A primeira vez que vi o Matheus achei que ele fosse um excluído, emo e fofo, porém estava completamente enganada… Depois de algumas semanas tentando descobrir seu nome fui perguntar na cara de pau, mas claro que com uns truques que não vou falar aqui.

Well, descobri que ele não era excluído, muito menos emo e fofo talvez um pouco. É, eu acho ele fofo mesmo cepois dele ter sido um grosso comigo que nem o Leandro! Tudo da mesma gangue, af.

Também descobri que ele tem uma namorada super fofa, a Alice. Eles juntos são o casal mais fofo que eu conheco: Ele todo alto e ela toda baixinha, nhacc :3 Vamos falar dela também aqui porque a gente ama ela, mas calma, não somos lésbicas hihi. 

Ahh, e ele tem um estilo único! Sério, de longe eu reconheço ele, e sabe como? Pelo jeito de andar e o jeito como ele segura o casaco. É uma visão perfeita e adivinha: ELE USA UM TÊNIS LEGAL! Porém só estraga aquela mochila gay dele, mas tudo bem, estou me acostumando.

Já estão imaginando como é esse boy né? A foto é meio parecida com ele… E anotem ai, ele vai ser um Jesus Luz da vida e… TO BRINCANDO.

xoxo, Kim.

How to track people who unfollow you on Tumblr?

Tired of being unfollowed and not knowing who left? 

Tired of not being able to burn down the bastard’s house?

Now, all of that IS possible! Looking around, I found a site which “supposedly” creates a dossier (stores a list of followers) for you, and it will notify you of changes in your followers. So far, I’ve only logged on and created a dossier, so I’m not sure if it works or not.. But it knows the amount of followers I have, so I think it might work. 

Anyways, just wanted to put this out for you guys. If your Tumblr gets phished or something.. well, just be warned.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the developer’s Tumblr:

Don’t you guys love me?


Xkit Extension for Google Chrome.
Alam ko naiinis kayo sa follow ng follow sa inyo tapos pag finollow back niyo saka ia-unfollow ka naman agad. For what? Kasi pasikat. Feeling FAMOUS eh MANDARAYA lang naman. Heto ang katapat niyo!


anonymous asked:

How do you find out who unfollowed you?

I google ‘Stalkr’, first link that pops up, log in to my Tumblr, press 'follower changes’ once you’re logged in (if you’re a sideblog, you have an option to switch to that), then wait, depending on how many followers you have, the more you have, the longer it takes to process. You can find out who followed and unfollowed you then you have to wait eight hours till you do it again.
We've added 19 new servers to our Tumblr Stalkr platform!

Tumblr Stalkr is a follower checker/tracker that lets you find out who unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back and who you don’t follow back.

Due to a surge in volume, we’re now peaking at around 125,000 users a day - so we’ve taken the time to re-write our service to a more sleeker platform and added a huge batch of servers to smooth everything out.

TumblrStalkr is free to use and works across any blogs you’ve got. We check for unfollowers, new followers, who doesn’t follow you back and who you don’t follow back.

Lifting Time Restrictions on Tumblr Stalkr

Starting from today we’ll be slowly rolling out changes across our 500,000 active accounts that use Tumblr Stalkr.

As we’ve invested a huge amount of time, effort and money in updating our platform and our infrastructure - we’re happy to lift the limits on using Tumblr Stalkr.

Instead of an 8 hour limit, every account will have freedom to run 8 checks in a 24 hour time period. That means, if you’re active in the morning you can check it first thing, then again at lunch, then again in the evening and topping it off at night.

We hope this change will allow people to more freely check their changes as and when they happen without having to wait.

Though do be cautious, rapid checking is without a doubt pointless as you won’t see any changes and Tumblr likes to limit what data we can get and over what period. If you check multiple times within the space of minutes, they’ll quickly cut back on our access. But otherwise, get checking!

The change will be rolled out chronologically from the date you first started using Stalkr. Today accounts created in 2010 and 2011 will get the update.

Find the inactive blogs you’re following with ease.

We added two new features to Tumblr Stalkr this weekend. Currently available to all Pro accounts.

1. Inactive Blogs

Quickly view the blogs that you’re following who haven’t updated their account in at least the past 30 days. Ordered by the furthest away, you can quickly unfollow the blogs that don’t have any recent activity.

2. Recent Changes

Scrolling through your history can be a tiring process so to speed things up for you, we’ve created a new ‘Recent Changes’ area that lets you see the most recent 100 follower changes (people followed / unfollowed you) at a glance.

There’s more features in the pipeline so get checking your followers with Tumblr Stalkr: