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Could you do me a favor and possibly post up a bunch of you Deku and Stain interaction headcanons? I'd like to have these things stored away for when I get around to writing them together so they really do fall into your vision of them properly because I know how much you adore them and I want to do the pair justice in your eyes XD *hugs*

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ur so sweet, thank u so much for all the effort u put in for my a.u!!!!

*cracks knuckle* ok here we go

-Stain deeply cares for deku, but feels bad for him. He believes that deku have so much potential to be a great hero.

-I guess u could say that Stain wants to save him from becoming a complete evil. So Stain teaches deku honestly and without corruption. This really becomes a internal conflict to Stain along the way

-Deku might be the only “hero” he wants to save.

-Both of them are All Might fanboy/maniacs. 

-Deku doesn’t behave sugar sweet toward Stain (or anyone really, except Todoroki) but for some reason deku gets strangely clingy to him.

-Deku respects Stain to highest degree, mainly because he never had a teacher that is so dedicated to educate him. Not only they train, Stain also teaches him mathematics and such. (Black mist teaches language art/English)

-Stain is called a pervert a lot by others mainly because how much deku gets clingy (and the fact that deku is affectionate by nature). This do Stain no justice.  (and chances are deku would get really upset “how dare u to insult my sensie??!!”pushes u down the stairs)

-Even though Stain cares for deku, their relationship is strictly teacher/disciple. If u imply on anything else between them he will cut u up. 

-Aside master/disciple relationship it’s really hard to pin point out their relationship. Way much older brother??? Way older friend??? Young father and son??? (Remember that Stain is 30 and deku is 15) But all in all it’s a mutual respect/care for one and another

-Both of them hunts down perverts/pedophiles and punish them *cue sailor moon stands

-By far Deku and Stain has brought most stray kittens and puppies into the villain’s base. Most of this animal has been adopted out to a nice home :)

-Stain developed a habit of wiping deku’s tear against his cheek with his thumb. But later gets embarrassed of doing it.

-When they are not on training or killing spree, they actually dress up as normal civilian and hang out. Such as going to a book store<- huge nerds (They don’t steal, they pay for whatever they purchase. Stain had said “we are not petty thieves.We are the villains of highest level and order, we can’t be doing childish things)

-I’m still debating over if deku calls Stain “shishou (師匠)” master or  “ sensei (先生)” teacher. But because there is tomura’s “sensei” lets go with “shishou” for now.

-If deku have any question to  Stain regarding…uh…”mature interaction regarding two people in love” Stain would pinch his cheeks and say “You idiot stuff likes that get u distracted from ur career! Besides U ARE TOO YOUNG FOR CRAP LIKE THAT” deku wind up getting a ear full and decides to ask stuff like that to his big brother (the reasons Stain can’t answer him 1.He never been in a relationship before and 2. Stain is Mega Virgin. But no one need to know such info)

-When he founded out that Deku is dating a hero, Stain was worried and troubled. He thought that Todoroki would use Deku to get information out of him, and wants to shield deku at all cost. Yet he thought “hero, if you can promise me that you will save him, i’ll support you”

-Tomua hired Stain knowing that he is one of the few people in the world who won’t touch deku


wow that is a lot and i still have so much more!!! but for now i think this is good. if u have any more question, feel free to talk to me!

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I checked your search and couldn't find anything on dental. I was wondering how you can tell when you need a dogs teeth done. I've asked my vet and they say well his teeth look good, no plaque so not for a while. But unless your X-ray how do you know he doesn't have an impacted tooth or something crazy. I guess I'm more asking about stuff that I can't help with at home. As a pet owner how do I know what to look for.

Impacted teeth, being teeth that have difficulty emerging (eg human wisdom teeth) are fairly uncommon in dogs and cats. We more commonly see teeth that do emerge, but sometimes rotated up to 90 degrees. I see this a lot in Pugs and Shih Tzus. Sometimes we will see teeth that have such abnormal positioning that they actually damage other areas of the mouth, eg lower canines that rotate in to stab the roof of the mouth when closed, but this is uncommon.

Peridontal disease is the most common dental condition in dogs and cats It’s what we’re aiming to manage with at-home dental care and prophylactic cleaning.

In stage 2, I want to have those teeth cleaned properly, and if there’s any tooth root bifurcations that are exposed then they probably need extractions. You can certainly scale and polish teeth in stage 1, but there’s also a chance that adequate dental care at home might keep the condition from progressing.

I should point out that sometimes teeth will develop staining or discoloration that looks similar to some of the pictures above, but isn’t going to be improved with a dental procedure. They may also not be causing discomfort to the animal though.

You can certainly have a dental procedure done at stage 1, it certainly wont hurt, but there may be at-home care which is also equally adequate.

Signs I look for when deciding a pet needs a dental are:

  • Red gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Bad breath
  • Calculus obscuring the teeth
  • Hair stuck around teeth

Or any hint that the animal has pain or discomfort.

