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“I’m still not entirely sure why this is a good idea.” Castiel looked at the large groups of people walking around, the sound of voices and music slowly flowing towards them as they stepped out of the Impala.

“Hey, it’s gonna be fun, I promise, alright?” Dean answered.

Castiel looked at the blonde as he walked over to him and held out his arm.

“Alright.” Cas smiled shyly, then locked his arm together with Dean’s.

He didn’t know how he got so lucky to be on his third date with Dean Winchester, the most handsome and sweetest guy in school. Dean was popular, Cas wasn’t, but Dean still showed interest in Cas since they got Latin together.

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A Girl Called Mike - Part Three

Pairing: Dean × Reader 

Word Count: Around 4500

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Click Here for Part 1

Part 2

Warnings: Language, Violence 

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions! 

Special thanks and shout out to @misguidedconqueress for reviewing, editing, suggestions, and as always putting up with me.


You started to panic with each step, and not just from the pain. If Dean got anywhere near this wound, there would be a least two things he would be bound to notice.

Dean leaned your back against the hood of the Impala while he went to dig through the truck looking for first aid supplies. You kept a hand pressed on the wound, suspecting the wrap you used to conceal your figure was helping to keep the injury contained and compressed.

“Dean, Seriously.” You gasped out, your act failing with each passing minute. “You should update Sam.”

“That can wait.” Dean replied frazzled, unable to locate the first aid supplies. In the meantime he brought you an old T-Shirt you could use to sop up some of the blood. “You afraid I’ll see you cry or something?” Dean questioned, trying to lighten the mood.

“Fuck off.” You clenched your jaw; annoyed with his joke, being much more concerned about what he would actually see. You rolled your eyes knowing ‘Mike’ would have a comeback. “Just afraid you’ll faint from the gore, Winchester.” You paused, trying to get the pain under control. “Then I’ll have to save both our asses.”

You heard Dean softly chuckle followed by the slam of the trunk. Your eyes widened seeing Dean had returned with a bottle of vodka, a fishing hook, and fishing line.

“Quit stalling and suck it up.” Dean joked nervously as he started to sterilize the hook with his lighter.

Your free hand gently scratched the false stubble on your jaw as to tried to think of a distraction. There was no way you could possibly outrun him to your car.

“From what I saw, there is possibly another victim out there. You and Sam need to focus on that. I can patch myself up.” You said eagerly trying to convince him. His earnestly green eyes searched yours. “I’ve had worse.” You lied.

“I can’t just leave you like this…. We’ll make it quick.” Dean explained, torn between the situations.

“I’ll be fine.” You gave one last shot to convince him. “Call if I need to…” When Dean didn’t argue back you asked, “Just help me to my car, alright?”

Dean sighed, still unsure of leaving you alone but gave into your demands, and helped support you walking over to the car. After helping you in, he left the supplies on your passenger seat.

“If I don’t hear from you in a half hour…” He warned.

“I’ll be dead in a ditch,” You sarcastically remarked, realizing too late you were not helping your case. “Don’t even worry about it.” You tried to assure.

“Be safe.” Dean patted the hood of your car before shutting you in.

You watched to ensure he’d make it safely back to his Impala, slightly concerned that thing might pop up again. Once you were satisfied, you grunted from the effort it took to put your car in gear. Dean followed you down the road. You fretted that he might have changed his mind and was following you to the motel. But a few minutes later, you sighed in relief as he turned left at an intersection.

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    “What about this one?” you asked, stepping out of the dressing room stall. 

Dean turned to see you in a bathing suit, a black top and bottom. For a moment he was silent, he’d never seen you like this before. 

    “I- it fits great. he said quickly. 

Turning around, you showed him your back side. “It doesn’t show to much of my butt does it?” you asked with a smile.


Dean’s True Love

Title: Dean’s True Love
Prompt: “I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!”
A/N: This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean #DoitlikeDeanchallenge.
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam forgot the pie…again.
Word Count: 1037
Tag: @jalove-wecallhimdean Others are below the cut.

