staircase of music

i still cant get over that critic that said the title sequence in dolly is a bit over the top like

what do you mean a scene where a gay icon grandly descends a staircase to boisterous burlesque entrance music in a gigantic red headdress and a huge ruby red dress stoned to oblivion with a diamond necklace dripping down her entire neck while the entire male chorus leaps across the orchestra pit as the aforementioned gay icon dances around the orchestra pit smiling and milking the audience while the audience applauds like a minimum 5 times in the middle of the song followed by an obligatory standing ovation is “a bit over the top” i dont understand

Ilvermorny headcanons pt. 3:

- Besides the wampus, wampus students also use a bear as a mascot
- Video game/board game night in the dining hall
- Common room sleepovers
- Sleepovers in the gym
- Icebreakers on the first three days
- Wizard posters in the classroom talking about respecting others
- Bulletin boards in almost every hall
- They also have moving staircases and there’s constantly students yelling “who the fucks idea was it to have moving staircases?!?!”
- Sometimes music plays in the halls especially in the morning right before the first classes
- All United States, Central America, and Canadian holidays are celebrated and lessons taught on them even if they have no magic significance
- Lots of magical petitions
- Students learn about the witch hunts and witch trials from all around the world, not just the Salem witch trials
- Everyone just kinda assumes detention is gonna be like breakfast club
- Magical fireworks on each Independence Day and New Year’s Eve
- People genuinely think there is dark magic in a Walmart and Target at 1 am
- Plays in theater class are always different but they always do one of wicked
- Students decorate their robes and hats
- When students were hearing about hp across the Atlantic Ocean it was one the few times they got to say “what the fuck is wrong with the uk rn??”
- During the entire month of October there’s a movie played in the dining hall/great hall either a witchy movie or a scary movie
- Entire floors of the castle are dedicated the haunted houses/halls on Halloween and sometimes a few days prior
- Sometimes if parents refused to let their child attend ilvermorny those particular students would find each other in their schools or towns form their own witch/wizard group very commonly they are disguised as “innocent” looking groups, such as cheerleaders or Girl Scouts
- Everyone wears pink on Wednesday and black on mondays or fridays
- Quidditch cheerleaders, and of course cheerleaders for the magical version of no-maj sports
- Students not only study elemental witchcraft but also bone, energy, dream, crystal, mammal, insect, smoke, traditional, traditional medicine, science, art, blood, space, voodoo, psychic, music, and food witchcraft
- Students have historical witch/wizard role models
- YouTube tutorial on certain potions
- When the craft came out almost every girl got the same outfits as the four main women, same thing happened when American horror story: coven came out
- Students, specifically girls, like to do the nose twitch thing from bewitched, occasionally adding the ding aling sound
- Hallucinogenic drugs including traditional drugs and/or medicine like peyote are not looked down upon at all, this also includes, depending on who you’re talking to, marijuana
- Some wizards and witches find magic shows offensive
- But sometimes magic shows are preformed by actual wizard and witches
- Lots of magic, especially cleaning magic, is literally done with a wave of the hand or a snap of two fingers
- If a student is shopping in their local wizarding alley for their first year at ilvermorny and they are going to adopt a pet there, there is a wizarding animal shelter, they make sure students learn to adopt and not shop when it comes to companions
- If a witch is called a bitch by a man they usually respond “no im a witch”

Missed Recital | Batfamily |

Anonymous requested: Can I request a batfam imagine where the reader, who is batsis, has a massive recital but none of the batfam turn up (except for Alfred, that man is a saint) so she goes home and is all sad and mad but none of them have any idea what they’ve done wrong? Super fluffy ending please!
I can definitely do that! I have a really strange obsession with the Batfam atm so if anyone has any requests for them, send them in bc I would love to write more for them. ALSO I didn’t know what sort of recital you meant, so I went with ballet; graceful and deadly at the same time.

