) a new little foal would born. u.u

For DJ Suki and Guy Diamond, I simply think he would be a stallion at first (not very stubborn, a very calm one, willing to be brushed and treated like the beautiful king he is ofc), but after flirting a little too much and especially after jumping in the paddock and having a heated “adventure” with a certain, aggressive, just arrived “Red” Appaloosa Mustang (GD would be stunned by her beauty and wild temperament, ahah), the owners would get him fixed right away. And Suki would laugh to tears in his face for days and days, despite it all.

Dr. Strange and the Rampaging Unicorn (¾)

He shouldn’t feel guilty, Stephen told himself as he watched Tony try to lure Tony Stallion to him with a carrot and fail. Jan zoomed past Tony with a lasso and tried to lasso the unicorn, but the rope suddenly dropped just short of the unicorn and Tony Stallion ran free.

Tony watched forlornly as the unicorn disappeared from his sight.

Jan hovered around Tony, her mouth moving a mile a minute as she patted him on the back and offered him encouragement.

“You’re not paying attention.” Mordo attacked Stephen with his staff.

Stephen summon the mystic energies of the universe and blocked Mordo’s attack. “I rather pay attention to the unicorn who has a vendetta against me than you.” Stephen arched a brow. “Unless you’ve suddenly decided that you want to kill me.”

Mordo withdrew his staff, twirling it before lowering it to his side. “Not today, but maybe tomorrow.”

“I find that very comforting to know.”

Mordo smirked.

Stephen’s attention was stolen again by Tony. The young man was laughing and waving off whatever Jan had said.

One would have to be the most oblivious person in the world not to see how fake and forced Tony’s cheer was.

Stephen’s chest ached for Tony in sympathy.

“Have you developed feelings for Tony Stark?” Mordo asked, a teasing lilt to his voice.

Stephen scoffed. “Tony and I are too similar. It’s good for working together, but not so good for a relationship when both of us are too stubborn to compromise and have large egos.”

“Or perhaps it’s perfect. It may be the closest you’ll get to ever to having a relationship with yourself—alternate universe versions of you excluded.”

Stephen cast Mordo a withering look. His scarf had slipped loose during their spar, and Stephen rearranged it back into place. “I think I’ll take a walk for now. Clear my head so I don’t accidentally turn you into a tree.”

Mordo chuckled. “I’d like to see you try.”

Stephen exchanged a few more barbs with Mordo before departing.

His guilt over Tony and the Tony Stallion debacle was roiling, and he disliked it. He knew he wasn’t to blame for what happened, but every time he watched Tony approach his unicorn and the beast took off running, Stephen’s chest constricted and remorse formed a lump in his throat.

He had played a role in the dissolution of Tony and Tony Stallion’s relationship, albeit an unknowing one, and now his conscious was telling him that he had to fix things.

Stephen huffed. His hands shook and he tried to calm himself down.

Maybe there was a spell that could restore Tony’s virginity?

A high pitched sound broke Stephen out of his reverie.

Tony Stallion stampeded toward him.

Stephen cursed and sprang out of the beast’s way.

Tony Stallion cried out as he missed Stephen. The beast whirled and got ready to charge at Stephen again.

Stephen moved fast, uttering the spell needed to create a barrier between him and Tony Stallion, but it didn’t work. The beast broke through the barrier, and once again Stephen had to dodge or become a shish kabob.

“That’s it!” Stephen spun as Tony Stallion turned around and tried to attack him again.

Stephen jabbed his finger at Tony Stallion. “Enough! I am not the bad guy here; you are!”

Tony Stallion jerked his head back in a human like movement. He snorted and shook his mane. He glared at Stephen.

“Oh do not give me that look, you morally backwards and perverse animal,” Stephen said. “You are mad at me because I had sex with Tony—consensual sex, may I add—and thus he is no longer a virgin. So now that he isn’t a virgin you run from him and attack me because I took him from you, except I didn’t. Tony still wants and loves you; you’re the one who has abandoned him.”

Tony Stallion’s nostrils flared. He pawed at the dirt.

“If you really care for Tony then you should be with him and not attacking me. After all, what is stopping you two from being together? Not me, and not Tony. It’s your own prejudice. Tony is still the man you devoted yourself to, except he has gained a new experience, and he is heartbroken because his friend has abandoned him because of said new experience.”

Tony Stallion wasn’t breathing as heavily. He still radiated anger, but he seemed to be mellowing.

Stephen nodded his head, confident that his words were sinking in.”Don’t lose something precious because of pride and anger.”

Tony Stallion flicked his tail.

The beast stared down Stephen for a few more seconds then broke eye contact. Tony Stallion huffed then turned and walked away from Stephen.

Stephen shook his head in disbelief. He had talked down many creatures before in the past. This was the first time he’d ever spoken reason to a unicorn. Even with his past experiences, the very notion that he’d just argued with a unicorn amazed him.

He supposed it was all in a day’s work as Sorcerer Supreme.

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There is a great story,now a personal favorite,in Norse Mythology.So basically the gods need to protect Midgard against giants and trolls and so on with a wall.A giant comes and offers to build the wall in two 3 seasons,in exchange for the sun and the moon,and Freya,the goddess of beauty.Loki suggests they give him only one season,as he would never finish in time.The giant accepts,and gets to work.On the last day of winter the wall is almost finished,thanks to his mighty horse.Gods freak out,and Loki gets to work,as Freya demands his head as this was all his plan. This is where the fun begins. Loki turns into a beautiful chestnut mare,and seduces the mighty stallion.So the work remains unfinished. A few months later,Loki returns with an 8-footed foal.He is the mother of that foal.He got fucked by that mighty stallion.And acts all nonchalant about the whole thing. Imagine MCU showing that scene.And Tom Hiddleston.(oh my god)