“Hey, Y/N, can you do me a favor?” Sam asked while walking in the kitchen.
You looked up at the taller Winchester. “Sure. What’s up?”
“Can you bake Dean an apple pie?” He asked sheepishly.
“You were supposed to buy one while you were out.” You stated.
“I kinda…forgot.” He said. “I honestly forgot all about it until I walked in the door. Can you do it before he gets back?”
You sighed. “Yeah, but you owe me big time.”

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All these Halloween posts have me convinced that human!Cas would go so fucking hard for the holiday. He’d see those posts and legitimately believe Halloween is something you start celebrating in September. Sam and Dean go to bed August 31 and wake up the next morning and there are fucking ghosts everywhere in the bunker - they’re hanging from string in the doorways, plastered to the walls. The fridge is decked out in monster stickers and there are pumpkins on every available surface, cobwebs in each corner adorned with plastic spiders and Sam yelps when he walks into the bathroom and finds a life sized Frankenstein in one of the shower stalls and Dean is pissed because there’s a huge skull where the coffee pot used to be.

And it just gets worse as time goes on. Dean finds the coffee pot but four days later the coffee is missing, replaced by pumpkin spice latte mix. Sam keeps finding spiders in his running shoes every morning and now there are bowls of candy everywhere which Dean can’t resist even as he grumbles about everything else. Cas turns to baking. He starts with pumpkin pie and at first Dean is ecstatic, finally seeing the silver lining of this Halloweentown nightmare but then it’s pumpkin cookies, then it’s pumpkin bread, pumpkin fudge, a very noble and disastrous attempt at pumpkin juice after a Harry Potter marathon.

Cas builds a Halloween playlist consisting of cliche hits like “Monster Mash” which he listens to once a day. He starts hosting movie marathons that result in Dean actually having to watching “Halloweentown” and all the damn sequels (they both agree to pretend the fourth one doesn’t exist) and Dean wonders how Sam has dodged these horrible insults to cinema but he doesn’t mind as much when the marathons move to Dean’s room and Cas starts sleeping over when it gets too late, bringing his pillow and blanket with him which are decorated in cartoon vampires and Dean scowls when Cas drapes it over both of them but falls asleep all the same half way through “Hocus Pocus.”

Cas makes Dean do cliche fall activities like apple picking and drags him through a corn maze which Dean lowkey loves as they race Sam through the field and they totally win. But then Halloween is just a week away and Cas is freaking out over costumes and Dean can’t understand because “we can’t go trick or treating, Cas.”

“But why not?”

Because we’re grown men. People don’t give adults candy.”

And Cas pouts for the rest of the day so come Halloween night Dean is angrily walking through downtown Lebanon dressed as a cowboy and right beside him is Cas who settled on a bee costume they found in one of those pop-up Halloween shops. He looks ridiculous in that yellow and black stripped sweater and those fucking antennas but he’s also kinda super cute. Cas decides they don’t have to go trick or treating, just walk around so he can see the other costumes but Dean has the decency to stop and buy some caramel apples and you’d think he’d given Cas his grace back the way he smiled and then he had to stand there and watch Cas try to figure out the best attack plan for a caramel apple without getting his entire face sticky which he fails at miserably and that’s all Dean can take dammit.

He kisses him. Right there on the square, he presses his lips to Cas’s and Cas opens his mouth in surprise before leaning in. He tastes like sour apples and peanuts and they stick together for a moment when Dean tries to pull away. They’re both smiling and Cas asks to go home where they make out under his vampire blanket.

"Don’t get me wrong, Cas, this has been fun and all,” Dean says as they both start to yawn, “but I can’t wait till all these damn decorations are down.”

Cas just laughs and wraps his arms tighter around Dean. “Don’t worry, Dean. I’ll take care of it.”

And Cas is true to his word. When Dean wakes up the next morning all the ghosts and pumpkins are gone… Replaced by paper snowflakes and mistletoe.

