stalker rambles

Imagine Chris finding you incredibly amusing.

It was a slow day at work, you probably only had ten or so patrons eating at the diner. You were so preoccupied refilling the salt shakers and pepper mills that you didn’t even notice your favorite actor, Chris Evans sitting by the corner window. This was the fourth time in a week that he’d been in because of you, yet you had not once spoken with him.

He always sat in your co-workers’ stations and made sure to slip his cap and sunglasses on when they spoke with him so no one would alert you of his presence. He knew you were a fan- from overhearing you swoon over him numerous times with your co-worker, Ally- and was afraid you’d lose your candid personality if you knew he was in the crowd; your brutal honesty, straightforwardness and sassiness was kind of what enticed him to keep coming back each day. You had no idea but Chris Evans found you incredibly amusing.

He enjoyed watching you work, listening to the way you’d interact with customers- both good and bad. You didn’t enjoy your encounters with the snobby and rude customers, but he enjoyed watching your encounters with them. It was interesting to him, hilarious even. He liked the way you’d come up with witty comebacks that flew right over the customers’ heads, the way you’d smile but roll your eyes the second they turn their backs on you, and the way you’d turn down douchey frat boys and the snobby business men who think they can buy you off with the promise of expensive things.

Your IDGAF attitude and your constant sass gave you the reputation of being cold and rude, but those who really knew you- those who really observed you knew you were anything but. Chris knew, he could tell you were actually an incredibly kind hearted person. He could see it from the way you’d draw adorable faces in a child’s hot chocolate; walk elderly folks out to their cars with an umbrella when it rained; confront customers that treated your co-workers unfairly; and wave those who deserved your kindness and didn’t have the spare change with a ‘don’t worry about it’. You were a good person and he could see that.

Chris watched you from afar, once again admiring how beautiful you were. He smiled every time he saw you conversing with yourself under your breath, wishing he knew what you were saying; whatever it was must have been pretty interesting if you had to constantly fight the urge to smile or laugh. God, you were a sight for sore eyes; he could just watch you forever. But he was done just watching, he wanted to talk to you and get to know you.

“Y/N,” you heard Max call your name as he slid an order across the counter. “It’s for the two ladies at table B, just make the latte first. Her friends wants the soy cappuccino after she finishes her meal,” he told you and you nodded, taking the order from him and walking over to the coffee counter. “Just so you know,” he followed you across with a smirk on his lips. “There’s a really cute guy that’s been sitting in my section for the past four days and-”

“I didn’t know you swung that way, Max,” you teased him and he chuckled softly. “Here I was thinking you always had a thing for me, guess I was wrong. It’s okay,” you reached for his hand and patted it endearingly, “whatever makes you happy.”

“One day, Y/N, one day I’m going to think your quick wit is no longer cute.” He told you and you laughed. “You’re lucky today is not that day otherwise I would’ve walked away and not informed you of your secret admirer.” He beckoned his head to the corner window booth and you rolled your eyes, not bothering to look. “He’s been here four days in a row and I think it’s because of you.”

“Me too, that’s why we’ve been talking so much in the last four days.” You responded sarcastically as you began to make the latte. “Honestly, Max,” you chuckled with a shake of your head. “I’m flatter you think every cute guy is here because of me but it’s getting a little old. Can’t you go and bother Ally? She’s cute, she might have a few admirers too.”

“Perhaps, but not this guy.” Max glanced back over at Chris who had noticed the attention he was getting and had now buried his head in his book; he had left his cap and sunglasses behind today. “This guy is definitely here because of you. Trust me, Y/N,” he turned back to you and you sighed. “I’m a guy, I know when a guy likes a girl and that guy likes you. Just- go over and say hello when you’re done with this latte? Humor me a little.”

“Fine,” you huffed and he smiled. “Why are you so eager to get me off the market anyway? Don’t you want me as a backup plan, or something? In case your current relations don’t work out and you realize I’m the girl for you after all?”

“You are far too special to be my backup plan,” he told you and you smiled. “If I want to be with you, I’ll fight for you when my current relations don’t work out. Until then- you’re more than welcome to date and be happy because you deserve that. I gotta go put this order in, go say hello to him when you’re done.” He waited until you nodded before he headed for the kitchen.

