Blackness Castle

Built as a residence for the powerful Crichton family, but this auspicious start soon gave way to a chequered history.

Seized by James II, it remained in Crown ownership, initially as a garrison fortress and state prison.

It has undergone many alterations, but it could not withstand the onslaught of Cromwell’s artillery in 1651.

Redeveloped in 17th century, it remained an important military base until the 1870s when it became a munitions depot.

It fell from military use in 1912 and, despite a heavy-handed restoration in the 1920s, retains much of its rugged charm

Blackness Castle stood in for Fort William in Outlander, I think in at least two episodes but I might be wrong. 

In the late 1990s, a lady visitor, with her two young sons, felt adventurous enough to climb the winding stone staircase of the tower. Suddenly there appeared before her a knight. He was suited in armor, in full dress uniform, so to say. The apparition took umbrage at her temerity. She claimed it chased her angrily from the tower. She didn’t say, though, whether it was brandishing its sword as it clanked after her. Probably, she was too busy trying to stay out of its mail-fisted reach.

Here’s an idea

What if Isaac grew up in a museum? Like, Addams family style? 

We know Isaac has a very broad, disjointed knowledge of very specific trivia and historical stories. Imagine a little kid growing up playing pretend around the exhibits, learning to read off the plaques and making up stories about how the princes in the Story of the Four Kingdoms faced off with Billy the Kid (and regaling an impressed equally smol Miria with his knowledge!)

We also know he grew up in a house reminiscent of a mansion on Millionaire Row. Think of a museum really fast- lots of marble, broad staircases and high ceilings. Sounds pretty mansion-y to me!

(I haven’t read the novels past the anime, so it might not hold up but it’s a good theory so far)

***I hope you like this!!! Also this is a different scenario from the convo between Maya and Josh in Ski Lodge part 2!****

Josh walked down the hallway towards the wooden staircase of the Ski Lodge. It was well past midnight everyone already in bed, but for the life of him, he couldn’t seem to shut his mind off long enough to fall asleep.

He practically tiptoed down the stairs when he heard the soft melodic sound of an acoustic guitar playing downstairs. Loud enough to be heard if you really listened, and quiet enough to not wake anyone up.

Guess he wasn’t the only person who couldn’t sleep.

He stopped by the top of the stairs and stayed still trying to listen, all he could hear was the guitar and the quiet sound of a female voice singing along. It raised chill bumps in his skin, the good kind. Whoever it was, she was an amazing singer…

For a second he was deciding whether to go back to his room, but something about that voice calmed hos racing mind. So he decided to go downstairs and see who it was.

When he made it to the foot of the stairs his heart gave a leap. It was Maya. She was sitting in the bay window looking up at the moon as she sang. Her face looking out the window… her blonde hair cascading down her back and it glowed almost silver with the light from the full moon.

He stood there quietly listening to her voice. It was soothing, and it was absolutely stunning. He didn’t know Maya could sing… he knew she was a tremendous artist but a singer too?

He felt like he was invading her privacy, but he just couldn’t leave. She sounded so…. sad and defeated. He shouldn’t be surprised though, he knew what she was going through. Topanga and Cory had told him all about the love triangle and Maya losing her “identity”. Then watching the three of them yesterday he could see the sadness in her eyes.

He wanted more than anything to tell her that she didn’t have to feel sad. That HE knew who she was… but their age difference. He shook himself out of his thoughts and continued to listen to her as she started singing another song… and this time… it hit him how much he’d made her sad. Despite their age difference Josh always thought Maya was more mature that the other teens… but still right now… it wasn’t possible…

“Big lights
Rushing to grow up before you know
Stop signs
Everyone tells me I gotta go slow

And it’s gonna hurt sometimes
No matter what you do
But nothing can change my mind

If I’m too young to fall in love
Why do you keep runnin’ through my brain?
And if I’m too young to know anything
Then why do I know that I’m just not the same?
Don’t tell me I won’t
Don’t tell me I can’t feel
What I’m feeling is real
Cause I’m not too young

Rain drops
Deep thoughts
Pictures of you and me wherever I go
To a place where nobody says no

And it’s gonna hurt sometimes
No matter what you do
But I’ve got to fall to fly, yeah

If I’m too young to fall in love
Why do you keep runnin’ through my brain?
And if I’m too young to know anything
Then why do I know that I’m just not the same?
Don’t tell me I won’t
Don’t tell me I can’t feel
What I’m feeling is real
Cause I’m not too young”

He was a jerk. He knew that song; and where it came from… she was singing about HIM. If only she knew. He sighed and before he knew it he saw Maya quickly turn around to face him. He shut his eyes, chastising himself for being so loud.

“Josh what are you doing here?” She asked the guitar still sitting on her lap.

Josh scratched the back of his neck nervously…. “I uhhhj- I came downstairs cause I couldn’t sleep… I didn’t mean to sneek up on you…”

Despite the lack of light in the room, he could still see her pretty clearly with the moon’s light filtering through the large window.

She sighed and put down the guitar by her side and turned her body. She looked up at him clearly with a little embarrassment, but she didn’t have to be…

They stayed silent for a few seconds before he decided to take a seat next to her on the bay window.

“You’re an amazing singer Maya…” he said earnestly.

