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Now… this is undoubtedly one of the most awkward yet very chuckle-worthy moments from singer Kate Nash’s “Stalking Dead” webcast that was streamed on the night of TWD’s MSP. Kate’s interrogation of Emily Kinney for the duration of the webcast on the topics of what happened to Beth Greene’s body(?) and why didn’t she get a funeral(?) were obviously making Emmy nervous. And every time Kate mentioned “hashtag Team Delusional” so brazenly and frequently in Emmy’s presence, I wanted to hug her. But I also wanted to hug Emily because she looked so uncomfortable with so many of Kate’s questions. But she soldiered on with that radiant smile and adorable laugh. Love that girl! 💗

And then there was this… Kate insisting that Emily hold the picture of Norman Reedus as Daryl. Emmy seemed to be a pretty good sport about all of it though… even if she also looked a bit embarrassed from time to time. And then the conversation about “Arm Porn” ensued. I loved this moment so much that I just had to create a photo edit with stills from the video with the verbatim dialogue accompanying them.

Now, of course… the above exchange was quite amusing, but what also struck me about it was how the guy off-camera, whether it was intentional or a mistake, asked Emily: “Do people on the set talk about it [Daryl’s “Arm Porn”]?
Whether it was intentional or a mistake, the guy used the PRESENT TENSE version of the verb “do,” and not the past tense in asking whether or not people on the set talk (not TALKED!) about it.

Kate then continues the usage of the present tense with her questioning Emily: “Do people talk about these arms?”

To which Emily replies, “No, we don’t… no.”

We DON’T??? Wouldn’t that present tense word of “don’t” infer that she is still/currently working on or has come back to work on a certain TV show set/location…???

Again, Kate continues with the present tense in her questioning of Emily: “Do you talk about these?” As she fondles Daryl’s well-muscled arms in the pic. LOL! 😆

To which Emily replies: “We… really… I mean we don’t talk about… especially his arms… [gets a really uncomfortable-yet-still-awkwardly-smiling look on her face] that I know of. Or maybe…”

So again… Emily answered Kate in the PRESENT TENSE. Which to me conveys that she is CURRENTLY at work shooting a certain TV show and will hopefully continue to be for a long time…??? 😊

I know that I may be making a mountain out of a molehill here, but I wholeheartedly believe that someone’s slip of using inaccurately descriptive language could be a strong indicator of what is REALLY going on. Plus, Emily exhibited such obvious body language that revealed so much–her “tells”–those little clues from physical bodily movement that betray a secret that someone is keeping or reveal a lie they are telling. From Emily playing with her braid at one point and holding onto what looked like her earring on her right ear for a certain amount of time… those are what are most noticeable to me outside of her odd facial expressions. LOL!

And again… all of it often punctuated with her tinkling giggle. 😋

I love you, Emily… but I also wanna let you know that I see you. I see you. 😉

Beth Greene lives. 💚

Here’s the video of the entire “Stalking Dead” webcast with Kate and Emmy:

The best part of waking up, is Norman on your Dash. Good "Norm"ing Y'all.

@StalkingReedus is who I dedicate today’s Good Norming post to. If you’re not following this Twitter account, yet are a fan of Norman’s, you SHOULD go and follow that account NOW, lol. Seriously, a truly dedicated fan. Today’s blog has pictures that StalkingReedus has tweeted out, if you go to their image page you’ll see the proper credit. Enjoy! 

Dear @ennoia3 ,

When stalkingreedus told me that she was taking a break, retiring, etc. I will admit that I was sad at the thought of not hearing from my friend every day. I knew of you and knew you as well, so I had faith you could continue the STELLAR work she’d already done. She was SO RIGHT to choose you because in the last year you have continued the fantastic work to a superb level. You truly exemplify the appropriate manner of what you do and how you do it; you are respectful, nice to everyone and are just a good person. 

Some may try to imitate you, no one, NO ONE can or will come close. I’m proud to be your official/unofficial blogger when you can’t post it to your blog. 

Your friend, 
Chandra, aka chandra75