stalk him

Something I’ve been wondering

Scrooge’s outfit in The Billionaire of Dismal Downs. It quite obviously looks like certain other duck’s outfit.

And considering what happens to it in The Billionaire of Dismal Downs-

And Rosa’s characterization of Glomgold as someone who was always following Scrooge few steps behind and trying to catch up and mimicking him…

Okay so 1) my fitbit battery ran out and Saturday is usually my most active day. I don’t have a charger here. Sad :C

Also, 2) I dreamt some really weird shit about my ex (he was suddenly a contractor instead of graphic designer and had built huge buildings and had a kid?) and now I’m wondering how he’s doing. Like - I have this curiosity that may be sliiightly fueled by a sense of “I’m doing way better without you” but it feels super nosy, and it leaves me wondering whether it’s normal/healthy to feel like that.