the unfortunate truth of the matter is that entitled fans are not going to stop being entitled as long as they feel like their behaviour is acceptable. 

Nothing is going to change because the fans suddenly have an epiphany and realize how gross and invasive their behaviour is; HARRYS TEAM has to step up and step in to stop enabling the already existing stalker culture and to prevent mob scenes like this from happening. 

It seemed like they were off to a good start at SNL but then they still contacted all the stalkers at the end of Harry’s trip and rewarded their shitty behaviour with a meet and greet outside of sony HQ in New York. 

The stalkers and gross fans are not going to stop until HSHQ sets up and actually enforces very clear boundaries it’s as simple as that.

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Stalker/possessive prompts, please?

1) “You’re really ungrateful, you know,” the stalker said. “I loved you more than they ever did, but you won’t even give me the time of day. That’s a really fucking shit thing to do. I always used to think you were better than that.”
They swallowed, terror clinging sour to the roof of their mouth. Tugged again at the cuff. “I know - I was - I was selfish.” They didn’t even know this person. “But you’re better than me, aren’t you? You don’t have to do this.”
The stalker laughed. “Oh, but you can’t take your eyes off me now.”

2) I love the way you dance when you think no one is watching - Your secret admirer

3) “Look, please stop following me. You’re making me uncomfortable.”
Their former best friend looked wounded. “If you’d just talk to me-”
“- I don’t want to talk to you. I told you, I want some space.”
“You can’t just decide that, it’s not fair.” They stepped closer, and the protagonist flinched back. The stalker’s face twisted. “Oh, don’t act like I’d hurt you.” Angry, now. “God, you love making yourself as some kind of victim don’t you?”


Stranger Stalking

This category of stalking involves an offender who has no known prior relationship to the victim and includes five types of stalkers:

  1. Stranger-Power/Anger Stalkers - Primarily men who look for random victims to control, intimidate and harm. These men exhibit anti-social characteristics and, as a result of their own lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, they hunt for proxy victims upon which to vent their anger.
  2. Stranger-Obsessional Stalkers - Individuals who suffer from a variety of psychological disorders including paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dissociative disorders. They generally should be considere dangerous because of their level of unpredictability. Obsessionals attach because they have come to learn or believe something about another person or organisation that may be completely false but that acts as a catalyst for the attachment.
  3. Stranger-Nuisance Stalkers - Tend to be loners looking to connect with others in some medium. They range from teens to middle-aged men who frequently used the internet to meet and harass victims. They enjoy the sense of freedom they have in tampering with web pages or sending obscene messages. 
  4. Stranger-Sexual Predator Stalkers - Some of the most dangerous offenders known to the criminal justice system. They include rapists, pedophiles, child molesters and paraphiliacs. They are dangerous because the outcome is frequently the actual sexual assault of a victim or psychology sexual violence of a victim. 
  5. Stranger-Erotomaniac - An erotomaniac is a stalker who attaches himself or herself to another person because the stalker believes that the person wants the attention and is in love with him or her. The victims are usually persons of public prominence. The offenders are often irrational and obsessive in their stalking behaviours. 

Pictured above is Dennis Rader, the serial killer known as BTK. He would frequently stalk his victims prior to their murder.

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If "journos" are so concerned about Harry and the other boys' privacy, maybe they should start writing articles about the stalker culture within the one direction fandom.

HONESTLY. you want to talk about invasive and entitled fans? someone do a feature piece on boopsy and jordyn.

say it with me: harry doesn’t owe me one thing, harry doesn’t need to pause his life for a single second for my stalker ass, i am not entitled to ANYTHING from him

stalkers ( slit my wrists )
mindless self indulgence
stalkers ( slit my wrists )

      with every s i n g l e kiss
                  i’m going to s l i t my wrist
      with every single CRY
                  i’m going to say G 0 0 D B Y E… .
                                                                            goodbye !! 

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Sonja, I really dont get why the people are so afraid to blame the Azoffs for the things that are happening. Yesterday, everyone was blaming Cameron Crowe but were forgetting that Irving and him have been friends for ages. So we can say that the tone of the article was approved by HSHQ. Today, too, the stalkers didn't pop out of thin air. They were called there by HSHQ. Why so much hesitancy when it comes to blaming the Azoffs?

i know i honestly am like ??? irving and cameron have known each other since at least 1978 when cameron wrote a piece on irving and talked about how he will do anything for his clients (and they worked on a movie together in 1982) and yet we’re supposed to think irving would meekly be like ‘no cameron it’s okay write whatever you want about harry i won’t interfere at all because even though my family manages his career i know it’s not my place’.

and do people really think NO ONE on harry’s team would have talked to ben winston before the interview about the angle they’re going for? really? ben didn’t go rogue, cameron didn’t go rogue, DAN WOOTTON DIDN’T GO ROGUE AND BREAK AN NDA.

the stalkers were told to be there and the paparazzi were called to document it (just like the stalkers were given that exclusive meet and greet with harry outside of sony in nyc).

when will people open their eyes and accept that harry’s team is actually behind the current image and narrative push.