Summary: It’s the night of you big recital, and Alfred is the only member of your family to come; what a disgrace for young Y/N Wayne.

Warnings: Swearing, reader gets bullied, fighting (verbal; no physical).

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(this gif is honestly the only one I could find, caN YOU HEAR ME CRYING. THEY’RE SO SPARKLY)

They’ll be here, there’s no way they’d miss this. You thought quietly to yourself, but the closer and closer it got to curtains, the more you doubted yourself.

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Lockwood & Co. Playlist

Hey, so idk if anyone cares, but I like playlists, and I also like Lockwood and Co., so I figured maybe I would share just in case some of you guys like those things too??

The first couple songs are like introductions, and then it sort of roughly spans from The Screaming Staircase to The Creeping Shadow (so, spoilers? Maybe? Sort of?). It also gets pretty sad around the Hollow Boy point, so.

Haunted – Radical Face (I think we’re haunted)

Bird With a Broken Wing – Owl City (It’s another night of the living dead)

King and Lionheart – Of Monsters and Men (Howling ghosts they reappear/ in mountains that are stacked with fear/ but you’re a king and I’m a lionheart)

Glowing Eyes – Twenty One Pilots (This room is far too dark/ for us to stay around/ redemption’s not that far/ and darkness is going down)

Chasing the Sun – Sara Bareilles (It’s a really old city, stuck between the dead and the living)

Shake It Out – Florence + the Machine (All of the ghouls come out to play/ and every demon wants its pound of flesh/ but I like to keep some things to myself)

Jessica – Regina Spector (Jessica, wake up)

Youth – Daughter (We are the reckless, we are the wild youth)

Haunt – Bastille (I’ll come back to haunt you)

Burning House – Cam (I had a dream about a burning house/ you were stuck inside, I couldn’t get you out)

A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard – Jeremy Messersmith (So underneath the concrete sky/ Lucy puts her hand in mine)

The Fall – Imagine Dragons (Only the good die old/ that’s what they told me, but I don’t know)

BTS reacts to their s/o singing to them at their wedding day

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A/N: OKay I saw this video and just thought that this would be cute

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A China Rose: Chapter 5

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Summary: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adams castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend.
A multi-chapter fanfiction. CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 4 

