Dr. Strange and the Rampaging Unicorn (¾)

He shouldn’t feel guilty, Stephen told himself as he watched Tony try to lure Tony Stallion to him with a carrot and fail. Jan zoomed past Tony with a lasso and tried to lasso the unicorn, but the rope suddenly dropped just short of the unicorn and Tony Stallion ran free.

Tony watched forlornly as the unicorn disappeared from his sight.

Jan hovered around Tony, her mouth moving a mile a minute as she patted him on the back and offered him encouragement.

“You’re not paying attention.” Mordo attacked Stephen with his staff.

Stephen summon the mystic energies of the universe and blocked Mordo’s attack. “I rather pay attention to the unicorn who has a vendetta against me than you.” Stephen arched a brow. “Unless you’ve suddenly decided that you want to kill me.”

Mordo withdrew his staff, twirling it before lowering it to his side. “Not today, but maybe tomorrow.”

“I find that very comforting to know.”

Mordo smirked.

Stephen’s attention was stolen again by Tony. The young man was laughing and waving off whatever Jan had said.

One would have to be the most oblivious person in the world not to see how fake and forced Tony’s cheer was.

Stephen’s chest ached for Tony in sympathy.

“Have you developed feelings for Tony Stark?” Mordo asked, a teasing lilt to his voice.

Stephen scoffed. “Tony and I are too similar. It’s good for working together, but not so good for a relationship when both of us are too stubborn to compromise and have large egos.”

“Or perhaps it’s perfect. It may be the closest you’ll get to ever to having a relationship with yourself—alternate universe versions of you excluded.”

Stephen cast Mordo a withering look. His scarf had slipped loose during their spar, and Stephen rearranged it back into place. “I think I’ll take a walk for now. Clear my head so I don’t accidentally turn you into a tree.”

Mordo chuckled. “I’d like to see you try.”

Stephen exchanged a few more barbs with Mordo before departing.

His guilt over Tony and the Tony Stallion debacle was roiling, and he disliked it. He knew he wasn’t to blame for what happened, but every time he watched Tony approach his unicorn and the beast took off running, Stephen’s chest constricted and remorse formed a lump in his throat.

He had played a role in the dissolution of Tony and Tony Stallion’s relationship, albeit an unknowing one, and now his conscious was telling him that he had to fix things.

Stephen huffed. His hands shook and he tried to calm himself down.

Maybe there was a spell that could restore Tony’s virginity?

A high pitched sound broke Stephen out of his reverie.

Tony Stallion stampeded toward him.

Stephen cursed and sprang out of the beast’s way.

Tony Stallion cried out as he missed Stephen. The beast whirled and got ready to charge at Stephen again.

Stephen moved fast, uttering the spell needed to create a barrier between him and Tony Stallion, but it didn’t work. The beast broke through the barrier, and once again Stephen had to dodge or become a shish kabob.

“That’s it!” Stephen spun as Tony Stallion turned around and tried to attack him again.

Stephen jabbed his finger at Tony Stallion. “Enough! I am not the bad guy here; you are!”

Tony Stallion jerked his head back in a human like movement. He snorted and shook his mane. He glared at Stephen.

“Oh do not give me that look, you morally backwards and perverse animal,” Stephen said. “You are mad at me because I had sex with Tony—consensual sex, may I add—and thus he is no longer a virgin. So now that he isn’t a virgin you run from him and attack me because I took him from you, except I didn’t. Tony still wants and loves you; you’re the one who has abandoned him.”

Tony Stallion’s nostrils flared. He pawed at the dirt.

“If you really care for Tony then you should be with him and not attacking me. After all, what is stopping you two from being together? Not me, and not Tony. It’s your own prejudice. Tony is still the man you devoted yourself to, except he has gained a new experience, and he is heartbroken because his friend has abandoned him because of said new experience.”

Tony Stallion wasn’t breathing as heavily. He still radiated anger, but he seemed to be mellowing.

Stephen nodded his head, confident that his words were sinking in.”Don’t lose something precious because of pride and anger.”

Tony Stallion flicked his tail.

The beast stared down Stephen for a few more seconds then broke eye contact. Tony Stallion huffed then turned and walked away from Stephen.

Stephen shook his head in disbelief. He had talked down many creatures before in the past. This was the first time he’d ever spoken reason to a unicorn. Even with his past experiences, the very notion that he’d just argued with a unicorn amazed him.

He supposed it was all in a day’s work as Sorcerer Supreme.

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Continued from here (x

The Doctor looked at Derpy with a confused look on his face, he slowly raised his eyebrow and then sighed. “Wh-what do y-you mean D-d-ditzy? I’m p-perfectly fine! Nope! N-nothing wrong with me at a-all! I-” The stallion gave out a collossal yawn before he could finish his sentence. “I just need to finish my work, t-that’s all!”

