hey fellow shippers! i’m going to work on this because i feel like this ship gets a lot of hate and with season 4 about to start we need some more love and edits in the tag. and i decided to share this in case anyone wants to join (you don’t need to make an edit if you don’t want), which would be amazing!

five days Stiles&Malia edits season four countdown:

  • one (june 19): favourite scene(s)
  • two (june 20): favourite quote(s)
  • three (june 21): faceless/colours/space (you choose)
  • four (june 22): favourite touches and/or glances
  • five (june 23): free choice

be sure to tag your post with #stalia and #stalia shippers club so that other people who love this ship get to see it and enjoy :)