You finished making the latte and delivered it to Max’s table for him, since it was on your way to your 'secret admirer’. “Latte?” You asked the two ladies and was about to put it down in front of the lady that nodded when her friend yelled in your face.

“I said after my meal!”

You scoffed and calmly placed the latte down on the table before turning your attention onto her rude friend. “This isn’t your coffee,” you told her with a volume almost equal to hers. “Did you order a latte?” You quizzed, raising your eyebrows at her. “No, so how about you not yell in my face.” The words formed a suggestion but it didn’t sound like one. You turned back to her friend and smiled sweetly, “enjoy your coffee, ma'am.”

Chris watched that entire encounter go down and he chuckled behind his book; he didn’t realize that you were actually close enough to hear him. You looked over at his table and narrowed your eyes, a curious smile on your lips. You walked over and gently knocked on his table, he lowered his book and looked up at you. Your jaw dropped when you realized who was sitting in front of you.

“Oh my God,” you breathed, “you’re Chris Evans.”

“Hi Y/N,” he said your name with a smile and you felt the air knocked out of your lungs.

“You know my name?” A nervous chuckle escaped your throat. “Captain America knows my name.”

“It’s not my first time here,” he chuckled softly. “Plus- and don’t freak out when I say this,” he quickly added with his hands held up in surrender before continuing, “I kind of come here because of you.” Your eyes narrowed but your heart sang 'cause Max was right. “You’re very amusing to watch work.”

“So you just come here and watch me work?”

“You don’t have to make it sound so weird.” He chuckled nervously, the heat rising to his cheeks. “I have breakfast here, I don’t just sit and- Look, I’m not a stalker or anything,” he rambled and you suppressed the urge to laugh. “I just- you’re very pretty and you’re incredibly funny and- Oh God,” he ran his hand through his un-gelled hair, “I’m drowning here, aren’t I?”

“A little bit,” you giggled. “But you’re Chris Evans and I’m a huge fan so- all this is just cute to me.”

“That’s good to know.” He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “I’ve been wondering…” he trailed off, a little afraid you’d reject him like you’d rejected other guys before. “If you um-” he swallowed, the butterflies in his stomach being chewed by rats. “I was just-”

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” You asked before he could. “Or maybe grab a cup of coffee, somewhere where I don’t have to make it?” You suggested and his heart skipped a beat. “That way you can get to know me like a normal person.” You joked and he laughed. “Here’s my number.” You scribbled it down on your pad and ripped the page out for him. “Call me some time,” you told him and threw a smile over your shoulder as you made your way back to your counter.

“Well?” Max asked when you saw you.

Before you could tell him what had just happened, your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out and narrowed your eyes at the unfamiliar number. “Hello?” You spoke upon answering then smiled when you heard the familiar voice.

“Just me calling you some time,” Chris smiled and gave you a small wave as you turned his way. “Think you could squeeze me in for dinner tonight?” He asked and you smiled. “I know you don’t work nights, so…” He trailed off and you chuckled.

“And you said you’re not a stalker.”

HTTYD Requested Short Story: Worthy

               Title: Worthy

               Requested by: Hershel-moon

               Summary: When some Dragon Hunters make a surprise attack on the Dragon Riders, they’re all captured but Hiccup. Frustrated and angry at the Hunters, Hiccup fights them off and frees his friends, but gets injured in the process.

               Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort

               Rating: T for injury

               Time-line: Race to the Edge

               A/N: Okay, so my list of people who made requests has changed, and here’s the reason why. For whatever reason, I’m no longer getting all the reviews in my email anymore, so I missed quite a few requests (so sorry!) but I fixed it now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the requests now. I’ll put the updated list down below, and thank you guys! :D

               “Scary, scary, scary, bad dragon…” Snotlout hummed.

               “Snotlout, would you please, try to shut up?” Ruffnut asked irritably. Both she and Tuffnut had been silent for most of the journey, the two having fought over who had the most scars that morning. Now, neither were speaking to each other, and they were both miserable because of it.

