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Hey! I am thinking about opening a true crime bar and was just wondering how the TCC would feel about it...what do you think?

i think it would be great! here in liverpool, we have a restaurant called “Death Row Diner” where you sit in little booths and have your dinner bought to you in prison-style tin trays. There’s mugshots of famous killers on the wall and everything, and the toilet stalls are designed like cells lol.

I think you should go for it, a bar would be a big hit in my eyes. 🙌

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Fuck neighbouring businesses. There's a gun range right next door to the building I work in and they have designated parking stalls but we don't (for some reason). Well, the customers at the gun range take up all the spaces in front of our building as well which leaves no room for our customers. We get so many complaints about the parking it's insane.

Do you have a towing company that patrols your lot? Make an anonymous call that maybe they would want to check out your lot. Here at a lot of strip malls if you park in front of one store and walk into a second you will get towed.


Hogging the parking in an apartment

My apartment has very limited parking with only three “guest” stalls that the other residents have to use if they own more than one car. If you can’t find a spot, you have to park across the street a good 200 feet away. It’s a pain, but generally the neighbors try to keep their cars in the guest stalls moving from day to day so they aren’t hogging them. Except this one guy… he lives alone, gives everyone the stink eye if you wave hello and just comes off like an asshole. Well, he owns two vehicles… one car and one 90’s pickup that isn’t suped up or anything. It’s just a normal truck with a faded factory paint job. This prick parks in the stall so it goes over the line and crowds out anyone trying to park next to it, he’s got a super sensitive alarm that sets off a little warning beep if you fart to close to it and then you can see him yank the blinds down from his window and look out at you if he hears it. So, here’s the part that makes him a total shitfuck.. If he leaves for a weekend, he takes the truck, so he moves his car into the guest stall, leaves his covered stall empty and takes off. Fuck you.

So, one day I happen to come home while he’s doing the ol’ switcharoo and “his” guest stall is empty because he’s in the truck, while his car is double parked in the street. Quick as I can, I drive into the lot and jump into the guest spot. I get out of my car and look over to see him standing by his car, which he was about to put where I am. He’s giving me a death glare, then drops down into his car TEARS off with a chirp of his tires and parks it waaaaay across the street and has to walk back. At this point I’m in my own apartment and I hear his door slam and his truck leaves. I give it an hour and then move my car into my designated covered stall. By the time he returns Sunday afternoon someone else has his spot, so he still can’t park there. It’s been 3 weeks and he still hasn’t gotten the guest stall back. Mmhmmm

New York approves unisex bathrooms in nod to transgender people

The New York City Council on Tuesday approved a law requiring single-stall public bathrooms to be gender neutral in a show of support for transgender people, the bill’s main sponsor said.

The council voted 47-2 for the measure, which will take effect Jan. 1.

Many New York City restaurants already mark their single-stall bathrooms without gender designations or as apt for both sexes, but the new law is meant to make the practice standard and recognize transgender people, Councilman Daniel Dromm said.“This sends a message that New York City supports the transgender community and understands the issue,” Dromm said.

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ITALY, Milan : A man takes a picture of the Pavillion of Israel in the Expo Milano 2015 in Milan on May 1, 2015 on the opening day of the Universal Exposition. The exposition will run from May 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015 on the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The fair focuses on food security, sustainable agricultural practices, nutrition and battling hunger - as well as dishing out the best fare of the world’s culinary cultures. Cooking shows, restaurants, and food stalls will be designed to attract and hold visitors in Italy’s financial capital. AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORIN                        


Six stalls, Amish built, extra-wide aisle, high ceilings, stone dust and mats in the stalls, high ventilation design with bars between stalls and opening loft-windows, hay storage around back to keep dust in the barn to a minimum, heated tack room, hot and cold water to wash stall and tack sink, efficient no-shadow lighting system, paddocks off the back of the stalls with dutch doors and overhang for rainy weather…

This is heaven right? <3

Using pictures to make my paper longer and I ain’t even sorry.

8-10 pages on stall design is…crazy. I can only talk about the dimensions of box stalls and their use for so many sentences before I sound like a bluthering idiot. So, at the end of each paragraph illustrating the different types of stalls or doors, I’m going to add a photo example. It’s a research paper…I need examples, right?!

I’m almost on my third page and I’m just now starting to describe tie stalls. But, at the same time, all I have left to write about really is door types, interior building materials, bedding, and feeding/watering options. Is that 5-7 pages worth of stuff? I guess we’ll see…

So tired of school. But only 50ish days left. I can do this.