Authors Note: This is by far my favourite chapter that I’ve written so far. I hope you like it as much as I did writing it. Things are picking up speed, plot wise. If you haven’t read my post about it, I’m currently doing exams (yay) so updates may be irregular compared to the usual Monday/Thursday schedule, but I promise to try as hard as possible to stick to it. Like always, tags and requests are OPEN! So are any questions. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5: A Castle of Roses
You stared up in awe, now blissfully unaware of the fact that you were chilled to the bone. The castle seemed to almost grow out of the ground and up towards the sky like a flower. The gates in front of you seemed to be made out of solid ice that shone like large diamonds in the pale moonlight. The grounds were extensive and covered in a layer of pure white snow, blending all of its features together. The castle was extremely dark against the white that was surrounding it, almost like a beacon of darkness. There were many ornate towers that shot up by different amounts into the sky, all of which had several equally as decorative windows, which made you wonder how many rooms the castle had. The windows were all as dark as the night except one down below by what you thought were some doors. A shiver ran up your spine as you stared.
‘Oh right, heat’ you thought as you kicked your heels into the side of Phillipe, making him slowly approach the ice gate. Once you reached it, however, you realised it was made of metal but ice had simply frozen around it. You were about to unsaddle to go and pick the lock on the huge gate but before you could the gates forced themselves open. Phillipe took several steps backwards in fright but you urged him through them.
“Come on Phillipe. If they opened then they clearly want us here.”
As you approached you wondered who 'they’ were.
You had dropped Phillipe of at the bottom of the staircase where there were several troughs full of food and water, which made you wonder where the other horses were. You climbed the carefully carved stairs slowly, both out of apprehension and the fact that your legs were shaking from the cold. As you got closer to the grand doors at the top you couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness, as if the castle, despite its grandeur was a prison. You paused before the doors, slightly overwhelmed by their size. They towered over you and you questioned how you were to open them alone. You decided to knock, as it was only polite to give your unknown host a chance to ensure your entry was allowed. You waited several moments for a response but just received a large gust of wind to your back. With a large gulp you pushed the door open just enough for you to slip through. As you closed it shut, you noticed that the door had cracked around the lock, and the lock was old with rust and dust. You started to question whether anyone had left or entered this castle in years. Lost in your thoughts you didn’t realise that the coat rack to the left of the doors had approached you from behind and removed your coat from your shoulders. It shook it of snow and you absentmindedly said “thank you.” You turned to the coat rack to see who had relieved you of your damp cloak but no one was there. Confused and cold you shook away the ominous feeling and turned to face forwards. You let out an audible gasp. You had never seen anything more beautiful. A large, carved marble staircase adorned with gold decorations stretched out in the middle of the large hall. To your left was a large archway with broken doors leading to the beginning of an equally as ornate room, what the purpose of the room was, was a mystery to you. However, you could see several vines and leaves protruding slightly from the doorway. You were about to head over to the archway, curiosity overcoming your manners, but you stopped dead in your tracks when you heard voices, no louder than whispers coming from your right.
“Look, a girl!”
“I can see that! I may have lost my humanity but I still kept my eyesight.”
“But what if she is zee one?”
“Lumière, shh! She might here you.”
You practically sprinted towards the whispers. You stopped abruptly before you reached the archway to the room where the voices had come from. You listened carefully for anymore sounds as you stepped into the room. It had several pieces of furniture just as lavish as the previous hall did but to your surprise, no people. There was a decorative rug thrown on the floor with a carved mahogany table on top of it. Two emerald coloured chairs with gold furnishings sat behind it and they were covered in a thin layer of dust making them slightly paler than the colour that was intended. The table had not a trace of dust, and upon it sat a candelabra made of solid gold and an extremely detailed mantle clock. The candelabra followed the same motif as the rest of the gold decorating that adorned the majority of the castles walls. Swirls and plants were clearly visible. The clock looked like it was trying to mimic an atlas and galaxy, with its decorations. You picked it up and studied all of it carefully, it was truly incredible; the intricacy of it all.
“Fascinating.” You said out loud as you placed the clock back on the table. You looked up and saw a fire not far from the table and chairs. There was a small stool in front of it and you quickly walked over to the roaring flames. You were so focused on the heat, that you didn’t hear the candelabra snicker at the clock.
