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Fangirl problems #25

When you finished a /series/cartoon/anime / manga / book / fanfiction etc; and you don’t know now what to do with your life…

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- Hetalia
- Yuri On Ice
- Killing Stalking
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Free
- Marvel
- DC
- anything space related
- Video Games
- Mortal Kombat
- Star Wars
- Kylux
- UsUk
- FinnRey
- StormPilot
- Spider-Man
- Captain Bommerang
- Ghost Adventures
- Ghost/Paranormal stuff

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@theunitofcaring and @michaelblume and @luminousalicorn and @adzolotl and @chroniclesofrettek are here for purim & we did the story & people kept interrupting each other to argue over how it went, which is exactly how it went


Overview of my time at anime matsuri 2017

I will post more later~!



I’m just gonna list the fandoms I’m into and forever will be into them

•Steven Universe
•Star vs the Forces of Evil
•Adventure Time
• Off (game)
• Undertale
•Bravest Warriors
•Bee and Puppycat
•Death Note
•Tokyo Ghoul
•Gravity Falls
•Panty and Stocking
•Soul Eater
•Evil Within
•Free eternal summer
•Welcome To Hell
•Dramatical Murder
•Scott vs The World
•Boku no Hero Acadamia
•Black Butler
•Attack on Titan
•Blood Lad
•Kill la Kill
•Killing Stalking •Durarara
•Deadman Wonderland
I wanna apart of the Star Wars fandom :,0


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blarkes: the clexaughs are so exhausting, they are so racists and keep bullying bob!!! also, why are they hating on bellasalami our precious child like, sTOP BEING SO RACIST YIKES THIS FANDOM IS SO TOXIC AND BIPHOBIC

clexa: the adventure of lexa the friendly chip, clip, damn clarke ur boobies, raising money for a good cause, are trending at least once a week smth, sinful conversations at 3 am

i love when you don’t see a friend for a solid year and then you meet them and you’re both literally wearing the same cool outfits you wore last time

When your players are stalking another party of adventurers who are researching a thing, and all your players roll History checks on what the other party is researching.

Three people (including the DMNPC) roll natural 1s and the fourth rolls a big 3. 

All you can say is “thank God cause I’ve barely written any lore about this thing.”