Nineteen Years Later- Chris Evans One Shots

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: You are a senior in high school with Chris and have known him for years. When he asks you to prom, you accept; only to be threatened by his psycho ex-girlfriend, who forced you to leave him alone without explanation on the night of prom. Then, nineteen years later, you meet him again when Sebastian Stan hires you as his personal assistant.

Word Count: 3280 (I really got into this one & it’s just super long)

A/N: Inspired by Chris’ interview with The Talk where he says he asked this girl to prom and she ditched him on prom night. I changed what happened, but it is the based off his (heartbreaking) real-life experience. And I totally almost cried realizing nineteen years ago, Chris was 18 (for my non-Potterheads, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows epilogue scene takes place 19 years later when Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Draco send their kids off on the Hogwarts Express).


Spring was a hectic season for all sorts of reasons. The school year was almost through and everyone was getting antsy to leave. AP tests were also approaching, which caused some students to stress out a lot. But, the main reason spring was so crazy was that prom was right around the corner. Prom was currently the talk of the whole school; who was going with who, who was wearing what color, and who would win prom queen and prom king. In two weeks, seniors would attend their final prom. You were a senior and were also anxiously awaiting for someone to ask you.

“Guess who just got asked to prom?” Your friend asked you, coming up to you in the hallway.

“Who asked you?” You replied, a smile growing on your face.

“Toby.” She grinned. She had liked him for ages; therefore, you were happy for her.

“That’s amazing.” You stated, closing your locker and you two began to walk down the halls to class.

“Have you been asked yet?” She questioned you.

“No.” You shook you head, “I’m thinking I might as well just stay home. It seems like all the good dates are taken.” You laughed.

“Hey, Y/N.” You looked over to see Chris as he passed you. He smiled and waved.

“Hi, Chris.” You replied.

“Maybe Chris will ask you.” Your friend said once he was out of earshot.

“Isn’t he dating Georgia?” You asked.

“Rumor is they broke up.” She answered. Before you could say anymore, your friend bid you farewell and vanished into her next class. You went next door to your classroom.

You had known Chris for years, being neighbors that had windows facing each other and all. You two were friends, although you rarely talked anymore. Every girl in school seemed to have even a slight crush on him, you included. He was friendly and charming, not to mention getting more attractive each year.

When you got home that day, you instantly went to your room, preparing to work on your Stats homework. There was a knock on your window and you stood from your desk to open it. You moved the curtain and unlocked the window, forcing it open. Chris had developed a form of talking to you by throwing something small at your window and beckoning you to open it; so, it didn’t shock you when he was standing in his room with his window open as well.

“What’s up?” You asked him.

“Just a lot on my mind.” He replied, “Have you been asked yet?”

“To prom?” You clarified and he nodded, “Nope.”

“Do you want to go with me then?” Chris asked with his classic, heartwarming smile.

“What about Georgia?”

“We broke up.” He shrugged, seemingly unaffected by it.

“Then, sure, I’ll go with you.” You said, making his smile grow wider.

“Great.” Chris replied.


The day before prom was quite possibly the worst day of your life. Chris was absent from school-he had told you it dealt with his grandparents. You two never really agreed on whether or not you were going to prom as friends or a couple-he never asked you, therefore you assumed it was purely platonic. Over the past few weeks, your friend had been hanging out with Toby, leaving you all alone. The school was flying with talk of you and Chris, how upset Georgia was that he broke up with her and how you apparently convinced him to do it. Everyone seemed to be on her side, believing you caused the ‘it’ couple’s break-up, and the judging glares followed you through the hallways. You desperately wanted to leave, but your parents would never allow you to miss school and still make it to prom.

The whispers and stares weren’t the worst part. Even the occasional food thrown at you and the harsh words sent your way weren’t the defining part of the day. It was when you got cornered in the girl’s bathroom. Someone had purposefully spilt some of their milkshake on you, sending you to the restroom to clean up.

“Lookie here, the boyfriend-stealing slut.” You cringed upon hearing the head cheerleader’s voice. Georgia just seemed to have issues letting go.

“I didn’t do anything, Georgia.” You replied, focusing on the developing stain on your shirt.

“Don’t act all innocent. Everyone knows you’ve had a thing for him since middle school.”

“Can’t you just leave me alone and find someone else to bully?” You asked.

“No, that wouldn’t be as much fun.” She stated, crossing her arms in front of her chest. The two girls from her posse behind her did the same, “How about we make a deal?”

“It depends.” You said. She smirked, pulling out a folder from her backpack.

“You leave Chris and don’t go to prom with him, or else the whole school sees this.” She handed it to you and you cautiously opened it. Of course, Georgia happened to find at least twenty, or more, embarrassing photos of you.

“How did you get these?” You asked, tears beginning to fill your eyes.

“It doesn’t matter. Go to prom with Chris and everyone sees them. And you can never speak of this to him.”

“You’re horrible.” You croaked.

