stainless steel kitchen

to be quietly devoured

so i wrote something for killing stalking

it’s not much but…ya know. 


Is it better though, when in the clutches of the devil’s claws, to try and outwit the monster or be quietly devoured?

He’d read that quote somewhere before, sometime ages ago, in a thick book whose characters had blurred together after hours spent crammed in a study carrel, eyes straining against the harsh fluorescent lighting. Who’d said it? Yoonbum wondered to himself, his hands chopping and slicing and sliding rounds of carrots into a stainless steel bowl on the kitchen counter. Some philosopher, probably, whose bones had turned to dust long ago.

Sangwoo had left ages ago. Three hours and fourteen minutes and, a glance to the clock, going on thirty-four seconds now. Thirty-five. Thirty-six.

His legs ached, a dull slow throb seeping into leaden limbs. He wondered if he’d ever walk again, and then decided, no, probably not, and it was better to stop thinking about the things he couldn’t have or the things he’d never do again.

Chop. Chop. Slice. Slide. The sharp scent of chives tickled at his nose, and his stomach growled in anticipation. Sangwoo hadn’t said when he’d be coming back, hadn’t thought to offer him the privilege of that information, but it would be presumptuous, foolish of him, even, to eat without the other man sitting next to him.

He’d rolled himself over to the sink and filled a pot with water before he heard the knocking. The pot overflowed, bubbles of cool water cascading against his bruised knuckles and the calluses on his palms. Stinging.

Sangwoo wouldn’t knock, he knew that much. Kings of the castles don’t bother with such trivial things.

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Industrial yet glamorous, old but new. Stainless steel mosaic tile is the perfect backsplash-turned-accent-wall in this glamorous kitchen. Pendant lighting suspended by black pipe mimics cage lights of the industrial-era to add vintage charm.