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okay but pls think about all the avengers spending a day on the beach, playing in the water, building sandcastles, eating ice cream - please I need this

That sounds super cute and super fluffy and too precious for words and I’m going to stop you right there because my heart cannot handle all of the Avengers bonding that needs to be written right now so stop giving me i d e a s

just kidding, give me all the ideas

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Lol i think at this point, it seems that Ich/h/m3 would be better off it didn't went canon. I mean they won already? they're canon?? but god at what C O S T (their sanity, anxiety and desperate need to prove to the majority of people in the fandom - who couldn't care less btw - that they're right). Maybe they'd be much better off it didn't become canon so they could stew in their bitterness and be somewhat justified to do so

That’s the thing, though – they didn’t win, and they know that; that’s why they’re still attacking while playing the victim card, because they know that they never truly won. Like sure, they’re canon, but deep down, they know that the connection that lays inbetween their ship is nothing compared to IchiRuki. They’re constantly ignoring the content that screams out IchiRuki, but in the back of their minds, they know it’s there. They’re just too stubborn and prideful to take a moment and actually say, “Hey, maybe Kubo did give them those things.”

You see, I’m the ship and let ship kind of person; if I meet someone who ships my notp, then sure, all right, but I’m not gonna define them with just that, as long as they respect my decision in shipping my otp. But the thing with the majority of that damned fandom – and I’m saying majority, because I know that not all of them are asses and a few actually have the decency to understand the fact that the ending did suck like shite – is that they just don’t know how to stop. And the sad truth is that they’re never gonna stop until they see us IchiRuki shippers on our knees, surrendering and basically saying that they were right all along.

Well, newsflash, that’s never ever going to happen.

After being abused and threatened and to have a man make up another few accounts all of which he used to then abuse me, harass, stalk and threaten me I reported all of his accounts to Oasis for threatening and harassing and then his subsequent accounts for being fake. Nothing happened. My friend who had spoken to one of his alter egos was also abused for not replying quick enough though not like I was for some reason. She reported him and his subsequent accounts for the same issues. I emailed oasis about it, providing details of the conversations, the accounts etc. I never heard back. Their Facebook page doesn’t allow visitor posts so I am making this open letter public here and on Twitter and would appreciate if people could share this because oasis needs to take women’s safety seriously. If this man could go so crazy online imagine what he would be like in real life…..

He uses the following names on Oasis: “fireon”, “lickmelickyou” and “yourdreamguy76.”

Hi guys! For the last month I’ve had to go to the doctor quite a lot because I wasn’t feeling too well and that’s why I was very inactive.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip in Asia and I’ll be back on the 8th of November so I’ll be gone again and I’m sorry for that.

I am going to queue a bunch of screenshots and reblogs tho! But if you send me an ask I’ll probably answer once I’m back!

Just thought I’d let you guys know because I haven’t posted a lot (if not at all) the last month! I’m also gonna be uploading a bunch of art when I’m back because I promised some people.

Anyways..everyone please take care and be happy while I’m away! :)

…because people who talk about their dreams are actually trying to tell you things about themselves they’d never admit in normal conversation. It’s a way for people to be honest without telling the truth.