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the mbti types as discoursers
  • ENFJ: tries to diffuse the situation with Cool Memes (TM), inadvertently gets everyone pissed off at them
  • ENFP: is able to write 500 words per minute when the integrity of their favorite character is at stake
  • ENTJ: never turns off caps lock, uses italics and bold for dramatic flair
  • ENTP: rickrolls people instead of giving them legitimate sources
  • ESFJ: sharp-tongued, sees right through your bullshit, vents in iambic pentameter
  • ESFP: posts a selfie & you realize their physical appearance is drastically different from their personality
  • ESTJ: "repeats" "everything" "people" ""say"" ""in"" ""quotation"" """marks"""
  • ESTP: cracks knuckles for five minutes straight, goes to get food, forgets to respond
  • INFJ: will literally invite you to pm them, talks things out quietly one-on-one, true neutral
  • INFP: nobody dares hurt their feelings, posts heartfelt positivity, leaves people feeling refreshed with a positive impression of them
  • INTJ: casually, unflinchingly pokes holes in every single illogical fallacy they come across, seriously how do you guys do that come on it's terrifying
  • INTP: *looks into the camera like they're on the office*
  • ISFJ: never publishes anon hate, blocks & deletes it and posts about how cute their cat, dictionary definition of petty
  • ISFP: "what you say 'bout me? hold my flower (ʘ‿ʘ✿)"
  • ISTJ: "kick their ass, baby, I got yo' flower ✿\(。-_-。)"
  • ISTP: what.

I perhaps love too much and too easily. My heart is at stake. Drive a twisting, turning knife through my heart. I cannot bear this pain any longer.

Do not think too much of the dark, nor the light:

In the daylight, you find your heart beating excruciatingly fast, much too fast and it cannot be contained within such a tight rib-cage. Throw away the corset and loosen your breath. Inhale quickly, taste the rosebud left from your lover.

In the moonlight, your face is laden with mud-and-mascara streaked tears. Wipe your face, siren, and think of a new song to sing in the morn’. I know the ache of a lost sinful love. It is wrenching, painful, trodden with despair. It is the ache, of a painful love.

Take away the knife on your nightstand and, instead, replace it with a lone off-white rose. The scent will bring your mind to clarity and your sinful lust to purity. Pray upon your transgressions, and your burden shall be lifted. Your love will soon return, for he is just as wretched as you.

—  “A Fascination: Painful Love” by Angel Bloom

anonymous asked:

what do you think of the character connor and his entire story arc (from late s3 to series finale) on ats?

ugh it’s complicated. Connor is complicated, and he’s like that by design. First of all he suffers from something that most characters from the Buffyverse suffer from ((specially the scoobies in the early seasons)), which is not really being a character but a tool for the show’s lead. Willow, Xander and Giles were Buffy’s metaphorical soul, heart and mind, Cordelia was Buffy’s first shadow and so on. Connor is a milestone of sorts. He is, next to the Shanshu, something that Angel could hold on to, something that made him believe his torture would end someday, that he could be normal. But the thing is, when characters are designs as tool, it makes them difficult to evolve on their own. That’s why the scoobies only really started to develop in season 3, which is when Buffy starts to free herself from these analogies.

That moment never comes for Connor. He continue’s to be a tool for Angel’s redemption throughout his 2 main seasons. The bigger issue is that Whedon established that there will never be an end to Angel’s journey. Redemption isn’t a feasible goal, he’s never gonna kill the last evil guy and be done. Redemption is a state of being that Angel has to commit to forever. What that means for Connor’s character is that he too is out of reach for Angel, so he’s “destined” to make things hard to his father. Above everything else, I see it as a character building issue.

Now to his actual character, I think it’s a bit simpler. That dude was tricked and manipulated by every parental figure he’s ever had. He lived in hell for almost two decades. He feels alone in a world that isn’t his and doesn’t have anyone he can trust. It’s obvious he’s gonna be dull, and cold and defensive and all those things. It’s by design, the same way Dawn was designed to have abandonment issues. It’s a part of who they are as a characters. It can get annoying, sure, I’m not the biggest fan of the character, I admit, but I get him, you know? Put yourself on his place. It wasn’t exactly easy for him. At all.

The thing with Cordy was a bad idea. Whedon was pissed at Charisma, apparently, and it was Buffy’s final season and he was worried about Firefly and his children and all that. it just didn’t work, never should’ve happened, but that’s behind the scene stuff. When you think about IC behavior, it all made sense for Connor, even siding with Jasmine at the end of the season — which by the way, might be his best moment in the show. You can really see what kind of person he is during that storyline.

Out in the Rain

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Dumbass, forgetful Dean, angry reader, talk of injuries (nothing too serious or graphic), arguing, 

Wordcount: 2000ish

A/N: This written for @one-shots-supernatural’s hiatus challenge. The prompt was: This is 10 times worse than that.

Thanks to the amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing for me once again. I owe you boo!

Dean was in a pissy mood. Soaked from the rain that hadn’t stopped coming down all night and covered in blood, he headed back to the motel. What was supposed to be an easy stake out had turned into him getting jumped by 3 vamps, and one of them had gotten him pretty good. Dean fliched as he pressed his hand against his neck as he got out of the car. Yeah that was going to need a few stitches. He grabbed the six pack off the passenger seat and headed inside.

Dean’s mood did not improve when he saw the smirk on his little brother’s face as he looked up from his laptop.

“Damn you look like crap.” Sam grinned at him and Dean sent his brother his best bitch face. He knew Sam didn’t mean anything by it, but he was not in the mood for his bratty remarks right now. Dean’s eyes traveled the room in hope to finds someone that might take a little pity on him.

“Where’s Y/N?” Dean frowned and looked back at Sam, watching his eyes go wide in surprise.

“What do you mean ‘where’s Y/N?’ You were supposed to pick her up!”

“Shit!” Dean threw the bottles on the table before spinning around and almost running back out the door. She was going to be pissed. Dean paid no attention to Sam’s laughter that sounded through the room before the door slammed behind him. Dean just jumped in the car and pressed the speeder down racing to the street corner where he had left her.

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When he saw me, his mouth twisted up and he lashed out at my mother: “You got your son in women’s clothes! What the f––– is wrong with you?”

She looked shocked, but I wasn’t sure how to read her expression. Knots tied in my stomach, and I suddenly felt embarrassed and ashamed. I tried to wipe off the lipstick with the back of my hand, but I only smudged it over my face before he dropped the word that I’d never heard before: “You got your son dressed like a girl? Your son is gonna be a f–––––!”

I would hear it a million times after that, but this moment was vital. I was vulnerable; my sense of security and my admiration for my mother were at stake. I turned to see what she’d do next. She locked eyes with me and saw that I was scared. Maybe she was scared, too. Maybe she regretted letting me play dress up. But we were at a fork in the road — my little soul was in her hands.

And with a voice nearly as powerful as his, and a presence even stronger, she yelled, “Get the f––– out of my house!” pointing to the door. “This is my child! This is my son! He’s being a kid! Get out!”

I never saw him again.