stAllio! just published part three of his databending/glitch art primer series, concentrating on Tumblr’s favorite (and Facebook’s least favorite) image format, the GIF. You can have a lot of fun with just swapping color palettes, which is pretty easy to do in GIMP once you figure out its limitations - I might put up a how-to sometime later after I get some more laundry done.

In the meantime, let’s see THIS end up getting 20K+ notes and reblogs. (Doubt it)


Video Segmentation

Online service from Georgia Tech and Google breaks down videos into areas to create data for annotating objects within it (for example, for computer learning).

It also has an interesting visual look, and with a suggestion from stallio I processed FKA Twigs ‘Pendulum’ music video (note - the output video is silent, the original video is embedded below it):

The Video Segmentation Project has been a collaborative effort between Georgia Tech and Google Research to put a state of the art segmentation and annotation system online for other researchers to use. In addition to making this system available online, we have made all of our source code open source and therefore available for you to use if our system does not fulfill your specific needs.

To upload video, you will need a Google account and probably a lot of patience while it renders.

You can find out more about the project here