He trotted over to a tall and neatly-stacked pile of worksheets that were completed then looked around in that area for even one worksheet that he could work on. “W-what are you doing here anyways, Ditzy?”

    “What work?! I’d be surprised if you had any!” Ditzy countered as she followed the stallion towards his work table, staring at the neat pile of documents with a small frown. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously and she grabbed the first sheet on the pile, examined it for a few seconds before grabbing another…and another..and…another. 

   After five sheets, she set then down and gave a short huff. “Nice try Doc.” The mare said with an irritated huff. That was the Doctor for you, always stubborn, especially when it came to his work. She didn’t want to take the last resort, which she had in her bag and always took with her when she visited her friend. You could make him do just about anything with this special item.

   “I came by to check on you silly.” She replied with another sigh, “You have a habit of working till you drop and I worry sometimes…”

More OCs!!! :D This time it’s Terren (AKA: Sinbad); the oldest sibling! His design went through many changes, but I am now finally starting to feel that this is right. :3

Random info about the character: Black stallion. Main breadwinner by working hard on the short-lived jobs he manages to get from time to time. Would not even consider leaving his siblings behind before they both have a safe place to call home. Would collect books if he could afford it. Will do pretty much anything for money. Is the one who fixes damaged/old clothes. When Isaia is not around he will tell stories about their mother to Frey.

PS: None of the main characters have any “default” clothes. In the non-crossover version of this story their clothes do not magically disappear when people transform; only your body transforms, and everything apart from that remains as it was. And because of uncounted-for transformations our heroes are used to loosing/tearing their clothes (especially Terren). :P

OBS: If you have no idea what’s going on —> 

 Isaia, Frey, Live-Action CastingTo Belong - Part 1

"The Anderson Rose" - Kurt/Blaine (A Preview)

To celebrate breaking 4,000 followers, here is a teaser for my next fic.  4K words, roughly.

The first pair of scenes are ones that refer to Kurt and Blaine deciding to exchange gifts from afar, as they aren’t allowed to meet or even write letters or messages to each other during the stage of their courtship that precedes Kurt moving to Blaine’s family’s compound.

The second pair are the scenes that come just before Kurt makes that move, showing his departure celebration in his village with his father, and then a scene with Blaine and Blaine’s mother just before Kurt arrives on that final moving day.

The exchange of tokens is Blaine’s idea. It’s a compromise that pushes the limits of tradition; strictly speaking, they aren’t allowed to exchange messages directly with each other, and the very nature of gifts is communication in symbolic form, but Blaine’s parents allow it because they can see how eager Blaine is and, with Kurt’s age in mind, they know that Kurt would appreciate the tenderness of the gesture, as well.

The first gift arrives on a cool morning by transport, the usual driver smiling and waving and handing off the package to Finn, who brings in the mail to Burt, Kurt, and Carole at the breakfast table.

The wax seal in the shape of the Anderson rose keeping the package carefully folded shut is the first thing that Kurt sees, and he almost manages to snatch it before his dad does.

“You know the rules, Kurt,” Burt says.

Carole smiles politely. Finn hops on his toes as he shoves half a slice of buttered bread into his mouth. He’s obviously curious, and Kurt casts him a glare that says “traitor; you could’ve just given it to me and then we’d both know what it was”. Finn shrugs. Kurt refocuses his glare.

Burt palms the note that’s attached to the outside of the package and then, to everyone’s surprise, hands the package to Kurt.

“Seems like our Blaine has some new ideas about courtship.”

Kurt bites his lip and bounces in his chair.

“Well,” Carole says, “open it!”

Kurt holds his breath through the unwrapping, and then releases it all in one go as the most beautiful outfit he’s ever seen tumbles from the brown paper.

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Pay What You Want ‘Your Character Here’ Beach Babe Commissions are BACK for one last Summer Blast!

Now with Stallions!!

I’m still working on regular commissions, but thought it would be fun to do some YCH comms for warm ups and to try to catch up on some bills.



For mares, please see this post, for stallions, please continue reading!

Select your Species Markers (if not made clear by reference pics)

Select your Expression! (Small adjustments available!)

Finally, select your bathing suit, or lack thereof!

Send me a message with your selection, and I’ll respond with payment instructions, and I’ll get these done ASAP!

Sample order message, for those unsure what to do/say:

“Hi! I’d like to order a PWYW YCH commission, with Wings 1 and Horn 2, Expression 5, and Bathing Suit 3. Here is a a pic of my character (link). Thanks!”

Please use the submit button to order so that you can include reference info.

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