stake falls dam


Tues, Aug 6, 2013. Sunny, warm.

Brian and I went for a drive to the northeast section of the Lower Mainland. This is a familiar area for him, and he’s been kind to show me around this mostly forgotten corner of Vancouver. 

We enjoyed the natural scenery, the spontaneous drive, the food, but didn’t enter the museums along the way. 

First stop: Stave Lake, Stave Falls Dam, Stave Falls Powerhouse. Played with Brian’s remote control helicopter in the park. The forward button doesn’t work. 

Second stop: Westminster Abbey, lookout from Mission to Fraser River. Saw monks mid-day prayer. No shorts allowed!

Third stop: Kilby historical farm and museum, railtrack. Picked blackberries, played around.

Fourth Stop: Harrison Hot Springs, Stopped for picnic on the lake.

Drove to Hope and back. Played bluetooth stereo and shared favourite songs.

Fifth Stop: Golden Ears Provincial Park, Alouette Lake. Hiked trails, sat by the waterfall, discussed camping, and swam in lake. Brian has better cold water resistance than me.

Brian and I bonded for most of the way, and I made dinner for him.