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Attacking Hanamura Point B

Hello @smallgaybunny! Hanamura can be a tough map to attack on, especially with the choke points it enables. I have some strategies for you, but keep in mind that strategy goes hand in hand with execution. Your team can be really clever, but some bad mistakes can set you back. Keep trying, and learning how the enemy team is countering you! Adapt your approach and you may just find the winning combination for you and your friends. Here we go :)

Tldr; Hanamura Point B has three main approaches - full left (air-gap characters only), full right, and center. Feint center to force the defenders to reveal their positions, then send teams left or right to clear out their defenses, depending on how they are setup. Once you have initial control of the point, setup defensive positions with clear fire of their main spawn entrance routes. Beat back a few of their respawn waves, then change position to take out their next. Save some area of control ultimates for the timer rundown, things that will prevent them from contesting. Zarya’s blackhole near one of their spawn entrances, Roadhog’s crank gun, Hanzo’s dragons, and others can kill, push, or pull away enemies long enough and at the right moment for you to get your capture. Mei can block entrances with her ice wall to slow their approach, or freeze an entrance with her ultimate.

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Why is Makoto so perfect?

  • kind and gentle waifu personality
  • loyal
  • manly interests and body
  • gets easily scared which makes you want to protect him, has trouble climbing up stairs (shit stamina) = gap moe of the highest caliber
  • green eyes masterrace
  • delicious droop
  • radiates pure love
  • killer smile
  • great onii-chan and perfect husbando material
  • ages like fine wine if you look at his shota form, his current appearance and his father = Makoto will still be attractive in 30 years
  • wild and vigorous when he swims
  • selfless, puts his friends before himself and deeply cares about them

How can people NOT like Makoto?

Still The Same Bones ||

        There was a moment of cold, piercing fear lanced through the soldier when Steve took that jump. 

        Only minutes before, Bucky had been strapped to a table with god knows what pumping into his veins, pain lancing through every joint and struggling to keep himself focused on what was real and what was fake, when Steve had appeared right in front of him. Only he looked so different that Bucky had been too stunned to even react. And thus he had followed him without question, through hall ways and rooms and then to that confrontation with Schmidt and Zola. Bucky of course had most of his attention on Zola, he remembered his face. 

        More importantly that sly little smirk when he was ordering his men to cause more pain. He’d wanted to get his hands around that fat neck and squeeze the life out of him. But they’d gotten away and Bucky, running on some emergency adrenaline had followed Steve up the stairs, over the gap and then the metal had crumbled away. Bucky had yelled and Steve had jumped just as everything exploded around them and Steve was engulfed in the flames.

      The fear had been so cold, so real that he began to doubt whether he was really dreaming because the next thing he knew, there was cold air on his face and invading his lungs and a strong arm around his waist keeping him on his feet. Only it was an arm he didn’t immediately recognise and he panicked, starting to struggle only to glance up and see the sweaty yet familiat face of his best friend. And all he could say was “Oh–.”

TREE TOUR 2014: Tokyo Dome 20/05/2014

Okay first of all, i started writing this fanacc on the train home after a meal with eyesonthethighs and I’m still in a post-tohoshinki-concert-dead-mode cos I swear their MC script wasn’t as strict as before and so they kinda said whatever they want and their cuteness and awkwardness did stuff to my braincells.

So….before i go to details I’ll do a report on the boys condition today. They are clearly not in their best condition physically. Both looked less energetic compared to other shows i’ve been to, voices unstable at some points, and concealer couldn’t cover yunho’s eye bags BUT both are in a very good mood and their chemistry had never been better, literally. 

The opening was epic and they wore those gold hoodie capes and then champion started. Everything went perfect until breeding poison. The boys had to dance on a stage platform and had to go down to the stairs on the opposite side of each other, and while stepping down they’re doing choreos, and the stairs gap was a big huge but out beloved shim decided to act all cool and yolo so he jumped from it and kinda slipped that he landed on his 1 knee and hand. OKAY I ADMIT I KINDA LAUGHED but actually i was worried cos his pants got hole on the knees and if anything happened to that pretty knee imma cry, but thankfully not.

And then the songs goes like set list but damnn, “i love you” was really pretty. I recorded the audio and will post next, and you might notice their voices’ instability there, but hey, their voice combined are the perfect imperfections so F you pitch control. Oh they just had to face each other while singing the last “it’s my love song” like nope, not gay.

As you might see in previous fancams, wedding dress was indeed pretty and i love the fountain prop cos it made the atmosphere gotten even better.

They have MC stage right before changmin’s solo and don’t worry i got the audio file with me xixixi so wait till i post quotes and the audio file. but let me warn you it’ll make you question your taste in choosing a bias so if you’re not ready don’t listen. Why is my oppars not funny D’: i laughed so much and most of them are 2nd and 3rd hand embarrassment ugh but they’re so cute.

You may disagree with me since on this one since it’s my subjective opinion but for changmin’s solo I like this year’s “OVER” compared to TIME's "rock with you". LQ audio recordings cannot justify how pretty he sang that song.

Yunho is being a hyperactive bunny during his solo with sunglasses and mic stands and he gave us an entertaining performance as expected from our bb leader.