Early S4 Destiel
  • Sam: Give us a hand, show us some power
  • Castiel: Good luck with that, you take a stand, me I'll sit, we'll we where we land
  • Sam and Dean: Booooo
  • Sam: Cas, the apocalypse is any day now. What do you stall for?
  • Dean: If you stand for nothing, Cas, what will you fall for?
  • Castiel: You
  • Dean: Is that right?
  • Sam: Oooo, what is this? What are you two gonna do?
CYOSTODA-Dean Picks Truth

Our fearless leader, @littlegreenplasticsoldier started us off with Part 1 here

@gemini75eeyore followed with part 2 here

@deandoesthingstome came next with part 3 here

@klaineaholic part 4 is here

Characters: Sam, Dean, Leah, Y/N

Setting: Another no-tell motel, Crappsville, USA

Dean doesn’t respond at first so you say his name, louder this time. “Dean!”

“Huh?” He mumbles, looking dazed.

You look over at him, and you realize Dean Winchester is looking at you like he’s seeing you for the very first time.

You know how he feels. You have crossed some invisible line with the boys tonight, and there is no going back.

“Truth or Dare, Dean.” You whisper, still feeling his hand on your ass, and you bite back the moan that threatens to spill out.

You look over at Sam and he smirks at you, his knowing eyes hot and teasing. “Yeah Dean. Truth or Dare?”

Dean stalls, indecisive. Truth has always served him well, but the dares have been pretty hot so far. Dare. He’d choose dare. But Y/N was sneaky.

The horrific vision of him running around the room naked clucking like a chicken suddenly popped into his head. “Truth, I choose truth.” He blurts out before he can change his mind.

“Truth, huh?” Y/N says, and Dean knows by her tone he’s in trouble.

You turn and wink at Leah. Then pausing a moment to think, you lean forward, lick your lips and say to Dean, “so what’s your favorite thing when it comes to oral sex?”

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Lighten Up

Summary: Dean and the reader’s relationship is strained because of the Mark of Cain. He decides to make the reader have some Winter fun.

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,334

Request by: @chaos-and-the-calm67

“Who ate all my Oreos?” You whine dramatically moping into the bunker’s library.

“Guilty.” Sam chuckles making you smile and roll your eyes at the handsome dork. You then glare at Dean who’s purposely ignoring you as he plays some stupid game on his iPhone.

“Not cool, Dean!” You shout loudly making his head snap in your direction.

“If only there was a magical place that you could drive to that has cookies for sale. It’s a shame there are no more cookies left in this world.” He mocks you.

“Keep it up, Winchester. I’m close to throwing all of your junk food out then replacing it with fruits and vegetables!”

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Title: Smart Casual
Author: milli
Artist: Subtextiel
Rating: Explicit
Tropes: It’s A Terrible Life Verse, Tattooist/Artist Castiel,
Posting Date: September 18, 2017

Summary:  Dean Smith is having an early midlife crisis. He’s sick of his job at Sandover. Lonely. And wondering what the hell he’s doing with his life.

Castiel Shurley is a successful tattooist. He just wants to run his business, find love, and avoid his father as much as possible.

When Dean and Castiel meet at Castiel’s tattoo parlor, they fall for each other—hard. Both can give each other what the other needs, including a kinky side. But after an assault means Castiel has to live with Dean for a time, living with each other threatens their blossoming relationship.


“Listen, y’know, a tattoo is a really big commitment,” Castiel repeated.

Dean shrugged. “I know, but I want to do something for me, not for somebody else, because they said that I had to, or it’s the thing to do. I want… I want…”

I want to be myself, Castiel supplied in his thoughts as Dean stalled into silence. Castiel had no reason to refuse to serve Dean and so he decided that he could at least help Dean not get fired if he had a tattoo.

“Okay, we’ll look at designs in a second. Have you thought about where you want one?” Castiel picked up one of the design books behind him, the black binder heavy in his hands.

Dean shook his head.

“Okay, well anywhere bony hurts like a son of a bitch. So I wouldn’t go wrist, ankle, collar bone, neck, or spine for a first one. But up here,” Castiel pointed to his upper left arm, carefully holding the binder with one hand, “that won’t hurt too much. Neither would your thigh, or… y’know, a butt cheek.”