               But Astrid was happy, and neither the twins or Snotlout could bring her off her happy cloud. She and Stormfly had completed a new move that morning, and it had automatically put her in a good mood. Which was probably a good thing, or those twins and Snotlout would all have gotten a harsh talking too.

               Hiccup was flying ahead, and all though Astrid was over fifteen feet away, she could still hear him talking excitedly to Toothless. The dragon would coo back every now and then, as though responding to Hiccup’s rambling, but otherwise just flew, a little smile on his scaly face. Astrid smiled too, glad to see Hiccup in such a light-hearted mood.

               It was a good day- all in all. They were going out on patrol, because Snotlout had claimed he saw a strange new dragon in the forest, words that instantly set Hiccup and Fishlegs off on their dragon geeking. Astrid shook her head, because when Hiccup and Fishlegs went into their dragon mode, it was like trying to understand a different language.

               “Oh! This is so exciting!” Fishleg’s squealed. “A whole new species of dragon? It’s been so long since we’ve found one!”      

               “I know, Fishlegs!” Hiccup laughed, and the sound made Astrid smile. She couldn’t stop herself, it made her happy to know he was happy.

               “Hey, guys…” Tuffnut said slowly.

               “I mean, what if it’s a mystery class! That would be-“

               “Guys…” Tuffnut said again.

               “Or a Stalker!” Fishlegs rambled on.

               “Guys!” Tuffnut shouted. Astrid looked at him, wondering what he could possibly want now. Another bathroom break? Most likely.


               Astrid looked down at stared in shock. There, in a small clearing below them were Dragon Hunters, armed with large bola crossbows and arrows.

               “LOOK OUT!” Astrid shouted, just as the men fired. But she didn’t yell soon enough. Bola’s flew through the air, one wrapping around Snotlout and Hookfang. Snotlout let out a surprised yelp before he and Hookfang began tumbling towards the ground below. Another net trapped Barf and Belch around the heads and one wing. The dragon struggled to stay in the air, but it was quickly dropping.

               Hiccup swung around, and barely missed getting Toothless’s tail trapped. Meatlug, being the slowest out of the dragons, was caught next, the net completing surround her and Fishlegs. The dragon’s wings stopped beating, and the two instantly began sinking to the ground like a stone.

               “ASTRID LOOK OUT!” Hiccup shouted, but it was too late. She’d been too distracted, and a net came up and wound its way around her body and Stormfly’s head and wings. Stormfly screeched as she began falling, her wings no longer able to move.

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yandere simulator: *has a main character who cold-blooded stabs people, burn them alive, drowns them, kidnaps and torture to the point they lose the ability of understanding and willing, brings people to suicide through bullying, blackmails, all for her love interest who she stalks on daily basis*
yandere dev: btw she’s a bad guy ok remember you’re playing as a freakin murderer
people: WHOC ARES I LOVE HER *7*
last update: *happens*
people: this game is bad yandere dev is bad i hope yall get killed until you die

Werther's Originals, Eurovision, and DnP

I’m sure someone else has already commented on this, but Dan’s tweeted photo of his Eurovision snacks included Werther’s Originals … and then Phil tweeted that he had eaten too many Werther’s Originals. Were they in the same place (in Florida, according to Phil), watching it together? Or watching it in different places but coordinating snacks?

I can’t believe I actually think about things like this long enough to write a post about them.

Edited to Add: Also, the price on Dan’s cookie package was in dollars. He’s obviously still in the U.S. Oh my god I’m a stalker.


Alright, I wasn’t gonna post more but this really, really angers me. People are actually trying to defend the insane stalkers that are harassing celebrities. They are also actually trying to start stupid fanwar shit. I was going to call out each and every one of them but I’m going to be the better person and just share my thoughts on the matter. Original insta post by Kim Kibum included for reference.

