Gymnix - USA PT (VT/UB/BB)

Vault - Lee just a FTY, everyone else DTYs. None were particularly great, but none were overly terrifying.

Lee UB - jump to high bar, really open church (nabs attempt?) + pak + maloney + gienger (sloppy)

Perea UB - inbar full + maloney + ricna + pak, van leeuwen, inbar ½ + jaeger, double layout. Some short handstands and leg seps, but good overall.

Malabuyo UB - inbar, stalder full (late) + tkatchev, pak, stalder+stalder ½+endo ½ (both late) to shoot up, full twisting double back

O'Keefe UB - chow + pak + toe-on + maloney + ricna (low), hop to jaeger, stalder 1/1 (little late), double arabian (step). Everything she does is just very slow and labored; no amplitude.

Malabuyo BB - triple wolf, actually REALLY nice?, bhs+loso+loso (wobble), front tuck+straddle+split, arabian (wobble), front aerial+ring jump, switch ring, bhs+bhs+double pike (no lift whatsoever, low chest on landing)

Perea BB - double wolf, great standing full, bhs+bhs+“layout,” switch+switch ½, switch ring (front leg not up), front aerial+ring jump, side somi, bhs+bhs+2.5 (legs crossed)

Lee BB - front aerial+ring jump (yikes @ the ring), bhs+bhs+“layout,” switch+switch ½, switch ring (yikes), onodi+straddle+split, bhs+bhs+double tuck (low chest, steps back)

O'Keefe BB - side aerial+loso+loso, L turn, switch ½, bhs+bhs+“layout” (worst of the three), front tuck, switch ring (ehh, wobble) to ring jump, bhs+bhs+double pike (low)

My 2013-2016 aesthetic:

Angry Kyla Ross on beam
Lari’s triple
Jinnan’s pirouettes
Oleg’s smirk
Simone’s full twisting double layout
Guilia’s leaps
Aliya’s handstands
Norah full beam
Eythora’s facial expressions
Laurie’s stalder
Flavia’s smile.

Gee, I wonder what would've happened if Blacklist wrote...

The writers revealed Ressler was “Tom” and he and Liz were trying to live a normal life? He quits the bureau after she “dies” and Reddington finds The “couple walking in a park with their little girl…and Stalder worked for Ressler the entire time.

Artax Network was formed on Blacklist and part owned Halcyon Aegis-all about a loving couple who were spied on by Hera. Hmmmm.

And that Jacob was trying to redeem himself by going undercover to seek Ressler’s past because Ressler was adopted?

Imagine if Scotty Hargrave was Ressler’s real mother and he was Christopher but could never reveal his true identity, but wanted to know what happened?

So he has Jacob "spy” for him leaving Easter eggs between the shows and crossovers….

While Ressler dealt with Reddington his arch rival connected to Liz and the child they shared?

Conflict, which is HOW YOU TELL A STORY

Yea, I think the ratings would’ve reflected an entirely different outcome. Spader would’ve got the shooting schedule he wanted, the show would’ve returned to Red’s team vs The Cabal with task force merged with Red.

The writers on Twitter shouted, “twitter will explode”

Yeah. Ressler as Tom be father of Agnes would’ve stunned viewers, critics, network, everybody. Bragging rights for the writers too. Definitely a plus gain in viewership, and Emmy chatter.

Now, nothing moves. Dialogue is plot driven. Creativity is stifled, replaced with over the top marketing to sell a product no one wanted or cared for…Characters are stagnant, written into corners and Blacklist is back to being the lowest next to Redemption, rated show. And contracts are being discussed.

Just thinking…out loud here. I wonder if the writers do.

Junior Gymnix - Russia UB

Gerasimova (13.134 / 4.8) - toe-on, inbar, free hip, stalder shoot up, giant ½ to piked jaeger (little close), short hs, good pak, late on cast ½, toe shoot, giant full to full out! Hit!

Belousova (13.167 / 4.8) - inbar, toe-on, stalder, toe shoot, giant ½ to piked jaeger (nice!), nearly over on hs, pak, short on toe ½, toe shoot,giant full, full twisting double back w/ a step forward

Strukova (12.567 / 4.6) - stalder shoot, giant 1/1, giant ½ to piked jaeger, pak (leg sep), toe ½ late, free hip, toe shoot, toe full, full twisting double back, stuck. Rough handstands, kind of muscled through.

Komnova (11.8 / 3.8) - free hip, inbar, inbar full (really late), toe shoot, muscled kip,inbar ½ late, toe-on, toe full REALLY late, nice full twisting double back. Bars just aren’t her thing at all but it’s OK bc she has a killer Semy on floor.


Synchronized press to mexican, stalder down. Perfect finish to an awesome workout with @nettlapidot

#handstandfriends #handbalance #presshandstand #stalder #mexicanhandstand #handstands #mobility #flexibility #strength (at Solace New York)

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Personal Goals for 2013

I recently realized that I tend to work really hard towards fitness goals or events (e.g. NWM 2012, cabbage soup diet, ESPN basketball game), but once it’s over… OH IT’S OVER.

Confession: yesterday was the first time I went running in over 10 days. That doesn’t sound too bad, but that’s pretty bad for someone who usually runs at least 2 miles EVERY day. Not to mention that I have been eating as if I were still working out every day, aka an extra like 500 calories. And while I do still eat clean, eating over your estimated calorie intake will result in weight gain regardless.

So, as a solution to this fitness drop-off habit, I’ve been thinking about a long term goal I can continue to work towards. 

By the end of 2013, I want to do a straddle press handstand again. “Again” because I used to have it, when I was at the peak of my fitness as a gymnast.

It takes extraordinary core strength and control of the body to be able to do these… but after going to last night’s gymnastics meet, I’m determined to get them back! 


Handstand training next to the ocean. 🌊🌊🌊 #stalderhandstand #handstand #mexicanhandstand #stalder #calisthenics #gymnastics #girlswithmuscles #presshandstand #beachhandstand #handbalance #samanthastar

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Where was this girl hiding all this time? She’s Marcia Videaux, a first year senior from Cuba and she could be a contender for vault finals since she has a double tsuk and a rudi. She also has a promising bars set that includes a stalder full to tkatcev and an endo half to bail as well as a 5.7 start value on floor.


Sophie Scheder debuts her inbar stalder piked Tkatchev. Looks like it just might go unnamed if both Scheder and Kelly Simm GBR successfully catch it at Worlds.