A blush crept up Dean’s face and down his neck and Castiel wanted to do more than just ink Dean. He looked perfect and Castiel was pretty sure that if he wasn’t in the middle of a tattoo parlor for the first time he could probably get him to say a few more words. Castiel winked at Dean and Dean’s blush deepened.

“I always wear long sleeves in the office, so upper arm could work,” Dean squeaked out.

“Mind if I sit beside you?”

“G-go ahead.”

Castiel gave Dean a reassuring smile and then sat down beside him with the binder of tattoo designs. He flipped the binder open, resting it on his lap and started pointing out the designs there that would work on Dean’s arm. “You into anything spiritually, or got a fave sports team… quote? Don’t ask me for anything in kanji, like I don’t want to accidentally ink you with the words “you’re an ass” or something.”

Dean chuckled and shook his head. “No… to all of that. Though, uh, I got a thing for… god, you’re gonna think it’s stupid.”

“No I won’t, go on.”

Stay With Me


Square Filled: College AU
Ship: Destiel
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, alpha!cas, omega!dean, Surprise Heats, suppressant failure, Alternate Universe - College/University, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, a bit of angst thrown in, Knotting, Anal Sex, Fingering, lots of cute kissing too
Summary: When Dean starts his heat during class when he’s supposed to be dosed up on suppressants, Castiel goes after him and stays with him throughout.
Word Count: 4,898 
Written/Created for: @spnabobingo

beta’d by @through-shadows-falling

It’s the slight tingle over Dean’s skin that makes him aware that something’s wrong. The way his clothes suddenly feel not right, and makes him want to take them off. Instead he pulls at his shirt sleeve until it doesn’t feel as bad and tugs at the neck of his t-shirt. The lecturer at the front of the hall stops making sense as Dean loses and regains focus.

Next to him, Cas gives him an elbow to the ribs, and when Dean looks over, frowns at his behaviour.

“I’m fine,” Dean whispers. A flash of heat flushes over his body, and he squirms in his seat.

“Dean?” Cas jots down a few notes.

Dean’s hand is shaking, and he’s not taken any notes in the past fifteen minutes.

“You should leave,” Cas says. “You’re obviously not okay.”

Dean’s stomach twists, and then he feels it. Slick.

No. Not here and not now. He sends a look of desperation towards Castiel before he grabs his bag and makes a quick exit out of the lecture hall.


As Castiel watches Dean depart, other students also turn their eyes to him, but refocus on the class once the door slams shut. It leaves Castiel feeling like a whirlwind has hit him full-force, and he knows it’s best to go after Dean before he works himself into a state.

His best friend has been taking suppressants ever since his first heat, so this shouldn’t be happening. It’s not that he hates being an Omega—Cas had watched and been there when he worked himself through accepting that. Dean just can’t stand the lack of control when a heat happens.

Packing up his stuff and collecting Dean’s remaining things, Castiel follows after him. Blockers are masking Dean’s main scents but he still knows what Dean smells like, and finds him in the closest bathroom to the lecture hall.

“Dean?” Castiel calls. One of the stalls is locked so he’s definitely in there. “Dean, it’s okay. Do you need me to get the nurse? She can give you stuff to help.”

“Go away, Cas. You can’t be in here.” Dean’s voice breaks Castiel’s heart. It’s true though, this is an Omega bathroom and Alphas are strictly forbidden from entering.

“I know. Just let me help.”

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Celestial Friend Part 10

gif is not mine

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (featuring TFW, Michael, & Lucifer)

Word Count: 1,498

Warnings: none?

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. I know it’s chuck full of dialogue, but I liked it enough to leave it be. Feedback is welcomed & appreciated!

Series Masterlist

Your lungs burned from the lack of oxygen.  Your history teacher’s grip got tighter around your throat as your bag dropped to your feet.  As your feet left the ground, you could see a gratifying and sinister smirk on his lips.  You tried to pry his hand from your windpipe, but it was no use.

“Close your eyes [Y/N]!”  Gabriel’s voice came as a relief and you obeyed his command.  You screwed your eyes shut and seconds later, you felt the pressure from your throat gone and his body hit the floor.  You dropped to the floor, holding your throat.

“Gabriel,” Michael scolded lightly.  “You shouldn’t have done that.”

