Stalkingbetty, I'm sorry

I was going to explain more when I hit my laptop. I’m still studying and playing on my phone.

Vaginal cone therapy is mostly just weighted cones you hold in your vagina for at least 15 min. Once you have mastered one weight, you move on up. Sorry for my delay in getting back with you.

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My mom always had us do something instead of giving up something. I had to try and be nice to my brothers. Never worked. In college I gave up giving up. My friend said it was a cop-out. I stopped participating in Lent.

Randa, You always make me laugh!

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Tell Sophia you don’t have to be Catholic to give up something for Lent. I bet giving up Mickey D’s would be harder than writing a letter. Lol

Right?  I think I will.

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Just because you aren’t religiously obligated doesn’t mean you can’t participate in some of the activities of other religions. I mean, I’m an atheist and I still do X-mas and Easter for LM, in a secular way, of course. Why not Lent?

I agree with you and dangercurls. Let’s see how she takes the news. It may be a case of not wanting what you wished for.

tumblr won’t let me copy and paste stalkingbetty’s question, grrrrr, so here is my response to her reply…

My dad’s fractures are in two of his vertebrae mid spine because he has osteoporosis.  He has been on the steroid prednisone off and on for years to treat his COPD since it reduces inflammation in the lungs.  He quit smoking, starting exercising and lifting weights and was the healthiest he has been in three years.  Then one day a few months ago he lifted a weight over his head and felt something move.  From then on his pain has increased and his breathing has worsened, so up went his normal morphine and prednisone doses.  He has been to specialists (at the VA hospital) and doctors almost weekly trying to get this resolved.  Then he got pneumonia almost 4 weeks ago, was in critical condition, then released after a whole 6 days.  Repeat.

They found out he has osteoporosis after a CT Scan on Friday, caused by the prednisone, which he needs most days to breathe. 

Basically it’s one big clusterfuck.  What helps him is also killing him.

Tangent over.  Seriously, thanks for asking and sending love :)  I need all of it.