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Personal Goals for 2013

I recently realized that I tend to work really hard towards fitness goals or events (e.g. NWM 2012, cabbage soup diet, ESPN basketball game), but once it’s over… OH IT’S OVER.

Confession: yesterday was the first time I went running in over 10 days. That doesn’t sound too bad, but that’s pretty bad for someone who usually runs at least 2 miles EVERY day. Not to mention that I have been eating as if I were still working out every day, aka an extra like 500 calories. And while I do still eat clean, eating over your estimated calorie intake will result in weight gain regardless.

So, as a solution to this fitness drop-off habit, I’ve been thinking about a long term goal I can continue to work towards. 

By the end of 2013, I want to do a straddle press handstand again. “Again” because I used to have it, when I was at the peak of my fitness as a gymnast.

It takes extraordinary core strength and control of the body to be able to do these… but after going to last night’s gymnastics meet, I’m determined to get them back! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm new to watching and following gymnastics and I'd like to know where can I learn the skills names because I'm kinda lost with all the technical names and I don't seem to find a place to learn. Thank you!!

The most comprehensive guide is the Code of Points (CoP in short) which you can download as PDF here (the one titled WAG CoP 2013-2016). It has every single skill there is and its start value, and judge’s guides for specific apparatus, connections, composition requirements, execution guidelines etc. It uses only technical names for skills, but at the very end you can find the trivial names too (literally the last pages). 

It is a bit difficult to read if you’re just starting, for example, something that most people would call toe-on stalder with or without half turn is described as: pike sole circle bwd to hstd, also with hop-grip change to reverse grip in hstd phase, also with ½ turn. So I’m guessing this is what you meant when you said “lost with technical names”? So instead of focusing on the skill descriptions (PART IV Table of Elements), look for the PART III. When I first got into gymnastics, I found this section very useful. For example, you know what beam routine should be like (not just skills, but everything) and what switch ring needs to look like to not be devalued or deducted. 

But because of the difficulty of CoP that I mentioned before, it’s probably easier for you to learn the skills by seeing them performed. For this purpose there are a few excellent fan made skill guides with gifs. The gymnastics wiki has hundreds of gifs of different skills so you can see exactly what something looks like. It is well categorized too and has both the technical and trivial names for skills. 

Here are the links for different apparatus: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise

Another source for skills with accompanying  gifs is the blog of thepushyqueenofsluttown and her separate blog for skill guides. She has lots and lots of technical knowledge and you can send all of your questions to her ask and cross your fingers and toes for an answer (as everybody asks her stuff, she obviously doesn’t have time to answer everything, but you can always try), if you get one, it’s very educative and in-depth.

Then there’s obviously Youtube. In my opinion, the best way to start learning skill names is watching your favorite gymnasts’ routines and learning the skills they have and the place to do that is Youtube. Just search the name of your favorite gymnast and D-score together and you find videos of routines with every skill named and valued separately, then counted connection bonus and the final D-value of the routine. You can also search for a routine on specific apparatus and year, just add those in your search words. They have technical and trivial names all mixed up just like tumblr, so it might get a bit confusing on that department.

These videos are a great way to start learning skills. As I said, you can just search with the name of the gymnast and videos from different users will show up, but my favorite channel is sporteverywhere. In addition to these D-score guides, they have other good and educative gymnastics content.

I’d start with Youtube. Just watch your favorite routines and learn the skills from those. In this way you also quickly learn what skills the modern gymnasts use at elite level (most skills in the CoP are used very rarely at elite level). After getting familiarized with them, you can check out the skill guides for more and use the CoP as reference.

I hope this helped! You can always ask if there’s something else I can help you with. :)

Full Routines from PT So Far!

I also tried to do SV but please correct me if anything is wrong!

Aly UB
Toe 1/1 + Maloney + Tkachev
Toe + Bail + Stalder Shoot
Toe ½ + Double Front


Kyla UB
Chow + Bhardwaj
Toe 1/1 + Maloney + Pak
Van Leeuwen
Toe ½ + Jaeger
Double Front

Maggie UB
Toe 1/1 + Maloney + Pak + Van Leeuwen
Toe + Toe ½ + Jaeger

Bailie FX (Tumbling passes are assumed)
Arabian + Stag
1.5 to Triple
Probably double back (tuck or pike)
Wolf 2/1
Switch Ring + Switch Split 1/1

Simone BB
Wolf 5/2
Sissone + Pike Jump
Front ½
Front Pike
Switch Split + Switch ½ + Back Pike
Aerial + Wolf
BHS BHS Full in


Gabby BB
Front Pike (thought it was a tuck but no) + Sissone
Standing Full
Switch Ring
Front tuck + wolf
Switch Split + Switch ½;
Aerial + Jumps
BHS BHS Double Pike (probably)

Aly FX
1.5 Double Arabian Punch Front!
Switch Split 1/1
Double L Turn
Piked Double Arabian + Front Tuck
Switch Split + Split 3/2
Double Pike

Edit: 6.7 with confirmed connection to Dos Santos!!