You reached the fire and you let out a loud sigh. You plopped yourself down right in front of the fire, not bothering with the stool. As you slowly thawed you began to relax more and more, but the knot in your stomach still remained. You spent the minutes looking around the room. There was a lot of very expensive furniture including a large shelf unit and several wooden tables with decorative vases and other knickknacks. You turned to the window to see that the blizzard that was once raging outside had calmed down significantly and was now a simple dusting. You had almost thawed completely when you heard faint music coming from the entrance hallway. You rose slowly from your position by the fire, so that you could thank your host, who you presumed was the creator of the sweet melody that was echoing throughout the castle. As you left the room, you realised how cold you were before as you could feel your limbs working much more smoothly as you walked towards the music. As you passed the staircase you realised that the music was coming from the room with the vines and broken door.
You entered carefully, and just like in all the other rooms you were blown away by its beauty despite its state of neglect. Large chandeliers hung from the ceiling but they were covered in such a large amount of cobwebs that it was difficult to see what colour they were supposed to be.  There were several circular stain glass windows on either side of the room, creating an illusion of floating orbs in the middle of the room. Vines were growing up the walls, spreading out from a balcony opposite from the doorway where you were standing. Leaves scattered the floor which was rather dusty and smeared (along with several cracks in the marble). There was a large crest in the centre of the floor, clearly etched and painted extremely carefully. To the side of the balcony was a pile of broken wood, with bits of navy velvet and gold metal protruding through the splintered planks. You slowly realise that this must have been a ballroom of some sort, and you couldn’t even begin to imagine how beautiful the parties held in it must have been. You could see a harpsichord to the left of where you were standing, and it was clear that the music was being created by it. Unfortunately you couldn’t see your host who sat upon the stall by the keys as a pillar was placed directly in your line of vision.
“Hello?” You asked as you began to walk down the steps to look round the pillar. Almost immediately the music stopped and a barely audible “Oops.” was heard. You passed the pillar to look at the harpsichord to see your host only to find the stool empty. You furrowed your brows in confusion. The room, like the rest of the rooms you had been in was devoid of all life. You looked carefully around and was about to go over to inspect the harpsichord but a loud clang from behind you made you jump and turn around in fright. There was no one behind you and so you followed where the noise came from. You looked behind you one last time at the former ballroom before walking back towards the fire room.
You entered to see that the candelabra and clock were no longer on the mahogany table. In fact they were nowhere to be seen. Questioning where they could have disappeared to and who made the large banging sound you didn’t hear the voices coming from behind the door that adjoined the room you were currently in.
“Lumière, I insist that this is a bad idea.”
“Cogsworth, she’s cold and starving, it is zee least we can do, non?”
“But if the master…”
“Oh hush now. What the master doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Now Chip, no moving. We can’t have her more confused and scared than what we’ve already done.”
“But Mama!”
You had looked around the room thoroughly for a trace of a person walking into the room to room to remove the objects without you noticing but to no avail. You stood up straight and stretched, the heat from the fire doing wonders for your joints.  It was only then when you noticed a faint glow coming from behind the door at the end of the room that you thought that the person may have gone into that room.
“Finally, the host.” You said to yourself as you walked over to the door. You knocked once before opening the door.
“Thank you for…” You began but when you looked you once again saw that you were completely alone in yet another ridiculously ornate room. This time it was a dining room. A large table filled the room with several chairs surrounding it. Like the other rooms all the chairs were covered in dust bar one at the end of the table nearest to you. You stared at the chair confused. Someone did live here but why wouldn’t they show themselves. All you wanted was to say thank you for their hospitality. You looked to the far end of the table, and your mouth began to water at the sight. Food was laid out on silver platters, as if inviting you to tuck in to their contents. Your stomach rumbled and with little thought you practically sprinted over to the meal. Forgetting all manners you plopped yourself down on the chair (creating a small cloud that poofed upwards). You began shredding away at the bread, ignoring the provided cutlery. You helped yourself to cheese, to vegetables and a stew which you think contained beef. You drank well-made tea, which you poured from a small but extremely detailed china teapot and drank from a matching teacup, which had a small chip by its handle. Every time you placed the teacup down on the table, you swore it moved closer to you but you were too busy eating to care.