You coughed as you caught your breath, noticing that there were three pairs of feet in front of you.  “He was going to kill me,” you said in a hoarse voice.  “He’s a-.”

“A demon we know,” Lucifer said, cutting you off.  “There’s more of them here too.”

Gabriel helped you off of the floor.  “You okay cupcake,” Gabriel asked urgently.

“I’m fine.”  You grabbed your bag from the floor, taking your phone out of your back pocket.  “No one’s phones are working either.  I was going to call the Winchesters, but it doesn’t look like I can.”

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100+ Kink Challenge 11

Kink #29: Desperate Sex

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 749

Warnings: NSFW, injury, mentions of blood, and angst.

Listening to We Are Young by Fun.

Requested by @notnaturalanahi, enjoy!

Check out the other fine ass biddies that are doing this with me, @formidablepassion, @madamelibrarian, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, and @when-the-day–met-the-night

Here’s the post if you would like to request. 100+ Kink Challenge

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#41- Mirror (Destiel)

Requested by an anon for my kink list.

Warning: Semi-public sex, sex in front of a mirror (obviously)

Word Count: 1200ish

“Are you sure about this?”

Cas stares into the large, three-sided mirror on the wall of the department store’s dressing area, a frown creasing his brow. Dean looks up from where he sits in a comfortable chair, immediately abandoning whatever he was looking at on his phone.

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Faith - Part 3

Request: Hi I was wondering if maybe you could do a rewrite of the episode faith were instead of dean getting Tased the reader does? If not that’s totally fine also.

Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Word Count: 1,820

Dean’s Age: 26

Sam’s Age: 22

Reader Age: ~16

(A/N): This is a rewrite of episode 12 of season 1, “Faith”.

Part 1

Part 2

“You really think it’s the Grim Reaper? Like, angel of death, collect your soul, the whole deal?” Sam asked, glancing over his computer between you and Dean.

“No no no, not the reaper, a reaper. There’s reaper lore in pretty much every culture on Earth. They go by a hundred different names, it’s possible that there’s more than one of ‘em,” Dean responded, looking up from a stack of papers.

“But Y/N said she saw a dude in a suit,” Sam said, making you roll your eyes.

“What, you think he should’ve been working the whole black robe thing? Look, you said it yourself that the clock stopped, right?” you asked, receiving a nod from Sam. You grabbed the top paper from Dean’s pile and held it up. “Reapers stop time.”

“And, you can only see ‘em when they’re coming at you, which is why Y/N could see it and we couldn’t,” Dean continued, taking the paper back and putting it down rather rough.

“Maybe,” Sam stated skeptically, again making you roll your eyes.

“There’s nothing else it could be, Sam. The question is, how is Roy controlling the damn thing?” you trailed off, scanning through Dean’s papers another time.

“The cross,” Sam said, sitting up slightly. You looked at Dean, confused.


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Just Give Me a Try

Supernatural Prompt Challenge
January: Emotions prompt: Courage
pairings: destiel
wordcount: 3.4k
tags: no warnings apply, meet cute at a rock climbing gym, experienced climber sam, newbie dean, dean is bi, tattooed hippie route setter cas,

beta shoutouts for @punkascas and @jhoomwrites x

On a chilly Thursday evening, Dean’s perspective on climbing nerds like Sam changes.

Sure, he’d seen some good-looking people at Sam’s favored gym before, employees and fellow climbers alike. But this guy takes the cake.

How the hell Dean had never seen him before he doesn’t know, but he’s ready to give thanks to all major deities he knows of for Sam wanting to go to this ‘setter’s meeting.’

Sam had explained in the car that the setters are employees of the gym who design and then install new routes on a weekly basis.

“They do all kinds of training and certification for it,” he’s saying, tapping his foot excitedly. “And it’s amazing to watch them work. Who even has the brain for that sort of thing?”

Dean just nods, pulling into the parking lot next to the warehouse which houses the gym. It looks so drab and inconspicuous on the outside, you’d never guess there’s a lively bunch of hippie rock climbers inside.

