Brinn Bevan working on a new release, stretched Piatti (E value). Think of it as a Nabieva from Stalder entry. 

Research Masterpost part 1 (Fairytales/Folktales, Arthurian Legends)


Project Gutenberg

Fairy Tales/Folktales

Fairy Tales/Folktales from around the world

Fairy Tales/Folktales from around the world

Hans Christian Andersen

Grimm Brothers (German and English)

Japanese Folktales

Assorted Fairy Tales

Beauty and the Beast

Korean Fairy Tales

Korean Fairy Tales (PDF)

Chinese Fairy Tales

African Fairy Tales

Hungarian Fairy Tales

Russian Fairy Tales

The Tortoise and the Amig Drum (Nigerian)

Tanzanian Folktales

Indian (subcontinent) Fairy Tales

Indian (subcontinent) Fairy Tales (PDF)

Mexican Folktales

Mexican Folktales (PDF)

Aarne-Thompson Classification System

Arthurian Legends


Genealogy–Late Legends (PDF)


Arthurian Legend

Welsh Arthurian Folklore

Welsh Arthuran Folklore (Welsh and English)

Academic Information

Academic Journal on Arthurian Legends

Digital texts

Medieval Development of Arthurian Legends

Online peer-reviewed journal

Articles from Arthurian Enthusiasts

King Arthur’s Death

Arthurian Legend




Vulgate Cycle (Lancelot-Grail)

Vulgate Cycle

24 Knights of King Arthur’s Court

Culhwch and Olwen (Welsh Arthurian Legend)

Next masterpost I’ll go over Arthurian Legend characters and naming characters. Any broken links or suggestions for later masterposts?

EDIT: fixed link formatting


Synchronized press to mexican, stalder down. Perfect finish to an awesome workout with @nettlapidot

#handstandfriends #handbalance #presshandstand #stalder #mexicanhandstand #handstands #mobility #flexibility #strength (at Solace New York)

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Handstand training next to the ocean. 🌊🌊🌊 #stalderhandstand #handstand #mexicanhandstand #stalder #calisthenics #gymnastics #girlswithmuscles #presshandstand #beachhandstand #handbalance #samanthastar

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Personal Goals for 2013

I recently realized that I tend to work really hard towards fitness goals or events (e.g. NWM 2012, cabbage soup diet, ESPN basketball game), but once it’s over… OH IT’S OVER.

Confession: yesterday was the first time I went running in over 10 days. That doesn’t sound too bad, but that’s pretty bad for someone who usually runs at least 2 miles EVERY day. Not to mention that I have been eating as if I were still working out every day, aka an extra like 500 calories. And while I do still eat clean, eating over your estimated calorie intake will result in weight gain regardless.

So, as a solution to this fitness drop-off habit, I’ve been thinking about a long term goal I can continue to work towards. 

By the end of 2013, I want to do a straddle press handstand again. “Again” because I used to have it, when I was at the peak of my fitness as a gymnast.

It takes extraordinary core strength and control of the body to be able to do these… but after going to last night’s gymnastics meet, I’m determined to get them back! 


I am IN LOVE with Brittany’s “new” skill on uneven bars. I feel like its been such a long time since I’ve seen someone take advantage of just a simple change of grips in a stalder element. She just needs to be careful of her angle. Plus I’d love to see her throw it in NCAA Event Finals if she makes it as well!