Maya have a small grin and looked down at her twiddling thumbs. “Thanks.”

Josh saw the insecurity in her eyes and he hated seeing that from a girl like her. Mayawas never insecure.

“Couldn’t sleep huh?” He asked.

She shook her head. “No, I had a lot on my mind. Thought my thoughts could be aired out better down here than I saw this guitar. She pointed down to the instrument beside her.

“You should play more often.”

“Riley always says that.” She laughed.

“Well she’s right. And I know you didn’t have any intention of me hearing you sing and play, but… I’m sorry Maya.” He apologized looking into her blue eyes the moonlight casting a sliver halo around her.

“What for?” She asked curious, her brows scrunched up in the middle.

“For being a jerk… that last song… I just want you to know Maya that… I do-” Josh paused, Maya’s eyes were wide and her lips were slightly parted. “I do like you too Maya. It’s not just you, this_” he pointed between them “isn’t one sided.”

Josh smirked a bit at Maya’s expression.

“I don’t know what to say.” She whispered he could see the tears in her eyes… the understanding and the pain gone. He smiled and reached out for her hand. His thumb caressing the soft skin. They both looked down at their joined hands.

They looked at each other once again and Josh said the next sentence with a promise.

“You don’t need to say anything just know that someday when we’re BOTH older and more mature… I won’t say no.”

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Omg I just thought of something amazing, what if Amy goes undercover to Florida and meets up with Jake and Holt!!! I didn't know I needed this until now

OMG OKAY so personally I kind of hope she doesn’t ONLY BECAUSE I want a super emosh reunion scene between Jake and Amy

BUT if she did go……..could u imagine……….undercover as a married couple

Larry Wilcox met Doreen Montague ten years ago at her father’s company’s holiday party, where they laughed and danced all evening despite the many disapproving looks from her father’s colleagues. When Doreen’s father discovered that Larry was infiltrating from a competing business, Larry was torn away from her, dragged out by security while she collapsed in tears at the top of a marble staircase, never to see each other again………………..

Until one week later when he awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of stones tapping against his bedroom window; lo and behold, it was Doreen, declaring her love for him despite what her father thinks

Their whirlwind illicit romance blossomed in secret, only intensifying throughout the years, until one day Doreen’s father caught them and hired a hitman to have Larry killed for defying him and seducing his one and only daughter

So Larry and Doreen ran away together, hid in the Florida Everglades, and they just happened to move into the house next door to sweet Greg Bishop who loves his grandchildren despite the fact that they never come to visit him

Larry and Doreen have dinner with Greg almost every night, and there’s a kind of sweetness to it all - Larry and Doreen, who have been desperately craving love and approval for five years, have finally found the fatherly love they deserve; Greg, who has been so lonely without his grandchildren, has finally found someone to dole out all of his affection to………………

At least that’s the story Larry tells everyone when they ask how he met Doreen at the neighborhood barbecues, oblivious to Doreen and Greg’s exaggerated eye-rolls behind where he stands

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Democrats unveil sprawling Philly convention stage

By Tyler Pager

Organizers in Philadelphia on Friday unveiled the Democratic National Convention stage, a sprawling setup where Hillary Clinton will officially be named the Democratic nominee for president.

The stage, flanked by two white staircases, is surrounded by a large video board that features the skyline of Philadelphia and a new 2016 logo, where the zero is replaced by the Liberty Bell. The stage also features floor-level video panels that open.

“There is no better city, no better backdrop to showcase our party’s values than the birthplace of American democracy,” said Leah Daughtry, CEO of the Philadelphia convention. “Our team has transformed this arena into what will be the epicenter of American politics next week, what we intend to be the most inclusive, most engaging, innovative, and forward-looking convention ever. On this podium next week you will see a stark contrast to what you saw in Cleveland this week.”

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Last and before the beginning!

Thanks for the ask! :3


Loki treaded carefully, lighting his way with an iPhone. The floor was solid oak beneath the thick layer of dust, but he did not particularly trust it. The ancient elevator he bypassed entirely, and spent more time searching for a narrow staircase spiralling from the pantry to the wine cellar below. There, an hour and several curses later, he discovered a secret door.

Basically, Loki goes to an old house and finds Vampire Thor :}

before the beginning:

I have two current projects (kinda). The first one is the above, in which human!Loki dabbles in magic. Extensive research puts him on the trail of Thor, a very powerful and very ancient vampire. And so Loki decides to enslave him. I’ll let you figure out where it goes from there :D

The other project (which I haven’t yet begun writing) is a post-Ragnarok thing, wherein Thor tries to settle in his new role as King of Asgard. The Realms have all changed due to the End of the World, so there’s now a kind of an inter-realm peace&security council, of which Thor is a very respected member. The only problem is, literally everyone wants Loki dead. Except Thor. But Loki was disinherited and is no longer a citizen of Asgard, so Thor cannot protect him!!! Oh noes!!!!

I’ll also let you figure out where it goes from here :D


Treehouse by the Shore. A two-story treehouse fully supported by five beech trees. The spiral staircase takes you to the main level of the treehouse from which you can observe the surroundings; the spiral staircase inside leads to the second floor, which is designed for cozy night talks under the blanket. Located in Munich, Germany.    

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