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Yeah, don’t mean weird as bad. Just… Different. But with ponies changing normal to slime to normal. Changing colors. That one pony that changed genders. Just changing eyes seems minor and in stride especially given she changed to non slime as well.

1st. I think i really need to reupload/redone the buttons cuz they magicaly disapeared on Shinyslimey blogie. (changing colors means the mood of pon) that one pon that changed gende… nah its still a boy, just Shiny  used potion on him in sneaky beaky like style (for whatever reason, (afraid of clear looking stalions?)) And yeah i guess.I didn;t really show cherry in normal pony form for months. Which reminds me Shiny blog is a mess now(due to complicated stuff where i have buttons and links explaining these weird things :V)

Oh well thanks for.. conversation.

redflowerblooming asked:

for the ship number thing (if ur still doing them): Could you do Steter #18 & Stalion #23 (or just 1 if you're busy!)? Thank you! :3

What are their dates like? How long do/did they date? Do they ever feel the need to take a break from each other?

They’re dates are simple.  The both of them are simple.  They just like to be in each others company. 

They’re an off and on couple.  They date, then they don’t date.  It’s complicated.

How do they hug? Kiss? Tease? Flirt? Comfort?

They don’t usually hug. 

They kiss like it’s the end of the world. 

Their teasing is their flirting.

Comfort comes in shades.  It depends on what they’re being comforted for. 

jristz asked:

I think that the so manly man look of your draws stand more, even scoot that supposed to be a femanine equine look sometimes like a stalion. Sorry

Well, I do tend to be drawing more male characters lately. So that makes sense.

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