He’s uncertain about what possible contributions he could make. He’s only been climbing half a dozen times, he didn’t even know what a heel hook was until two days ago.

Sam has been rock climbing seriously for about two years, ever since he took a class at his college on a whim. Turns out it’s the perfect form of exercise for a Sasquatch, and he’s been raving about it to Dean ever since. Dean was wary at first but he finds himself enjoying it a little more every time they go together.

Kind of like California, actually. Dean had been nervous as hell to move away from Kansas, from everything he’s ever known. But in truth, there was nothing left for him in Lawrence. Just a childhood tinged with sadness. And Sam always sounded so damn happy on the phone and over Skype. He’d found a great place to be, but he still missed his brother. Dean couldn’t begrudge him that, obviously, since he’d felt the same way. Turns out the best solution for both of them was the same: that Dean move out to Palo Alto. He’d been scared, but so far it’s been worth it.

When they step into the gym, they greet Hannah at the front desk. Sam spots a couple of his friends right away and Dean sprawls out on the largest couch in the sitting area. His eye is drawn to where Sam is pulling on his favorite pair of climbing shoes. They’re completely flat on the bottom though if you look closely you can see the curve from heel to toe, where the shoe is pointed and made for a climber to perch on their toes, no matter how small the foot hold.

Should I even rent shoes? He wonders if other regulars come in to climb while the setters are working.

“You’ll need shoes, won’t you?” A gruff voice suddenly speaks from above him. Dean looks up and is momentarily mesmerized by striking blue eyes and a dark, scruffy jawline.

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Bullseye, Bitch. (Did I Stutter pt 3)

*roughly 20min later*

 "Fine, I’m only doing this so you’ll shit the hell up!“ Dean snarled as you walked towards the gun range in the bunker.

 Sam followed suit. He had set up the range a few minutes ago, but still wasn’t crazy about being involved in this. "I really wish you two hadn’t dragged me into the middle of this.” He huffed. “I just hope that this will either make you two get so pissed off, that you give each other the silent treatment, or that you’ll get your feelings out there so we can move on already.

” Dean flipped on the lights, and the range came to life. You had spent many hours down here. Not because you needed the practice, but because you loved it. The large smooth concrete walls, the high ceiling, the stillness and quiet, before you fired your weapon. It was simple, and it gave you space to think. 

Sam stood in front of the both of you, explaining the rules. “I have divided, whatever this is, into three parts, each worth one point. First, you will take your choice of handgun. You will shoot a 5.5 in bullseye target from 25 yards. Closest mark takes the point. Next, you will have a sawed off with salt rounds. You will fave away from the target, until I yell ‘ghost’ , at which time, you will turn and shoot the body target, not taking time to perfect your aim. This is strictly reflex like it would be on a real hunt. Best grouping on the target takes the point. Lastly, with your handgun, you will face away from the body target. I will call out a part to hit, and you will turn and shoot. Again, reflex only. I will do a total of three parts, you will turn away and back each time. If you miss, the other person gets the point. If you tie, the accuracy of your shot will determine the winner. Understood?” Sam confirmed. You both nodded and took your place at the first stall. 

Dean shot first, hitting the outer part of the center bullseye. Turning to look at you, “Bullseye, bitch." 

 You just rolled your eyes. "Easy there, Princess. I still have plenty of chances to hand your over confident ass to you.” You noted. “Sam, do I get an extra point if I can hit the exact mark that Dean did?”

 He looked confused, but answered you anyway, “yea I guess, but do you really want to risk losing a point for that?”

 Dean chuckled, “wow, you just really want to lose don’t you?” Ignoring both of them, you took your mark in the stall, raised your gun, steadied your self, and shot the bullet straight through the hole Dean had created just moments ago. It was like a scene from an old western. 

“Pick your jaws up boys. It’s not polite to drool.” You said mockingly. The second round went over uneventfully. You both had equal groupings, pretty simple with a shotgun. The last round is where it came down to it. You had a one point lead on Dean, and it was crucial that it stayed that way. You tied on the first two shots Sam called. Bang. Bang. They both hit. Your fate now rested in the hands of your accuracy. You had to win this point.

