stalkers be gone!

Picture this:

One day you start to notice someone following you, in a flash of red in a crowd or in the click of heels behind you on an abandoned street, and you have this strange sense of foreboding mingled with an excited sort of chill. This someone is not a someone in the way other people are, you can just sense it. Some nights a lamp will be on that you clearly remember shutting off or you’ll wake to the vague scent of rose perfume. It is like a haunting but you feel like somehow you’re the one becoming the ghost. And every time you try and look for your stalker they’re gone but you can feel these penetrating, assessing eyes on you and this goes on for a week maybe and then you fall ill or get in an accident and then one night this beautiful otherworldly creature who looks human but is not human (no one that beautiful can be human) arrives at your side and and smiles a sharp-toothed smile and tells you it’s time to go. It might hurt. You’ll love it.

This is what I think it would be like for an ordinary person to be reaped by Grell and it is the perfect way to die.

Not Your Uncle

“This is your child.” Saizo stated bluntly. Azama nodded.
“Astute observation. It looks like all of your creepy stalker tendencies haven’t gone to waste, hmm?”

i liked that saizo was more worried about mitama in her paralogue than azama was, so this is here to explain why

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heathens reversed version hearings:
- 0:06 - “oh forever now we get out of/our story OR we will write another story”
- 0:11 - “im misbehavin ive got a stalker gone now” BLURRY
- 0:17 - “we know hes josh/gone now”
- 0:20 - “staaaaaaay”
- 0:21 - “yes follow you (shoe) new ??? we josh/gone now”
- 0:53 - “chooooooose”
- 0:55 - “you never will/you never kill”
- 1:03 - “heathens take it slow”
- 1:05 - “sick of (snitty??) hells near find more/cmon”
- 1:19 - “back off (for deal/real??) this is vinyl is final”
- 1:22 - “he gets me to say again and i give you/blue(?)”
- 1:26 - “he gets me to safety(?) ??? follow away”
- 1:28 - “he gets me to social even under ???”
- 1:32 - “im speaking im scared (??)”
- 1:36 - “im nervous ????”
- 2:02 - “he has not found ???”