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kiribaku week day 1 - studying / summer / anger (for @kiribakuweek2k17)

literally almost every anti-ks/’discourser’ blog is just

one brave soul hears word of a webcomic called killing stalking that’s only been referred to as ‘bad’. so they venture off to read it. they cant make it pass the first chapter as they were offended by woo calling bum a faggot (sorry i meant f*ggt) or something. they return to tumblr dot com with tears in their eyes and a horrendous tale to tell. ‘its bad’ they proclaim. hushed murmurs begin to fill the room as the crowd wonders of the horrors that have been seen. all of their followers whisper and nod in agreement to one another. despite never actually reading it,, they were too afraid too,, they could all simply come to one final conclusion. 'its bad’ their followers repeat in a chorus. koogi is then crucified and burned on a stake. 

Hurt- Andre Burakovsky

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Like did I spill my love life to you guys and now you want imagines on it? Lol! So also had this fight before with the boyfriend! Once again, didn’t end the same! Enjoy anyway!

Warning: mentions of abuse

Anon Request: Can you do an imagine for Burakovsky about the ready being afraid of being loved and falling in love because she was hurt in the past numerous times and he gets angry that he won’t let him love her and it makes her cry before she realizes that he’s a good guy and he’s serious about wanting to love and protect her??? This was a lot I’m sorry but I just love how you write about Andre :)


              You had been with Andre a long time in today’s relationship standards.

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So I’m out with my seniors and coursemates in the car. And we fiddled with the radio till we ended up listening to a station that plays songs from the good ol days. And then that fucking song plays at THAT part specifically “..killing me softly with his song, killing me softly! With his-” and.. three of them started singing along like nothing’s going on but I was really quiet and then I looked into the rear view mirror and my senior was STARING AT ME and I knew that look. That look that bordered realization, horror and disbelief. I just found out who else had read Killing Stalking.

çwç ♥♥♥ *cries softly*

The Municipality of Firenze will give the “keys of the city” to Plushenko because his amazing talent and because of what he has given to this sport ♥ and because the city of Art must celebrate a man who represented Art at its best ♥

OFC me and my partner in stalking ehm crime ^^” @judarchan will be there ♥ (with our skates hoping in a signature ;w;”) and Saturday night we will take part to the Florence Ice Show Plushenko & Friends

and that crazy woman took the GOLD ticket ♥ (because of course *Victor’s voice* we don’t take anything unless is Gold 😎 ) and idk .. it’s like a sort of dream becoming true bc i’ve always loved him and urhgurhgurgh this April was very “intense” .. çwç first we met Johnny Weir in the USA and now Zhenya ♥ here, so much closer (at least to me lol while judarchan has to move his beautiful ass here XD) (mio marito è molto più abbordabile vedi?!? u_u”) and yeah … >w< ♥ i m glad that my 2nd city is giving him the keys of the city this makes me feel closer to him ♥ and i would like to give him even other type of keys like the keys of my room but i guess this is another fact ^^” eahem …

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im sure his ex won't want his crazy fans to stalk her. i think its best if you dont talk about her name here.

that’s a good point. i agree i deleted them.

I love how Ohm goes out of his way to stalk Bryce and kill him in DBD, the best part its when Ohm started to call Bryce, Brycey lol

This reminds my of an obsessive ex-boyfriend, that wants his baby back with him and he will do whatever it takes to get him back… Bryce knows that no matter where he goes, Ohm its there, stalking him and he can’t go to the cops or tell his friends because he is too afraid that Ohm might do something to them… Like one time Ohm promised… They will be together… And nobody will stand in their way…

Lol or something like that XD


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