 Sam finished his inspection, and head towards you guys. “Okay. I have decided the winner.” He started, “but first please put the guns down.” He said only half joking. “Y/N, i’m sorry but it looks like Dean- ”

 He got cut off by Dean’s hoopla, “Ha! In your face! Now out with it!”

 "Couldn’t match your accuracy. You win!“ Sam finished. 

 Dean stopped his celebration, "Wait, What? Not cool man!" 

 "Oh I’m sorry, did I, did I hurt Mr. Big talk, Tough guy’s feelings?” You teased. “Hey get back here Winchester. A bet’s a bet. Let’s hear it. ”

 A/N: there will be more to come. Should be up sometime tomorrow hopefully. Feel free to send any requests you may have :)

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Glory hole.

Pairing : Dean x unknown person.
Word count :
Author :
Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings :
smut, Oral
Square filled :
Written for


Settling down on in his knees in the filthy bathroom stall, Dean waited patiently. He knew it wouldn’t be long, it never was.

He wasn’t disappointed. He listened as the footfalls entered the bathroom, and then the next stall. His mouth watered hearing a zipper lowered, and then there it was.

Slipping through the glory hole just inches from his waiting face was a semi hard cock, impressive even though it was still mostly soft. Dean hoped this guy was a grower and not just a shower.

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Walk It Off

SPN Song Creations Challenge | @bennyandthevamps vs @angelusautemdomini
↳ Prompt: “Walk It Off” Louden Swain

a/n: thank you sosososososososooso much for the super long extension!!!! this was for the May challenge!  I tried to use all of the lyrics in the song, but left out the last verse because it just felt like a good ending! So look for the song lyrics in the fic! (also sidenote this is my first smut fic so thoughts would be appreciated!!! @mojojojopicksthemusic this is the fic :D)

read it on ao3

tags: destiel, smut, human!au, nsfw

He looked into the man’s blue eyes and contemplated the consequences of his actions.  He thought and thought and thought until he couldn’t think about it anymore.

And then he kissed him.

“Fuck,” Dean sighed after the kiss.  Passionate, but short.  Too short.  He longed to touch the other man more.  The signs all pointed to him.  His tousled hair and blue eyes and generally clueless demeanor.  And those bedroom eyes, he won Dean over in a second from all the way across the bar.

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White Wedding

Originally posted by friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman

Characters: Sam x Reader, Sam x Becky, Dean

Word Count: 691

Request: Can you do an imagine where reader and Dean are looking for your boyfriend Sam but you find him at the alter getting ready to marry Becky.

A/N:  Okay, I’m really sorry that I’m broke my own ‘write in the order you receive requests’ rule.  But I just had to write this.  I hope this is okay, @diesintheshower.

You stretched back on the lawn chair, letting the warmth of the desert sun soak into your skin, relaxing muscles that were long over tired from running from leviathan.  So you let Sam and Dean have their brothers weekend in Vegas, lord knows they needed it, and you’d spend it relaxing by the pool.

You were almost asleep when your phone rang.  You spotted Deans number and accepted the call with a small groan.

“Don’t freak out,” Dean said quickly, and you tried not to roll your eyes.

“Why would I freak out, Dean,” you asked politely.

“So Sam left,” Dean’s voice faltered and you could almost picture the look on his face.

“Where did he go,” you said, trying to keep your voice even.

“Well, he’s still here but he’s…with Becky.”  The line went quiet and you knew Dean was waiting for your response.  You swallowed down the mixture of anxiety and jealousy that threatened to spill out of your lips in hysterical words. 

“Is she in danger or something?”  You asked smoothly, as if you weren’t discussing your boyfriend running off with the overly attached woman who was crushing on him.

“No, they’re,” Dean stopped, forcing the words out, “they’re getting married?”  You inhaled sharply, but otherwise didn’t respond.

“I see,” you replied, nodding your head even though Dean couldn’t see you.

“So, um, I guess you should get here as soon as you can.  I’ll-I’ll stall them.  Dean paused again.  “We’ll figure it out, Y/N.”  

“Yeah,” you agreed, already speed walking to your hotel room to change.

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