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Okay, Gravity Falls Fandom, hear me out

Let’s talk about Bill singing “We’ll meet again”

I, like nearly everyone else, went nuts on this scene. It was freaking awesome. And the fandom immediatly came up with all this crazy good theories: It was Alex’s very sweet goodbye to us all. It was Bill’s promise to come back someday, somehow (this one is backed up by others cryptid messages in the episode). It was “ahen” Bill’s love song to Ford.

It’s all very well, but let’s think about it a little. Why would Bill be singing Vera Lynn’s bitter-sweet World War II farewell song? In this scene, Bill is on the top, quite literally. He had just took over Gravity Falls, he’s having a blast with his friends, he has Ford in chains right by his side! So why isn’t he singing a happier/crazier tune?

Well, “We’ll meet again” is ALSO the song that plays in the final scene of Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is exactly the kind of movie Bill Cipher would LOVE. It’s 1964 black comedy movie that satirizes the Cold War nuclear conflict. In the movie, a DEMENTED SCIENTIST builds a DOOMSDAY DEVICE that, was it striked, would detonate dozens of nuclear bomb, bringing the APOCALYPSE to the world. As the plot of the movie goes, the USA Government tries to stop an attack sent by one of his insane generals against the Soviet Union, otherwise Soviet Union’s doomsday device would be triggered, the nukes would be controlled by a computer and nothing could be done to stop it. In the end, AFTER MANY ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE IMMINENT APOCALYPSE, THEY FAIL. But, as the world is ending, a few lunatics power-crazy war generals, including the demented and very creepy former nazi cientist Dr. Strangelove, actually CELEBRATE the nuclear holocaust of the human race.

So, in the final scene, “Wel’ll meet again” ironically plays, along with a footage of nuclear detonations.


Some points hit reeeaal close to the plot of the last Gravity Falls episodes, don’t they?

Alex Hirsch recently mentioned that there would be a scene in Sock Opera in which Bill revealed that he helped Staley Kubrick fake the moon landing. So, Bill would ABSOLUTELY have seen Dr. Strangelove. He would have laughed his ass off, thinking how stupid us mortals really are, with our petty wars. He would conclude how much human race actually crave to be destroyed, and be happy to oblige.

My two cents? Bill, being the little shit with a twisted sense of humor he is, is making a reference to this movie. He is celebrating HIS Armagedon and the ultimate the destruction of human life. He is calling Ford a Dr. Strangelove, a crazy scientist who brought the world to its end due to his arrogance and desire for power and knowledge. Above all, he is inviting Ford to ENJOY the apocalypse with him, to surrender himself to all this madness, like Dr. Strangelove does in the end of the movie, and become like Bill himself.

(Boy, this got longer than I thought it would, but if this doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will)