Picture One: *Katalk Conversation posted by Kim Kibum. Heading reads:* You are invited by a use who is NOT your friend. Click here to report as spam. (Sunday, April 24, 2016) *texted blocked out by red*
*Conversation as follows*
Meme Face: I added some kpop idols 
Corin: Cool
Reem.Army97: Why would you do that (emoticon)(emoticon)(emoticon)
Meme Face: So we can talk to them
Sugggaaaa *response unable to be seen*
*caption* you can’t call yourself a fan  you poor people it was 6am , *Korean response cut off*

Picture Two: I want to add that it absolutely disgusts me that these are English speaking, most likely, international fans. Every international fan has heard of the horror of ‘sasaeng fans’. We all agreed that we could never do something like this to our respective groups. We agreed to respect their privacy. We agreed to respect the fact that they are HUMAN BEINGS fist and celebrities last. My heart breaks for Kim Kibum and the rest of the celebrities that were added. I can only imagine what was said in that group chat. What thought did these people have that rationalized this as being okay? I won’t even try to imagine how they got the contact info. There were leaks last week of id’s and phone numbers. How could they possibly think that doing something like this would be in their favor? “Oh yes, so and so will notice me! They will love me.” No. The only thing that these people are causing is stress and fear on the celebrities. Keep it up, and their social media will go away. It is a blessing that they share portions of their lives with us. And then people go and pull stunts like this and totally invade their privacy. It makes me sick. These people are not fans. They are stalkers and worshippers who have no respect for the human being behind the celebrity name and fame. Because Kim Kibum called them out like this, they’ll probably receive a small portion of satisfaction because yes he did “notice you”. But for all the wrong reasons. Kim Kibum, your true fans support you and we care about your well being. We love Key, but most importantly, we respect Kim Kibum first. Thank you for not taking this situation lightly. Thank you for standing up for yourself. Your true fans will be behind you 200%. I hope you are able to transition to a new Katalk ID and get some peace from these horrid people. 

Picture Three: Another noted because all of you seem to be missing it: It isn’t about the respective fandoms. One or two fans with their Bias’ name does not account for an entire Fandom. IT ISN’T EVEN ABOUT THE FANDOMS. It is about the fact that someone went and hacked into private information and gained the id’s of celebrities and proceeded to mega overstep the line and have the audacity to do something like this. STOP MAKING IT ABOUT THE FANDOMS. The person clearly said they added multiple celebrities. We only know of Kim Kibum because he spoke out about it. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING AN ARMY, A SHAWOL, WHATEVER. It has to do with the fact that a human being’s privacy was horribly invaded. 

I will add a final note because this one comment in particular really pissed me off. Someone tried to rationalize the actions of these people by saying “I don’t see a.prob here how else r they(fans) going to get “close” to idols if they r overseas? Idk what app they use but i see np so far other than them being careless and not considering the time difference” 

First off… grammar and spelling. Secondly… I honestly am so dumbfounded that I don’t have any proper words. How else will they get close? GET CLOSE? How about waiting a hot minute for the groups to go to their respective countries or saving up and making a trip to where ever to see them in concert or a meet and greet. GET CLOSE!? Have we come so far with celebrities being in spotlights that we have dehumanized them? I’m fairly certain if your personal information was thrown out into the world and you began receiving messages and calls from complete strangers at all hours of the night and day that you would be completely uncool with it. Just because these particular humans are famous worldwide does not give ANYONE the right to harass them and “try to get close to them”. Newsflash, deary, stalking and harassing someone like this will NOT make them want to be close to you. It will make them run away as quickly as possible. The fact that you can only see “the time difference” as the problem is truly horrific. I never truly realized how insensitive and despicable people could be.


Today doesn’t feel real.  I have tangible proof sitting in my apartment and yet it still doesn’t feel real.

But today happened. 

Eight days ago I bought my ticket and this morning I walked into Walker Stalker with @leigh57.  And then (well, after some seriously general admission line waiting and a lot of luck) I met Melissa MicBride.  I’m pretty sure–no, I know–I babbled like an idiot, but she is human perfection and it mas magic.

Still as perfect as it was, it was made even more perfect by getting to hang with @faith5by5-1013 in line and then be tackle-squee-hugged by @leigh57 and @illusianation immediately after.  I also got to meet actual human cupcake @carol-on and her mom, who I have decided is cupcake prime.  And the peoples’ whose tumblr names escape me at the moment.  Just gah.  It was such a privilege to get to spend the day with such wonderful lovely people.