staircase black

Englische Treppe/English Staircase, Residenzschloss Dresden/ Dresden Royal Place, Saxony. (March 2017)

(destroyed in WW II, reconstructed in 2006-2010)

Under the staircase on the second floor. Master post.

Pt 1 - Under the staircase on the 2nd floor. 

Pt 2 - Help from James 

Pt 3 - James is Terrible at Secrets. 

Pt 4′ish - Goes before pt 4, isn’t a thread but still important. 

Pt 4 - Remus and Lily Talk 

Pt 5 - Remus and Sirius at the Potter’s

Pt 6 - The Talk

Pt 7 - Puppy Love. 

The asks