When you felt like you could burst, you relaxed into your chair which still expelled dust with each small movement. You looked to the window behind you to see that the gentle snowfall, once blizzard, had now ceased to nothing. Picking yourself up, you stood and walked to the door, almost certain you were close to overstaying your welcome.
“Thank you,” you said to the dining room as you left, hoping that your mysterious host would hear you. You walked briskly past the fire into the hallway, to the door where the coatrack still stood holding your now warm and dry cloak. You wrapped it round yourself quickly, and tied the knot so that it wouldn’t fall off. You re-adjusted your bag on your shoulder before turning round to face the staircase once more, wanting to remember the beauty of the interior before you left. With one final look you did a small curtsy, as a way to say thank you (as well as wanting to seem like a princess that were in your stories). With that you pushed open the doors and left the clock, coatrack and candelabra to lose hope in you being the one.
Whilst you had been feasting and exploring, Phillipe had also been fed and rejuvenated. You had saddled him and set off almost immediately. You were trotting slowly away from the steps, heading once again for the ice gates, but clearly Phillipe had other ideas. He stopped abruptly at the beginning of the large drive, before turning to the left and travelling down the smaller path heading round the back of the castle.
“Phillipe, not that way!” You exclaimed as you tugged at his reigns to make him turn round to no avail. Apparently he didn’t want to enter the woods again, and he wanted to find a back exit. Despite every effort on your part to make him change his mind he kept on trotting forwards. Eventually you gave up and just used the time to take in as many details about the grounds you were walking through. The majority of it were lawns with sculpted bushes and trees surrounding them. There was the occasional fountain, which had frozen to form an ice sculpture of some sort. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what the grounds would look like if there was no snow. You imagined vibrant colours everywhere and you knew it would be like a fairy tale, along with imps and other mythical creatures hidden in the shrubbery. You smiled as Phillipe took a path that walked by a small frozen over river. Up ahead was a bridge that crossed the river, and beyond it was a large frozen lake, that shimmered like glass from the stars twinkling. You felt like the view was familiar but you couldn’t understand why. As you approached the bridge you looked to the left and saw several stone pillars with thorns wrapped around them. You pulled Phillipe to a halt as you stared through the vines to see roses. Familiar roses. You dismounted Phillipe and walked towards the pillars. As you got closer you realised that there was a gate at least thirty metres away from where the pillars ended. You walked under the stone archways made by the pillars to find yourself in a rose garden. You stared around before it hit you. You had dreamt of a place similar to this rose garden and bridge only this morning. However, that was a dream. This and your dream world weren’t the same. There were no pillars in your dream, no castle, but there was colour, warmth, happiness. Something that this garden lacked. All of the roses here were white. It freaked you out really at how white they were. They were whiter than the snow you stood on. You walked over to one of the bushes in the centre of the garden. You skidded on some ice whilst walking there but now you stood at the foot of one of the bushes, a rose directly in front of your face. It was so fair, so dainty, so eerily beautiful. You reached out to touch it to find that it was extremely soft.
'It would be beautiful to paint.’ You thought, but you couldn’t paint it now. It was too cold. You looked around to see if anyone was near you. No one was (bar the gargoyles that sat atop the pillars and wall where the gate was). If you took one rose, you’d be able to paint it later in Touquet, plus you’d always have a momento from the time you found a castle in the woods. You carefully pulled on the stem, to ensure that there were no thorns that were to dig into your fingers. Eventually the rose broke free and for a few moments you got to look at it in awe. Not for long though.
A roar erupted from atop the wall and one of the gargoyles dropped down so that it was a few metres away from you. With the moonlight behind it, you could only see the outline as it approached you. Stumbling backwards, you floundered for words.
“Please…. Don’t hurt me…… I’m sorry….. I’ll do anything….. Just don’t hurt me….. Please.” You begged as it kept on coming towards you. You stepped back, forgetting about the ice. In one swift movement your legs came out from underneath you. You flew backwards and landed on your back, completely winded. Your head threw back at the sudden jolt, smashing into the ground. The world around you became blurry and black at the edges. As you stared upwards, unable to move from fright, the gargoyle’s shadow enveloped you and the last thing you see is a flash of sky blue against the darkness. With that you slip into unconsciousness.

