stalking on the bus


“do you still hate me? my brother got all of our parents’ attention and love…

he was superior! but god’s fair. and you couldn’t inherit that from him because… he was being punished for his sins… you’re the product of that. serves them right.

yeah… serves them right…”  

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Beneath My Skin - Lex Luthor x reader oneshot

Fandom: DC comics, Batman
Warning: some swear words, creepy lex and joker
Pairing: Lex x reader
Summary: The joker breaks Lex out of Arkham and Lex confesses his love for you.


A/N: This was so fun writing!! I got carried away so badly ;3 sorry if it‘s too long.

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Suspect: Part 3

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (soon)
Word Count: 1.9K
Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I tried to keep it as true as possible to the canon scene in CA:TWS. Sorry if the start of this part comes across as really bad/clunky or too explain-y. This is a bit of a filler chapter, but hopefully it’s worth it to set the next parts up.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2

Since your brave, but arguably stupid, actions at the mall, you’d locked yourself in your apartment for the night despite the protests from your friends to come out for a girls’ night. And you’d been hiding out all morning. But your fridge and pantry were devoid of food, and your grumbling stomach was pleading you to venture out into the world.

Just to be safe, you slide your DCPD issued gun into your bag and cautiously leave the safety of your apartment. Trying to force yourself to not be afraid of the impractical possibility that the men dressed in black were after you, you decide to walk to your local supermarket. ‘It’s broad daylight, I’m safe,’ you reassure yourself, but it didn’t stop you from glancing over your shoulder every half block.

You’re just starting to calm your wracked nerves when the sound of screeching car tires ring out from the overpass behind you. You whip around, your heart pounding against your chest so hard you’re frozen. The overpass is too high for you to see much, but you watch in horror as an armoured truck pushes a regular car along the highway. Your mouth falls open as you watch a human figure jump from the roof of the car to the hood of the armoured truck. You couldn’t see much, but your instincts were telling you that danger was imminent. 

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[M] Pluvial // BTS’ J-Hope

[A/N] For when you miss those rainy days.

Rainy day, post-argument smut.
Word Count: 3.9k.

The rain is nice,
you try to convince yourself as you drum your fingers on the edge of the bench. The rain is nice. It smells clean and brings with it a refreshing breeze, filling the bus shelter with the scent of a crisp spring day. Maybe if you take a deep breath, you can pretend that you’re a tulip in the middle of an April shower. Maybe if you close your eyes and let your mind wander, it will feel something like getting hit by a playful ocean spray.

But you don’t. Instead you choose to glance at the glass wall on your left. It’s plastered with raindrops, some fat, some minuscule, all of them gliding down the glass in a race to drown the earth. There has always been something calming about the sight of it- raindrops, you discovered early on in your life, have a therapeutic quality to them- but today, you find yourself scowling savagely at the scene because no, the rain is not nice. It is not a spring day and there is no playful ocean. It’s almost winter and it’s fucking freezing. The rain is positively pouring down, your clothes are sticky from the droplets, and yet somehow, despite the miserable situation screaming at you otherwise, you’re still here on the bench after forty-five long minutes of waiting.

Forty. Five. Fucking. Minutes.

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Jerome Valeska//Harleen Quinzel (Part 2)

Read Part 1 Here>>>

Jerome x Reader
(Reader as young Harleen Quinzel)
(Y/H/C=Your Hair Color Y/E/C=Your Eye Color)
*WARNING: PTSD, gun threat, gun use, near death, fire*
AU where reader is Lee’s niece Harleen Quinzel

Your hands were tied to the metal examination table and your mouth was stuffed closed with a piece of cotton fabric. Aunt Lee sat next to you, squirming to get herself free.

You thought about what Jerome had said; how he remembered you from the bus incident. You hated being reminded of that fateful day. It was horrible.

At the thought of you and your cheer friends being burnt alive, your body fell into a fit of shakes. Your vision began to tunnel.

“Harleen!” Lee said through the gag.

You collapsed unconscious.

About A Year Ago

You sat on the school bus, on your way home from your first cheerleading competition of the season. You personally favored gymnastics, but doing cheerleading as well allowed for you to make more friends and have more training. Besides, being on the cheer team would look good on a college application. You wanted to be a doctor, like aunt Lee, one day.

“Hey Harleen!” One of the girls shouted to you from the front of the bus. You looked up from the book laying on your lap.

“Yeah?” You called back.

