stAllio! just published part three of his databending/glitch art primer series, concentrating on Tumblr’s favorite (and Facebook’s least favorite) image format, the GIF. You can have a lot of fun with just swapping color palettes, which is pretty easy to do in GIMP once you figure out its limitations - I might put up a how-to sometime later after I get some more laundry done.

In the meantime, let’s see THIS end up getting 20K+ notes and reblogs. (Doubt it)


‎Glitch Art virtuoso stAllio! AKA Benjamin Berg joins us #IRL in #Chicago on TUES APRIL 12th 2016 to present a workshop on Hacking the GIF @ 12:15 PM in The Leroy Neiman Center:

Benjamin Berg AKA stAllio! invites you to join him to learn how to creatively hack digital animation in the Animated GIF file format:

The popular Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is widely misunderstood and unfairly looked down upon. Some would tell you it’s obsolete, but even today, GIF offers several unique features that no other video or image format has. This in-depth workshop with glitch art pioneer Benjamin Berg (aka stAllio!) explores how to use, misuse, and abuse these features to create animations, still images, and even videos.

* Color tables (global and local)
* Dithering
* The GIF canvas
* Transparency effects
* The interlace flag
* Glitching GIF image data

Internationally recognized artist and musician stAllio! was among the 1st to create and distribute approaches to making databending and
Glitch Art. His recent online Glitch Text Generator utilizes HTML5, canvas and JavaScript to offer new possibilities for glitching text. His popular glitchgifs tumblr showcases his own as well as the communities work in this field: +

This workshop is part of RE:MESH.WWWERK/s, an international series curated jonCates of The Film, Video, New Media, and Animation department (FVNMA) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). RE:MESH.WWWERK/s features in person appearances and presentations by JODI, The Wrong Biennale, shawné michaelain holloway, Vibeke Sorensen, Steve Dixon, Benjamin Gaulon, Bob Bellerue, Jason Soliday, Patrick Quinn, stAllio!, SYSTAIME, Nicolas Maigret and Domenico Dom Barra!