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can we talk about how hard stiles fell for malia. at first he was iffy about it, y’know, he wasn’t used to her (or any girl for that matter) sneaking into his room and cuddling him. he realized that she didn’t have much experience at being human and instead of freaking out and leaving her, he decided to sit down and help her through everything. each episode that went by, he became more and more heart eyes for her. he realized more and more that he cared about her. he texted and called her hundreds of times because she was mad at him, and he didn’t do much of anything else except worry about malia. he believed in her when no one else verbally did (i mean scott always made sure she knew he believed in her too) he wanted only the best for her, wanted her to text him if she was ever in trouble, and it was her name that pulled him out of the nogitsune. stiles LOVED malia, and he FELL HARD for her. malia always loved stiles, always felt something for him, but he fell face first because damn, this girl is so much unlike anyone else, this girl understands me, this girl cares about me, this girl wants to hold me. like fuck he loved malia so much.

She ships Stalia :) <3


Summary: “You know, my boy. Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, and some in gloss…But every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”

A/N: Loosely based on the movie (and book of the same name), Flipped. Summary and title taken from the book. No copyright intended. Written for the @staliasecretsurprises​ Easter Bunny event. Special gift for @celestallison who said she loved aus, childhood friends turned soulmates, and when Stiles and Malia protect each other. Happy Easter, Samantha! I hope you had a great Easter and that you enjoy your Easter Bunny Surprise! Special thanks to @staliasupportsfeminism for all her wonderful work organizing and keeping the Stalia love alive. Apologies in advance for the messed up tenses. I wrote most of it in past tense, but when it came to the home stretch my brain started thinking in present tense, and it completely screwed me over. I’ve tried my best to fix any mistakes I’ve made but I’m sure there have been some that have slipped through. 

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Stalia fans didn’t deserve Scott saying that Stiles liked Lydia while he still was in a relationship with Malia.
Stalia fans disn’t deserve that nonsense of a break up.
Stalia fans didn’t deserve Malia being treated so poorly by Stiles.
Stalia fans didn’t deserve Stiles telling Lydia that she loved her during junior year.
Stalia fans disn’t deserve a heartbroken Malia admitting a stronger connection between Stiles and Lydia.

I’m sorry but Stalia/Malia and their fans deserved much better.

  • Will Wallace : Stiles loved Malia very much.
  • Stydiots: He never loved her.
  • Stalia fans to Stydiots: He's a writer of this show, y'all are just fans. So, who knows it better? Little hint - you don't.
  • Will Wallace: Stydia kiss in S3 wasn't romantic. Lydia just helped him.
  • Stydiots: No, she fell in love with Stiles.
  • Stalia to Stydiots: * spitting out coffee *laugh
  • Marrish fans to Stydiots: Yeah, that probably reason, why she later spent time with Parrish.
  • Stydiots: Stalia is incest
  • Will Wallace: No.
  • Stydiots: Prove it.
  • Stalia fans to Stydiots: Prove that Stiles and Lydia are not related.
  • Stydiots: Parrish is pedophile.
  • Will Wallace : Lydia is eighteen.
  • Stydiots: He had wet dreams about her.
  • Jesus Christ about Parrish: Who is without sin can cast the first stone.
  • Marrish fans to Stydiots: Yeah, Stiles was obsessed by her for years and you really think that he didn't have similar dreams about her? Welcome in reality, bro. Parrish didn't want to dream about her this way. If you remember, they are connected as harbingers of death. First dream saved his life.
  • Stalia & Marrish shippers together: * Epic facepalm.
Me: a Stalia Shipper

Yes. It’s hopeless. Never happening again. The tiny sliver of hope I had for my parents reuniting- even having some sort of friendship- was crushed tonight by the terrible writing of Teen Wolf Season 6, and a ship that could’ve been written much better. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Stydia, but the way that Teen Wolf is pushing aside the relationship of Stalia killed me. I don’t care if they’re not together. I want to see Stalia friendship. I want to see Malia’s anchor, and the girl that helped Stiles defeat the Void. I want to see the two hanging out and eating pizza. I want Malia over at Stiles’ house, hanging with Sheriff Stilinski- because he included her in the family. I want Stiles and Malia hugging each other, after they didn’t see each other in months. I want Stiles to tell Malia how great of a girl she is, and that someone else will love her even more than he did. I don’t want to see the three, unscripted seconds that Dylan happened to glance over at Shelley.

Stalia deserved much better than it got.