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anti-sjws in one sentence
  • communismkills: bernie sanders... joseph stalin... not that different if you think about it
  • foreverhonest: i can explain... in a year
  • lion-against-sjw: hey watch me misgender these teenagers, that'll show 'em :V
  • plebcomics: you will never understand the discrimination my cohorts face from fat, brown, gay and trans people
  • takashi0: you fucking cringeworthy salty fascist idiot moron crybaby, how dare you say i'm overly emotional
  • the-shy-neko-taru: takashi, please help

Joke: Stalin committed the purges due to extreme paranoia
“Woke”: Stalin committed the purges due to mental illness
WOKE: Stalin committed the purges of everyone taller than him

anonymous asked:

Ugggg this Pewdiepie issue is driving me up the wall. And that one post that you reblogged with corrections... I'm a Ukrainian Jew and that first "point" of theirs pissed me off. Yes I hate Stalin. Yes I hate jokes about him as well. That doesn't mean I hate Hitler any less?? Like, op needs to think before they post.

That post was truly disgusting. Ukrainian Jews have been victimized by both Stalin and Hitler. Excluding Ukrainian Jews from their own history is flat out unacceptable.

The USSR is waiting in line: The Soviet Queuenion

The USSR is sad: The Soviet Bluenion

The USSR is regretful: The Soviet Ruenion

The USSR is suddenly repopulated by cows: The Soviet Moo-nion

The USSR buys a new pair of high heels: The Soviet Shoenion

The USSR enjoys alternative protein: The Soviet Tofunion

The USSR makes a comeback: The Soviet Newnion


Kolyma and other former gulag sites

In the winter of 1937, a young Russian woman named Eugenia Ginzburg was falsely accused of revolutionary activities and sent to a labor camp for the next 18 years. During the 1930s, after Joseph Stalin assumed control of the Soviet Union, millions of Soviet citizens like Ginzburg were imprisoned in labor camps known by the acronym GULAG. At the height of the Stalinist purges, Russians were sent to the gulag for crimes as petty as making jokes about Stalin. The camps were infamous for their harsh treatment of prisoners and millions died before finishing their sentences.

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honestly, i've had a lot of communist friends who are MLM (marxist, leninists, maoists) and i've always felt such enormous discomfort with that. i truly hate mao, and i don't care if he was a communist revolutionary. he believed in extreme censorship and did not care about being kind to his people; he only cared about crushing his enemies. the fact that so many communists look up to and respect him is beyond me, but maybe that's just because i'm an anarchist? idk

Well, it’s only natural as an anarchist to hate authoritarian societies, especially Revolutionary China. A lot of nonsense from the state communists (gulag jokes, Stalin Did Nothing Wrong, the weird idealism they have toward communist revolutionaries despite calling themselves materialists, etc) make me uncomfortable too.

If you don’t feel comfortable around those type of Marxists, remember that there’s nothing obligating you to stay friends with them; you come first.