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Have been trying Jagua tattoos. The whale is actually on myself. Bottom one is a Mike Adams copy, (favorite tattoos artist) with the gel still on. It remains on the skin for another 2-4 hours, and then you either wash or peel it off. Then the stain develops over then next 48 hours, and stays for a week or two.

knowsnotwatitmeans isabelly1997

This is the reason you why you have to handle TLC plates by their edges

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates are a great way to test for products and impurities during or after a reaction has been carried out. While I had lots of experience with TLC in labs it was never explained why you can’t touch the layer of silica on the TLC plate, so i decided to find a reason why while I was waiting for my column to run. I found a very good answer very quickly.

Once you put your sample on a TLC and let it run, you often need to stain or develop a the plate so that you can see your different spots produced on the plate (either with visible or UV light). If you use a stain called Ninhydrin, all compounds with primary or secondary amines will become very visible on the plate ( in red/yellow - blue/purple colours depending on the compound). 
This means it will stain any amino acid which is on the plate, and when you touch a TLC you leave behind a small deposit of skin cells which all contain … amino acids.

This results in all fingerprints on the plate lighting up like christmas trees, leading to cool fingerprint images but very bad for seeing your actual TLC results.