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Attacking Hanamura Point B

Hello @smallgaybunny! Hanamura can be a tough map to attack on, especially with the choke points it enables. I have some strategies for you, but keep in mind that strategy goes hand in hand with execution. Your team can be really clever, but some bad mistakes can set you back. Keep trying, and learning how the enemy team is countering you! Adapt your approach and you may just find the winning combination for you and your friends. Here we go :)

Tldr; Hanamura Point B has three main approaches - full left (air-gap characters only), full right, and center. Feint center to force the defenders to reveal their positions, then send teams left or right to clear out their defenses, depending on how they are setup. Once you have initial control of the point, setup defensive positions with clear fire of their main spawn entrance routes. Beat back a few of their respawn waves, then change position to take out their next. Save some area of control ultimates for the timer rundown, things that will prevent them from contesting. Zarya’s blackhole near one of their spawn entrances, Roadhog’s crank gun, Hanzo’s dragons, and others can kill, push, or pull away enemies long enough and at the right moment for you to get your capture. Mei can block entrances with her ice wall to slow their approach, or freeze an entrance with her ultimate.

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Still The Same Bones ||

        There was a moment of cold, piercing fear lanced through the soldier when Steve took that jump. 

        Only minutes before, Bucky had been strapped to a table with god knows what pumping into his veins, pain lancing through every joint and struggling to keep himself focused on what was real and what was fake, when Steve had appeared right in front of him. Only he looked so different that Bucky had been too stunned to even react. And thus he had followed him without question, through hall ways and rooms and then to that confrontation with Schmidt and Zola. Bucky of course had most of his attention on Zola, he remembered his face. 

        More importantly that sly little smirk when he was ordering his men to cause more pain. He’d wanted to get his hands around that fat neck and squeeze the life out of him. But they’d gotten away and Bucky, running on some emergency adrenaline had followed Steve up the stairs, over the gap and then the metal had crumbled away. Bucky had yelled and Steve had jumped just as everything exploded around them and Steve was engulfed in the flames.

      The fear had been so cold, so real that he began to doubt whether he was really dreaming because the next thing he knew, there was cold air on his face and invading his lungs and a strong arm around his waist keeping him on his feet. Only it was an arm he didn’t immediately recognise and he panicked, starting to struggle only to glance up and see the sweaty yet familiat face of his best friend. And all he could say was “Oh–.”