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third time’s the charm

pairing: reader x hoseok

genre: smut

summary: you like to sleep around, but keep a low profile about it. what happens when hoseok starts to get touchy at the club?

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It’s the Thursday night before a three-day weekend, and your best friend Hoseok invites you to go to the club with a few of his friends.

Going to the club with Hoseok isn’t out of the ordinary, as you often go out on nights you find yourself not doing insane architectural projects for classes. He was really excited for tonight because he was finally introducing you to his closest friends from his classes. He had finally found a solid group and deemed it necessary to introduce them all to “the most important person in his life”, to put it in his words.

When he knocks on your apartment door, you quickly slip on your heels and straighten out your rather slinky dress before opening the door to greet him.

Hoseok allows his gaze to trail down your body slowly before speaking.

“Wow, Y/N…you look incredible tonight! Looking to please my friends?”

Blushing, you respond, “No. Can’t a girl just try a bit harder sometimes?”

“I’m just kidding, Y/N, you look fantastic in anything.” Hoseok winks, offering the crook of his arm to you.

You accept, linking your arm with his and locking the door quickly before taking off to the club.

The subway ride there was short and filled with your rambling about how your roommate Jennie wanted to adopt a cat in spite of your severe allergies.

“Cats are the worst, anyways. I wouldn’t want one even if I wasn’t allergic, am I right?”

Hoseok’s eyes are glazed over as he spaces out, looking outside the window behind you. You wave your hand in front of his face.

“Hello? Earth to Hobi!”

He blinks furiously and stands a bit taller, exclaiming, “Oh, sorry, I got distracted.”

“Lost in thought? What’s on your mind?” You inquire.

“Nothing, nothing. Was just thinking about something I forgot to give back to a friend.”

You can tell that Hoseok is lying; after all, you had been friends with him for so long and knew him inside out. On any other day, you would’ve pushed him to spill the beans, but something about today made you choose to let it go.

Maybe he just didn’t want to talk to you about it before a night on the town.

The subway stops and you two get off, linking arms again before walking the short distance to the club. Once you arrive, a bouncer asks you to pay the entrance fee, and you ascend the red, velvet lined staircase up into the club.

The music is shaking the room, and in the midst of newfound darkness, you clutch Hoseok tightly. He still seems to be a bit distracted, but his trance is broken when you yell into his ear, trying to be heard over the loud music.

“Hobi, where are your friends?”

Hoseok nods towards the tables lining the dance floor, and pulls you by the hand to weave through the people in the crowded venue. He leads you to a table in the far back of the room, where six boys are already sitting.

“Y/N, meet my friends. This is Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung.” He motions to each person.

They collectively greet you, waving and smiling. Taehyung reaches his hand out to shake yours, which makes you laugh.

“Wow, so professional!” You giggle.

Taehyung responds with a smile: “I always shake hands with pretty ladies. Body contact increases attraction.”

Jimin slaps his arm, making a confused face. “That’s not true!”

“It is true. Maybe that’s why you don’t get as many girls as me. I know all the tricks in the book! It’s psychology, bitch.” Taehyung shrugs.

Taehyung and Jimin squabble over this issue for awhile, providing much amusement for you.

Jin and Yoongi, on the other hand, offer to go buy a round of drinks for everyone.

“What would you like, Y/N?” Yoongi asks.

“Um, what are you having?” You question, feeling rather indecisive tonight.

“A negroni.”

“Okay, I’ll have the same then.”

Yoongi nods, and goes to the bar along with Jin. You lean over to Hoseok, talking into his ear,”If I had to guess what Yoongi’s drink of choice would be, I would totally say negroni. He seems like a negroni type of guy.”

Hoseok chuckles lightly.

“Yeah, he definitely is. He’s very laidback and cool.”

“I could tell by the all-black attire.” You smile, glad you have successfully characterized one of Hoseok’s friends already.

After a few minutes, Yoongi and Jin come back with a tray full of drinks, as well as a whole bottle of vodka and shot glasses. You gape at the amount of alcohol, much too much for the size of your group..

You gulp, mentally preparing yourself before sipping the negroni Yoongi passes to you.

This night could end two ways: having the time of your life, or throwing up until 6am in the morning.

Only time can tell.


After you had all gotten thoroughly drunk, the group of you moved to the dance floor, Hoseok still leading the way, grasping your hand tightly.

You’re smiling from ear to ear, the effects of the alcohol making you feel extremely giddy and excited to dance. Once you’ve pushed through to a spot rather close to the DJ, you start to dance.

