stalking harry's instagram

This is a modern Muggle AU, as requested, and written for @hinnypositivity. It can count as AU and cliche. It sort of takes place on an American college campus, just because I am not familiar enough with a British one.

“C’mon Ron, answer me, you little piece of –” Ginny stopped herself as Luna, her new roommate, wandered in from the hall. While Luna appeared to be a little eccentric, she did seem nice, and Ginny did not want to come across as too hostile. Especially not on their first night as roommates.

It didn’t matter, as Ginny was sent to voicemail the next moment. She hung up quickly, and tossed the phone down onto her bed with a growl.

“Still can’t get a hold of your brother?” Luna asked.

Ginny shook her head. “No, and he isn’t answering any of my messages.” She picked up the phone again and sent Ron a quick ‘ANSWER ME’ text, but did not expect a reply to that one, as the last 22 had gone unanswered.

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