“How are things with you and Bruce Wayne?” Several of your fellow cheerleaders shouted back.

You rolled your eyes playfully.

Harleen and Bruce. Everyone knew the two of you were friends, some thought you were more. You and Bruce weren’t even that close, just happened to have enough in common to get along.

“We’re doing great. The weddings in May.” You said sarcastically. Everyone who heard your response laughed.

Everything seemed happy and you were having an absolute blast teasing and talking with your cheer buddies on the bus. You were all standing, reciting your victory cheer.

But no one could’ve predicted the events with were to go down within the next few minutes.

In a fuel truck, out of sight of any of the cheerleaders, the the escaped Arkham inmates were planning their reign of terror. Jerome Valeska sat in the middle of the vehicle, hands placed in a circle around his eyes simulating binoculars.

“I spy with my little eye something that is…yellow.”

A yellow school bus passed in front of the Maniax. Jerome’s pulse quickened with excitement. The desire to kill was growing. The sound of young girls happy cheers was music to his ears. This was his game, kill without mercy and kill without remorse.

“Yeah Gotham!” Greenwood screamed out through rotten teeth.

Jerome pointed forwards and the fuel truck followed his hand, stalking closely behind to bus of naïve cheerleaders.

These girls will be fun! Jerome thought to himself. He couldn’t wait to hear their desperate screams. Jerome wanted them to plea, to beg for their lives. And he knew, he’d get just that.

You looked out the window over to the fuel truck that had sped up to the bus curiously fast. You thought that perhaps, the driver may be lost and in need of directions. Or maybe, the vehicle was out of gas.

A fuel truck out of gas? That’s a funny thought. You said in your head with a smile stretching across your face.

You watched carefully as one of the men exited the fuel truck. They looked eerily familiar. Your gaze stayed on the fuel truck as another person exited from the truck’s confines.

You knew that exactly who the red-haired stranger was. Everyone in Gotham knew of Jerome, Greenwood, Aaron and Arnold Dobkins. Lee had given you a special warning about them. And now, the Maniax were practically at your front door.

Actually they were at your “front door.” Jerome Valeska was banging on the school bus with a gun.

“Harleen!” The girl sitting next to you screeched while clutching onto your arm. You too were scared, but never screamed. The fear was numbing, and your throat couldn’t form the sound of an ear splitting screech.

Jerome shot the bus driver.

He sauntered down the aisle, gun swaying in his hand.

Jerome looked out around the bus. The screams were pleasurable and the pleas to live gave the psycho a feeling of power.

Jerome’s eyes briefly wandered over all of the cowering cheerleaders. His gaze anchored itself on one girl who wasn’t screaming, but instead, was comforting the girl sitting next to her.

Jerome was a stiff apathetic, but something about seeing the young
Y/H/C girl made him feel…something.

You didn’t notice the firm stare the red haired maniac had on you. Perhaps if you would’ve noticed, things would’ve turned out much different.

Everyone was then handcuffed to their seat. You stared down as Jerome’s rough hands danced over your now handcuffed wrist. More then anything, the psycho wanted you to look up. He yearned to stare into the depths of your Y/E/C orbs. Jerome growled under his breath at your denial to gaze up at his face.

Next thing, Jerome doused the interior of the yellow school bus in smelly gasoline. The liquid soaked down into your hair and nose. You screamed.

Jerome whipped around somehow recognizing your scream despite never hearing such a sound before.

He liked your scream.

“Give me an ‘O’!” Jerome shouted out through the tin bus. His voice echoed out, shaking the foundation of your very soul.

No one replied. He shot bullet up through the roof.

“I said give me an 'O’.”

You and all of the other girls let out very distressed screams.

“Give me an 'N’!” Jerome continued happily. He knew he was quite the showmen and understood his power over anyone in his presence. The psycho was thoroughly enjoying himself. Jerome had to constantly choke back fits of maniacal laughter.

“Give men another 'O’!”

“O.” You choked out; gasoline seeping down your throat.

“What’s that spell?”

“Oh No!” Jerome chirped happily whilst everyone else’s word came out as barley coherent groans.

The Mainiax leapt off the bus and you hoped for a moment that maybe this torture was done.

But it wasn’t, and you knew it wasn’t.

Still, a small part of you kept hope.

If you were to make it out of this alive, Harleen Quinzel would never have to see the psychopathics Jerome Valeska ever again.