How do you start your morning?? 5 stalder presses for me today at @ecoledepole in London where I got to stay last night and will be teaching workshops today.

Wearing my @bodyandpole shorts and @badkittyusa top + the hit of pink on the floor is my @amyhazel92 thera band with my purple lacrosse balls.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Aliya can have a 7.0 bars routine by the olympics? let's say she connects Stalder I/I (D) + komova (E) + Pak (D) + Van leeuwen (E), Inbar Stalder I/I (E) + Piked Jaeger (D), Toe On Circle I/I (D) + Fabrichnova (F). She could change the Piked Jaeger to piked Tekatchev or add another E handstand. If I'm not wrong that can give her 7.0 SV.

We’ll see! I’m sure she knows better than anyone that she has routines to upgrade if she wants to fight for multiple gold medals between now and Rio. I imagine it will continue to be a work in progress.

A piked Tkachev would certainly be interesting addition, but she did not have the most amazing Tkachev in her old routines. Not to mention most of the Russian seniors currently favor the Jaeger (Ulyankina’s gymnasts seem to be the major exception).

How do you start your morning?? 5 stalder presses for me today at @ecoledepole in London where I got to stay last night and will be teaching workshops today. Wearing my @bodyandpole shorts and @badkittyusa top + the hit of pink on the floor is my @amyhazel92 thera band with my purple lacrosse balls. #tourlife #handstand #handstands #handbalance #london #gymnastics #calisthenics #presshandstand #stalderhandstand #polesontour #badkittypride #samanthastar by lithiumkitten

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hi, ive noticed that with inbars some gymnasts kinda like arch their backs a lot before they do them (like komova) and some don't (like ashton) and I was wondering is there any particular reason for this or is it just like personal?

Could be just personal preference? I don’t know for sure but I know what you mean…might just be how they were trained to do stalders in general.

Fun with numbers - Maygie Nichols edition


Amanar - 6.3


Toe 1/1 (D) Chow ½* (E) .1
Toe ½ © Jaeger (D)
Church (E)
Stalder 1/1* (D) Pak (D) Van Leeuwen (E) .3
DLO 1/1 (E)

CR 2.5
CV 0.4 - 2.9
4E 2.0 - 4.9
4D 1.6 - 6.5


Front aerial (D) Sissone (A) Split jump (A) .1
Front ½ (E)
Switch ring (E)
BHS (B) LOSO © LOSO (X) .2
Front tuck (D) Wolf (A) .1
Switch leap © Back tuck © .1
RO (B) LO (E) .1
Switch ½ (D)
Full-in (G)

CR 2.5
CV 0.6 - 3.1
1G 0.7 - 3.8
3E 1.5 - 5.3
3D 1.2 - 6.5
1C 0.3 - 6.8


Silivas (H)
Chusovitina (H)
Switch ring ©…Switch 1/1 (D)
Wolf 2/1 (D)
Pike full-in (E)
Gogean (D)
Front aerial (A)
Tuck full-in (E)

CR 2.5
CV 0.0 - 2.5
2H 1.6 - 4.1
2E 1.0 - 5.1
3D 1.2 - 6.3
1C 0.3 - 6.6

TOTAL - 26.2

*To my knowledge, these skills have not been shown previously

anonymous asked:

I'm new to MAG and was wondering why they don't do many jaegers or stalder-type tkatchevs on high bar. Also, do you know how Ivan Stretovich is doing atm? I saw some of his high bar vids on instagram and he has some really nice lines!

Stretovich has spent a lot of time recovering from injuries since last year’s Worlds. He had a bad shoulder there for a while, so I think he went back home to recover and upgrade his routines. He certainly has a nice look, but his routines last year were very low in difficulty. I’ll be curious to see him at Russian Cup if he’s healthy and has upgrades. 

As for releases on high bar, you do see layout Jaegers (Balabanov) and full-twisting layout Jaegers (Winkler) from time to time. The thing about Stalder Tkachevs (straddled) is they’re only a C. Doing Tkachev-type elements from a close bar element (Stalder, clear hip, toe-on) does not raise the value of a Tkachev from a giant swing like it does in WAG. What does raise the value is doing them in layout position and adding turns.