period tip!

if you’re worried about staining your sheets or clothes while you’re sleeping, consider getting fleece sheets and wearing fleece pants! fleece is made of polyester, and it’s REALLY hard to get it to stain. like, really hard.

you can actually use fleece as guinea pig bedding like i do, and I can personally attest to the fact that it’s strong as hell. I’ve had my piggies pee on it, poop on it, I’ve washed it once a week in hot water on a heavy cycle with bleach and vinegar, and that stuff has yet to get even a little discolored – and I’ve been using it for a year.

additionally, fleece is a relatively waterproof material, which will help protect your mattress.

so yeah, if you have an issue with staining your bedsheets or pants, invest in some fleece sheets and pajamas. they’ll save your life.

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You two are adorable and I ship this very much thankies and thanks you two for being so cute and I wish you much luvs and happiness in life 😳 -Sunken mod

we thank u, aAA

my angel boy is good to me, i wish i could tell m whole family but i, sadly, havent come out to most of them yet so uh :/

but yes thank u friend, u are good friend aaAAAAA


I promised myself i wasn’t gonna make a villain deku…but i wind up doing it anyway *cries* not to mention on deku’s birthday….terrible timing, right?

Villain!Deku-The Hero Lover: Deku snaps after years of bullying/discouragement from people around him. Tomura finds the broken boy and crowns him his own “Little brother”. Deku became Stain’s apprentice while developing his own twisted theory of what heroes are meant. It seems that deku is too far gone…and yet….there is that one scar faced boy who refuses to give up on him.