As the red haired maniac rode away on the back of the fuel truck, he hoped he would see his little precious kitten from the bus again.

Disturbing Black Eyed Girl Experience

I am an atheist and I have always been skeptical of the paranormal. Aside from being the most disturbing thing I have experienced, this encounter has turned my model of reality upside down.

I was on the bus with my friend Veronica at around midnight. One of us mentioned that I was headed to waterfront. She made a joke about how we shouldn’t talk about where I was going on the bus because I would get stalked. I laughed and joked about that a little too, but I felt slightly uneasy. This is where I believe the experience began. I remember there was barely anyone on the bus, I saw 4 men chatting in front of us (not that it’s important but for accuracy’s sake 2 men were talking to each other and a short distance away another 2 men were chatting). At the time that I am writing this, a few hours after it happened, I don’t remember seeing anyone else in the bus.

I got off the bus and Veronica walked me to the sky train station. I remember paying for my ticket and calling her as soon as I paid to jokingly complain about the fact that they had raised transit fare by 5 cents. We chatted for a bit. I went down the stairs to the platform for the sky train to waterfront and a girl was sitting about 15 feet away from me. I immediately recognized her from the bus, though thinking back I can’t recall actually seeing her on the bus. I don’t know how she got from the bus stop to the sky train station without me seeing her on the way, but I didn’t think to question that at this point in the story.

From what I can remember, she looked about 9-15 (keep in mind it was past midnight and she was alone), she was small and slim, and her hair was cut into a perfect, grey bob. It looked more like a shiny, hard grey helmet than hair. If it wasnt a helmet it must have been a wig. I don’t remember anything about her facial features or clothing despite the fact that I only saw her a couple hours ago and (at one point in the story) stared at her intently for 15 minutes. I do remember she had an alternative sense of style, and I think she was wearing either a leather or denim jacket. I stayed 15 feet away from the bench she was sitting on. Something about her was disconcerting and made me mildly uncomfortable.

When the sky train came, instead of walking through the doors of the sky train compartment straight in front of her, she walked the 15 feet to get into the same compartment as me. I remember feeling a little weird about it. I didn’t look at her while I was on the sky train at all.

This is where it gets fucking weird. After the sky train pulled into waterfront station, I got off it to get onto the sea bus. When the sky train arrived, the sea bus was leaving in 20 seconds, so I ran to catch it. Only one other person was running to catch it with me. When I sat down, the fucking girl with grey hair was sitting a few rows across from me, staring straight at me. I immediately recognized her. I don’t know how the fuck she got to the sea bus from the sky train station within 20 seconds before me, without me seeing her. As soon as I saw her I went from relieved that I made it onto the sea bus to being on the verge of tears.

This is the part that makes me cry when think about it. Her eyes were completely black. Her facial expression was inhumanly blank like a robot and she was staring straight at me. I’m not exaggerating when I say it wasn’t human. It was so fucking wrong and unnatural. I have never seen or experienced anything like that in my life. All of a sudden it’s face stretched into the most horrifying evil smile. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. I cry every time I think about it. I was holding back tears at this point. How the fuck did it get from the sky train to the sea bus without me seeing it?

The sea bus takes 15 minutes to get to the other side of the water, so I watched it for 15 minutes. I could not have hallucinated it being there for 15 minutes straight. It was physically impossible for it to get from the same sky train as me to the sea bus without me noticing it at all. I may have hallucinated the eyes and the smile (but I don’t think its possible that I hallucinated them for 15 minutes straight), but I could not have imagined her sitting there on the sea bus for 15 minutes.

When the sea bus pulled in I waited to get off it last and didn’t see her on my walk home, though I was beyond terrified for the entire walk.

The more I try to remember its physical appearance the more hazy it gets. All I really remember is the helmet-like grey hair, pale skin, black eyes, and the blank stare morphing into the most disturbing smile I’ve ever seen. I remember it was dressed in alternative clothes similar to mine and what’s creepier is that my hair is grey too, almost like it was mimicking my appearance. It totally lacked the thing that makes humans human, it even lacked the thing that makes animals seem alive. It was unnatural. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.

This is really scary to me because if this was real, what else is real? And why was it following me? What did it want?

Edit: this experience has greatly worsened my insomnia, I’m terrified that it will kill me in my sleep. If anyone reading this has experienced anything paranormal, an encouraging comment would be greatly appreciated as this incendent has also worsened my anxiety

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