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If you ever harass me again or send me a message, I have more than enough proof of your abuse and messages and accounts tracing back to your IP. 

I know your name, I know your address and I will not hesitate to contact the police or your family in regards to your fucking online harassment. 


And I repeat this since the last time you refused to cease contacting me.

DON’T. EVER. TALK TO ME AGAIN. Nor my friends. 

Quit the harassment, this is your final warning.

I’m sorry but I have to vent….

Showing up somewhere that you know a celebrity is going to be at does not entitle you to a picture or autograph.  NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING.  

And having multiple pictures with the same celebrities in a span of only a few short weeks only further proves stalking.  The fact that these people get away with this really upsets and disgusts me.  How would you feel if someone you only barely knew showed up everywhere you went?  If they showed up at your place of work?

It’s wrong.  It’s disrespectful.  And it’s not what it means to be a fan.


Stranger Stalking

This category of stalking involves an offender who has no known prior relationship to the victim and includes five types of stalkers:

  1. Stranger-Power/Anger Stalkers - Primarily men who look for random victims to control, intimidate and harm. These men exhibit anti-social characteristics and, as a result of their own lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, they hunt for proxy victims upon which to vent their anger.
  2. Stranger-Obsessional Stalkers - Individuals who suffer from a variety of psychological disorders including paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dissociative disorders. They generally should be considere dangerous because of their level of unpredictability. Obsessionals attach because they have come to learn or believe something about another person or organisation that may be completely false but that acts as a catalyst for the attachment.
  3. Stranger-Nuisance Stalkers - Tend to be loners looking to connect with others in some medium. They range from teens to middle-aged men who frequently used the internet to meet and harass victims. They enjoy the sense of freedom they have in tampering with web pages or sending obscene messages. 
  4. Stranger-Sexual Predator Stalkers - Some of the most dangerous offenders known to the criminal justice system. They include rapists, pedophiles, child molesters and paraphiliacs. They are dangerous because the outcome is frequently the actual sexual assault of a victim or psychology sexual violence of a victim. 
  5. Stranger-Erotomaniac - An erotomaniac is a stalker who attaches himself or herself to another person because the stalker believes that the person wants the attention and is in love with him or her. The victims are usually persons of public prominence. The offenders are often irrational and obsessive in their stalking behaviours. 

Pictured above is Dennis Rader, the serial killer known as BTK. He would frequently stalk his victims prior to their murder.

Take a look at this man. He is a pathological stalker of women with physical disabilities. I refuse to conceal his identity when he was dumb enough to try and be my friend with his real profile. He has been harassing me for three months. I’ve been in contact with the police about it, including a detective. His usual manner is to create a fake profile posing as a disabled woman (pictures stolen from devotee porn sites) and attempts to befriend other disabled women. Once he gets their phone numbers, the calls start on an incessant basis. I’m not the only one who has posted on the internet about him either. Some of the common names he uses are Sarah Pace and Sarah Jennings. His actual name is Sam Jennings and he does not take no for an answer. I had to change my phone number weeks ago and he’s still trying to wiggle his way into my life. He’s been told no and to cease contact repeatedly. This man works for a church in Meridian, Mississippi. Do not leave him alone with females. His inability to take no for an answer makes him dangerous. Disabled women beware in particular. Spread this around. #disabled #amputee #arthrogryposis #women #stalkers

anonymous asked:

Hi Ann, I really do not understand people sometimes. Why would anyone think it's okay to bang on the car windows? People are insane and those fan photos are all over my dash. My stomach turns every time I see them. I love Louis & Harry, I love all the boys, but those photos are not cute, they are to kind to disgusting "fans" like that. : /

I feel very strongly that stalking and harassment of the boys in person and on social media should be stopped. Unfortunately,  their team doesn’t do anything to prevent it.

I think 1D security team should have done something to prevent today’s situation when fans were really rude to Harry, were shoving phones into his face and banging on his car windows. This is unacceptable and I think Harry’s security detail is to blame for not taking steps to stop it.

This girl (one of Radio1D insiders, I assume) was ranting on Twitter that she waited for hours to meet Louis outside his hotel, but he didn’t stop for pictures with her. She was furious. Preston was trying to ask Louis to take a group picture with the fans camped outside the hotel (the girl deleted her tweet about it, I think), but Louis walked past them and chose to take selfies with other fans instead.

This is what should be done about stalkers. No matter how long they wait, if they don’t get pictures, other fans will not be tempted to do the same.
British Writer Tracks Down Teen Who Gave His Book a Bad Review, Smashes Her With Wine Bottle
A 28-year-old British man, most notable for his 2006 victory on the quiz show Countdown, tracked down a Scottish teenager who’d written a negative review of his self-published novel and shattered a bottle of wine on the back of her head. The aspiring author pleaded guilty to the 2014 assault in a Scottish court Monday, the Mirror reported.
By Jay Hathaway

Reviews are a bit on my mind at the moment, and reviewers… but I fall to my knees and thank Thoth that none of my reviewers have been anything like this.