Moving your hips to the pulsing rhythm of the song blasting through the speakers, you lift your arms above your head and close your eyes, basking in the warm, fuzzy feelings granted by the drinks you had consumed. You feel an arm snake around your body, grabbing you by the hips and meshing your bodies together.

You start to move in coordination with the man behind you, and you open your eyes to assess who he is. It’s Hoseok, which you probably could have guessed based off of how well he was moving to the beat.

Was it weird to grind against your best friend like this? Maybe it would have been a month ago. But in the past month, you had somehow slept with Hoseok in a night of drunken stupor much like tonight. You had been in love with Hoseok when you were in grade school, and that night your mind had whirled around to notice all the aspects of him you had once loved. One thing led to another, and you woke up naked in bed with Hoseok and no memory of what had happened.

The two of you had agreed to forget about it, and neither one of you had brought it up since.

Tonight, however, Hoseok had not had nearly half as many drinks, and seemed to be functioning pretty well. Thus, you deem him to be only lightly buzzed and definitely clear of mind still.

On the other hand, you are drunk as fuck. And this means that you couldn’t care less that maybe you shouldn’t be rubbing your ass against your best friend’s crotch.

Besides, you think to yourself, I sleep with a lot of people on the down low anyways. What’s another guy?

Rolling your hips around, you lean forward a little to push your butt back a little more in order to put more pressure back on Hoseok. He seems to enjoy this, as his hands on your hips tighten a little more. Continuing, you dance against him with your eyes closed until you feel his hand inching up your torso to massage your breast over your clothing.

Your eyes shoot open and you straighten up so your torso is against his again, but don’t stop grinding against Hoseok.

Looking back at him, you see him gazing down at you intensely. You can feel that he’s half hard, and you lick your lips before facing forward again. To Hoseok, this is a signal to continue massaging your breast and you lean your head back when you start to feel your clit throbbing in response to the sensual movements of Hoseok’s hips.

He seizes this opportunity to press his lips against yours, and your breath momentarily catches in your throat, as a result of both the mind-shattering kiss and the excitement of the alcohol coursing through your veins.

The moment comes to a complete halt when Taehyung notices your locked lips.

“HOBI, GET IT!” Taehyung hoots loudly over the music.

All the boys turn to look, and you’re forced to end your kiss as they begin to tease, Hoseok’s arms still wrapped around you, your back still pressed to his front.

“Wanna get out of here?” He whispers into your ear.


With that, he waves at his now-cheering friends and pulls you out of the bustling club swiftly. The two of you wordlessly hold hands on the subway ride home and you find yourself struggling to catch your breath. You attempt to control the pace of your inhaling in order to mask your excitement at what events were sure to come tonight.

The walk to Hoseok’s apartment couldn’t be any longer, and you find yourself tapping your foot impatiently as Hoseok fumbles with his keys, hands trembling.

At last he opens the door, and you don’t make it halfway to his bedroom before his lips are on yours again. Hoseok kisses you with a passion that you didn’t know was reserved in him, and he unzips your dress, the cold metal of the zipper sliding down your body making you shiver.

His shirt of haphazardly thrown off as you peel your dress off and continue to kiss him eagerly.


You jump up and Hoseok grips you by your butt, and you wrap your legs around his body, lips still pressed against his as his tongue dips into your mouth.

You’re backed onto the bed and laid down gently as Hoseok kisses up your neck.

“Do you want to ride me, babygirl?” He whispers against your neck.

“Y-yes.” You moan.

Hoseok flips you over and pushes the two of you up the bed until his head is resting on the pillowcase. You admire the feeling of his prominent erection pressed against your inner thigh and take off his pants immediately.

Skipping foreplay, you decide to simply pump him a few times before sinking down slowly onto his length.

Hoseok lets out a grunt as you begin to roll your hips and bounce up and down on his cock, hands quickly grabbing you by your hips.

“Babygirl, you feel so warm and tight.”

