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Lance and Asul, from the klance fic Gold Dust

Please Help Us!

So this post might be coming as a surprise to most of you, but my siblings and I really need your help.

My mom recently surprised my three siblings and I by telling us that she is signed up to take online courses at Colorado Technical University. She has not been to school in over twenty years, but has always had a burning desire to learn. Her, and our, financial situation is extremely dire however, and as a result she can’t afford to buy a laptop to take the classes. She has had her heart set on this for years, and a lot in the past few months specifically, and this may be the only opportinuty she will have in another long while to go back to school.

She is currently registered in a program for criminal justice, and while CTU is covering her classes, they cannot help her with a laptop. With her degree, she wants to help families struggling with addictions, child abuse, and domestic violence.  

She is diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety, and so going back to school and being able to help others once again would just be the best thing that could happen to her. She is more excited than I have seen her about something in a long time, but won’t be able to go without a laptop. If we are unable to get her one, there is no way to tell when she will be able to sign up for this program again. 

She doesn’t need a fancy and expensive laptop, but just enough to last her throughout her education. It would mean the world to her, and this would only be the beginning of us being to give back to her what she sacrificed for us. My siblings and I are extremely thankful and appreciative of any donations that we receive, no matter how much. Every donation we receive will go directly towards her education. We hope to present her with the funds by January 1st, 2017. Our goal is $500, and we would be endlessly thankful to anyone who is able to help her finally go back to school.

We have created a GoFundMe for her. She doesn’t know that we are trying to raise money, as we really want to surprise her, so anyone who can donate, or just reblog this post, would be amazing. If you donate and tell me your url, you get an automatic follow from me.

My siblings have each also made a post about this (or will be making one of their own in the next day or two), as we are trying to get this to spread to as many people as possible. None of us have a Facebook, so this is the largest platform any of us has to spread this.

I am begging you, please, please, please reblog this, even if it doesn’t fit your blog type. If you follow me, you know it isn’t my blog type either. But my mom, and her education, is more important than fitting an aesthetic. If just 50 people donate $10 each, we will reach our goal. She is motivated and ready to start classes, and would be heartbroken if she was forced to wait, or give up on going back to school to learn.

This doesn’t seem like a big thing, I know. But she wants us to be proud of her, and more importantly she wants to be proud of herself. My siblings and I are willing to do anything to help her with this.

I will be reblogging this post every day, twice a day, so if you don’t want to see it, please feel free to unfollow me, there will be no hard feelings.

Thank you so, so, so much. If you have any questions, please just visit my ask box - I have anon enabled in case you don’t want me to know you are, which I understand:)

My siblings ask boxes are also open: Sarah, Jessica, Anthony

I will be updating this post as donations come in. All we need is 50 donations of $10, and we will be able to get her a laptop. With all four of our follower bases combined, I really do believe that we can accomplish this. Thank everyone again so, so much. I love and appreciate anything that anyone can do.

If you know me in real life, then you already know how awesome my mom is by how good us kids came out - she did an amazing job raising us:)


Hannah, Sarah, Jessica, and Anthony <3

anonymous asked:

does mitchg and jonas really have much in common? i am just curious and I'm not bashing on this ship

Hmm.. I’m gonna give my personal two cents about this.

Mitch and Jonas are purposefully supposed to be, basically, opposites. They are extremely different in a lot of ways, that isn’t to say that they can’t be together though, as you know “opposites attract” and all.

But it goes more into depth where, they’re each others opposite but it all ties together where maybe they aren’t so opposite after all.

In my perspective, they have a lot more in common than they initially thought, the events of Long Exposure with the research site molds that really well. They’re both outcasts, and when they gain their powers they became even bigger “freaks of nature” that only they could understand together.

I think this also symbolizes their background life.

Mitch has a really bad history with fathers and abuse, his stepdad for one is the cause of most of this. Then there is Jonas, his parents aren’t golden either, in fact Dean (his father figure) also abuses Jonas, as of what we’ve seen right now it’s very emotionally abusive.

They can understand that about each other. They both go through something that the other can understand, it’s a common ground.

Then further on, they’re both Messes.

Mitch and Jonas both deal with heavy insecurity about their bodies and personality. Mitch isn’t just this tough guy and Jonas isn’t this pure baby. They both have weaknesses, mental illnesses, and emotional depth that they can understand about one another.

I can continue going on and on about this but let me get at another point before this get’s too long.

Besides all of this, how about things they like? Dislikes? Interests? Humor? Income? Family life? Etc? Etc?

In my opinion, that kinda thing… Doesn’t really matter.

The fact that they’re so different in personality, in interests, and in general who they are is what captivates you.

How can two people who are completely different levels come together and fall in love? It’s so fascinating and INTERESTING. You don’t have to be completely in sync and have a lot of common interests to keep a conversation flowing. If anything, isn’t it neat to see how their own opinions and perspectives can be shared?

They can show each other two completely different lives. Mitch and Jonas go through a lot and they go through it together, yeah so they don’t have a lot of interests in common but? Does that really matter?

It’s crazy amazing how they make it work. They’re so devoted in love because they didn’t meet in some standard date like “hey, tell me about yourself,” it’s so much more in depth than that! They get to know each other through their events and throughout the comic that in the end, falling in love comes as natural as breathing.



For when you’ve lost contact with a spirit and wish to reach out and set things right. Good for you spirit companions who fall out of touch and worry about the state of your relationship.

1) Signifier - Card to signify the spirit, can be pre-chosen if they already have a card to represent them. If multiple cards are drawn, the first is their original signifier while the rest are more representative of their current personality/energy.

2) Personality Changes - Any changes to the spirit’s personality since you last communicated.

3) Energy Changes

4) Overall State - How the spirit feels they’re doing currently.

5/6) Emotions Regarding Lack of Contact

7) Perspective - Their current perspective on you.

8) Current Health of Bond

9) Next Step - Where they wish to go from here.

Some tips: If you’re using a vessel, I would recommend placing it on the signifier card to help focus on their energy. Multiple cards can be drawn for any spot. Since emotions can run wild when it comes to fearing that they don’t like you anymore, I would highly recommend coming back to the spread after some time with a fresh perspective and calm energy, to reevaluate the results. Especially the last few cards. Your anxiety will easily create a bias here.