Spellbound was performed in Japanese and since they only got 2 female dancers, they changed the choreo a bit and used the male dancers instead and it’s really cute, cos even the intro choreo where they play the card on the table and then 2 girls appears from the back of the seat were replace by the male dancers lol.

after spellbound, they had a bit of mini drama and Yunho showed off his hapkido trick a bit, so kakkoi okay, while changmin made me cry cos he’s doing weird stuff and nothing kakkoi about him in that mini act.

and then KYHD!!!!! like it’s forever the most epic song, they performed it flawlessly and they fanchant/ synchorinized lightstick movement during chorus (where we literally wave our lightstick down) made everything looked more epic.

Easy mind was just Yunho doing his squirrel cheek aegyo while doing that easy mind hand movement if you know what i’m talking about, and changmin tried to follow along but failed again and did a >.< while making a heart shape with his hands and wave it to the camera instead, and it was so cute and so ew. Also they start to ride the car that went to the back of the arena and since i was sitting on the front-right I can see them closely when they passed by, I was so happy that I can see them super clear and sad cos i get to see how bad their hair was upclose. Starting to get used to it but will forever not approve.

I must say Humanoids is one of the performance that stands out the most among others today. I was not a fan of this song but in this particular performance it somewhat stands out.

And then they sing TREE OF LIFE. They wore this white robe and the whole stage settings and lightings made them looked like 2 sweaty pretty angels, and I love the lighting and everything BUT for a tour title song, it sure is lack of climax.

they got off stage and of course we had to perform our “Tohoshinki tohoshinki” devil chant for encore and so today a 1,5 minutes devil chant was performed.

They sang “miss you” wonderfully and they each had to do go up on a super small platform that only fits their 2 foot that brought them up until almost the 2nd level and because it was to narrow and tall THE PLATFORM SHAKES OKAY. Yunho talked about it during MC talk right after the song in which I will post too fufufu.

ocean and somebody to love is fun as always. The boys were throwing balls and frisbees like and it’s just a blast of cute acts. And I forgot in which song but during these last songs, changmin ONCE AGAIN slipped once he get off stairs and I thought it was Yunho who’s having the leg injury.

Goodbye for now was supposed to be sang together so the put subtitle on the screen, and they sing it so happily and the atmosphere were really warm :’) ps. yunho did that sensual “pa lu pa pan~”, I tried so hard to stay alive.

So overall, I must say the concert was not the best one, cos like what I said, I think they’re really tired, and they said that because it’s been a while that they performed in Tokyo Dome they got excited and couldn’t sleep the night before. That was when Changmin said that he and Yunho were sleeping in a room next to each other and both couldn’t sleep, and when he’s about to be able to sleep, he could hear yunho’s watching a movie from the room next door and it’s noisy so he couldn’t sleep. And yunho had to do a 90 degrees bow to him to apologize lol.

Compared to TIME, this concert has a more light and fun vibe. First maybe it’s because it’s their concept, 2nd was how they’re able to resolve whatever made them looked restrained at some point during 2013 (which I believe was all resolved since 10th Anniversary TIME SLIP concert). 3rd of all, they might have modified some of the choreos due to Yunho’s leg injury, 4th, most of setlist are medium tempo songs, so they perform with less tension, 5th, they were performing in small venues before this, they also said that they weren’t used to performing this set list in a big venue yet.

there are pros and cons with this concert’s concept, but overall I personally like the atmosphere. It’s not WOAHH 5 dome tours, 2 days Nissan stadium, VCR that shows them fighting future robots and all. But what’s most important is that they looked happy and free during the performance and it made me feels nice. You know, when I watch a concert, i’d know how great a concert is by the impression that got left in me AFTER the concert. And right now I feel contented and happy and grateful that I knew them and the fandom so I must say it was a wonderful concert no matter what lacking aspects it has in it.

the end.

Matthew was beginning to wonder why he had ever agreed to this in the first place, but he was well aware of the fact there was no going back; it wasn’t like he could catch the hourly bus from random-boat-in-the-middle-of-the-North-Sea down to London. Regrets or no regrets, he was here for the next few days. It sucked, but it was reality.

He took another swig of beer, hoping for anything that would make the following experience as painless as possible. All he could see of Mr Michael Campbell anymore was his back, and the swirling patterns embroidered into the dark, worn tones of his velvet jacket. His fashion sense was as outlandish as his personality - it would have to have been, since the reason Matthew was stood behind him like that in the first place was because Michael wanted to give him a ‘dramatic unveiling’ when his niece, whoever she was, eventually turned up.

“Terribly sorry about this, Mr Dufort,” he apologized after another minute of silence. “Jenna isn’t always the most punctual.”

“It’s, er- it’s a silent T,” Matthew said awkwardly, itching his nose out of habit. The comment about Jenna was ignored entirely, if only to keep Matthew’s mind off of his nerves. “Dufort. It- it’s French.”

Michael’s lips quirked into a bemused smile as he turned away from Matthew again, but it was another couple of moments before he replied. “My apologies.”

Matthew was struggling with how to come up with a response, before the distant clanging of feet against metal stairs filled the gap, and he almost dropped his beer. “Shit, I, er- ha, shit,” he began, suddenly feeling like he should be panicking though he had no reason to be. Michael laughed.

“Relax. I swear to God, you’re as nervous as a sinner in church.”

Matthew just cleared his throat and nodded meekly.

“Jenna. This,” said Michael, stepping to the side, “is Matthew.”