I had a stalker. The plot of the dream was pretty incoherent, but he would talk through my windows at me, and at one point called me to tell me my dishwasher was ready to be unloaded. I screamed into the phone, “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW MY DISHWASHER IS READY TO BE UNLOADED??” I woke up in a cold sweat and decided to sleep on the couch with the kitchen lights on, because I guess stalkers can’t get you if there’s a light on.

I was chased by a horrifying deer with spider legs that ate my cat and wanted to kill me. The deer looks normal until it stands up, unfurling to show off realistic spider legs. I woke up and was haunted by this horror until I made an image to represent it…


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1. Locked in the trunk of a car
2. Tied to a chair
3. Chained up to the wall
4. In a cage
5. Behind prison bars
6. In a room with a locked door and barred windows
7. Hand-cuffed to an object of their choice
8. Hand-cuffed to one other person (or each other)
9. Stuck in a hole underground
10. Trapped in an attic
11. Trapped in a tomb or mausoleum
12. Stuck in the back of a police car
13. Stuck in an elevator
14. Locked in a vault
15. Strapped to a table