You smirk down at him and speed up your pace, squeezing around him a couple of times, resulting in his heightened moaning. The tip of his dick hits the perfect spot deep inside of you, and you find yourself gasping for air.

Pushing through the burning sensation in your thighs, you continue to bounce ever so relentlessly on him. Your toes begin to curl as you feel yourself stiffen, signaling that you’re close.

“Are you close, babygirl? Cum for me.” Hoseok says breathily.

You nod vigorously and feel the coil within you snap, a surge of white light washing over you as you reached your release. Hoseok follows quickly behind.

He’s shaking like a little girl, which prompts you to ask him if he’s okay.

He simply nods and responds, “Yeah, that was just the strongest orgasm I’ve had in awhile.”

You blush and he seems to like this as he reaches up to brush his thumb against your cheek. After a few heavy pants, he softens and move to push you off of him.

You slap at his hands and lean down onto him, whispering, “I want you to stay in me until you’re ready for round two.”

Hoseok gapes a little, blinking slowly until a sly smile appears on his face.

“I like the way you think.”


After two more rounds, you’ve both been thoroughly fucked out, and Hoseok is looking at you with his pupils blown out and hair a mess.

He presses a kiss onto your lips lightly and looks deeply into your eyes momentarily.

“I’m going to get a glass of water.” He announces, and rolls out of bed.

His legs give out almost instantaneously, leaving him in a puddle on the floor.

“Hobi! Are you okay?” You try to feign worry, but find yourself giggling.

He is silent for a brief second and then joins you in your laughter.

“Man, you really fucked the life out of me. I think I forgot how to walk.”


wooooooo ok so here’s another one-shot since my last jin one was very unsuccessful haha. but i blame it on the severe lack of seokjin representation in smut!!! where are all the jin smuts at??? but anyways, i hope you like this hobi one. i’m in love with the bestfriend!hobi au’s :)

ALSO PLEASE CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW YOONGI WOULD TOTALLY BE A NEGRONI TYPE OF MAN??? like i feel as if negronis are for the coolest,  most laid-back people. maybe i should do a cocktail series HAHA what cocktails do you think the other members would be?

btw i’m really tired rn and i wanna upload this and read fics until i fall asleep so i’m not gonna proofread so hopefully there won’t be too many glaring errors in this!

[read on ao3]

Moritz had never broken a rule in his life.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t true, but only if you counted ‘show up to class on time’ as a rule. Because then he’d broken a few. But he’d never intentionally broken a rule. He didn’t skip classes (on purpose), he didn’t sneak out after check-in, he even obeyed lights-out like he was some kind of freshman.

So he definitely never thought that he’d be keeping watch while Ernst Robel picked the lock to a mysterious door that was in the hallway under the auditorium. Or the theater, as Ernst put it.

“Where did you even learn to pick a lock,” Moritz asked, looking down the hallway nervously in case some security guard decided to be really good at their job. After all, none of the doors that led them here were locked, and there were several prop couches lined up in the hallway. It would be a pretty ideal place for-

“Got it!” Ernst announced as the door clicked and he pushed it open triumphantly. He pulled a mini flashlight out of his pocket and started walking into the dark abyss of pipes and boilers that surrounded the room. Moritz stood frozen at the doorway. “Are you coming?”

“I don’t know,” Moritz said, glancing behind him. “Maybe I should stay here. You know, and keep the door open.”

“It doesn’t lock from the inside,” Ernst sighed. “Okay, stand there, I’ll show you.” Ernst swung the door closed between them and a moment of panic washed over Moritz - what if it locked his friend in? Moritz couldn’t pick the lock to save him!

Thankfully, the knob turned and Ernst opened the door.

“See? We won’t get locked in. Plus, there’s a vent that leads right outside of the chapel, if we really get stuck.” Moritz swallowed his nerves and closed the door behind them, shutting out all the light from the hallway, and leaving them in the darkness with only a flashlight to guide them.

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