“Do we have a deal?” Georgia asked, sticking out a hand to you. Her other hand snatched the folder from you and she gave it to a girl in her posse. You reluctantly shook her hand and you watched as she left the bathroom. You had just sold your soul to the devil and now you couldn’t even go to your prom.


The next night, you stood in your room, pacing up and down it. You had yet to devise a way to tell Chris that you couldn’t go with him. Your prom dress was laying on your bed, glaring at you for your childish deal with Georgia. You had told yourself years ago to never be intimidated by the others around you, but somehow that courage slipped away from you yesterday.

After pacing around your room for a solid ten minutes instead of getting ready, you looked up and noticed Chris’ shadow in his room. He seemed to be dancing as he got ready. You felt tears begin to form in your eyes at the thought of ditching him. You closed your curtains and sat on your desk. You grabbed a blank piece of paper and began to write on it.

'I am so sorry to tell you like this. I can’t go to prom with you tonight. Please don’t be mad at me.’

You folded it and wrote across the top: 'To Chris’. You went downstairs and to his family’s house. You set the small letter down on the doorstep and knocked on the door. You hurried back to your house and the safety of your room.

Five minutes later, your doorbell went off, signaling someone was at the front door. You immediately knew it was Chris. You rushed out of your room to the landing.

“Mom, don’t let him in. I’m not going to prom.” You whisper-shouted to her down the stairs. Her hand was on the door handle, about to open it. She silently nodded, although she didn’t know your reasoning, and you disappeared back to your room.

“Hello, Mrs. Y/L/N. Is Y/N home? Can I speak with her?” You heard Chris ask.

“I’m sorry, no. She’s out at the moment with her father.” Your mother replied. You heard the door shut a moment later. You sighed in relief, knowing he had left. You heard the sound of tapping on your window. Now he was throwing pebbles at it. You ignored the light noise as you desperately tried to focus on something else.

You told your friend the next day about everything that had happened. She comforted you through it all. Georgia stopped spreading rumors about you, although some were still swirling around the school. Chris straight up ignored you and you couldn’t blame him. You ditched him without reason on the night of prom. The fact that they were both crowned Prom Queen and King only made your heart heavier with sorrow-the whole school believed they were perfect together, you never stood a chance. Luckily, there was only six weeks left in the school year, meaning six more weeks until you would never see 99% of them again.


~19 years later~

You’d be lying if you said your prom night didn’t still haunt you. What made it even worse was that Chris became a big name actor and his face was practically everywhere, especially in New York City. It seemed like there was always an ad with his face on it somewhere; and now, with his premiere occurring this weekend, the photos seemed to multiply. No matter how acclaimed his movies were, you stayed away from them. It was too hard to see him everywhere you went, knowing that you hurt him so much back in high school.

While he became an actor, you became a personal assistant. It didn’t pay much to be a glorified secretary, but you didn’t mind. It was a job you were good at and got stuck with. Despite living in the Big Apple, you were still close to your best friend from high school. She was now married to Toby, her prom date, and baby number two was on it’s way. You were slightly jealous of her stable relationship and the family she was having.

Unfortunately, your dull life seemed to be getting worse. Your boss decided he no longer needed an assistant and fired you. That led to you sitting in a coffee shop, reading a newspaper and looking for any job offers. Everything seemed to be only part-time. You were already struggling with paying your rent and you couldn’t afford to have a part-time job. You got up from your seat and threw away your coffee. When you turned to leave, you ran into someone, dropping your newspaper.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” The person said. They leaned down and grabbed your paper and handed it to you. You had to restrain yourself from running away when you recognized him. You may have never seen a Captain America movie, but you knew who he was and how close he was to Chris. He was Sebastian Stan-the man you used to watch on Gossip Girl.

“It was my fault. I’ve been a bit out of it all day.” You replied.

“Are you job searching?” He asked, pointing to the part of the newspaper that was highlighted in yellow and circled with red pen.

“Yes. I got fired today actually. I was a personal assistant.” You explained.

“Really? You’re a personal assistant? Mine just quit today. I have to be somewhere in about ten minutes, but maybe we could have an interview.” He offered, “I’m Sebastian, by the way.”

“Y/N.” You replied, shaking his outstretched hand, “That’s really kind of you to offer a job to a complete stranger.”

“Do you have a business card? Or any way I could contact you?” He asked. In your mind, you saw him as desperate for an assistant; but, yet again, he probably had a very busy life and needed one around. You gave him your information before both of you left the coffee shop.

He called you later that day and set up an interview over lunch with you the next day. If you ended up getting the job, you hoped you wouldn’t see Chris-or at least that he didn’t recognize or remember you. It was risky to work with Sebastian, but you desperately needed the money.

You met Sebastian at the small restaurant and he asked you simple questions. You were surprised that he was the one interviewing for a personal assistant and not his manager, but you suppose it makes sense since you will be assisting him and no one else. The interview went smoothly and you eventually got off topic to the point where it seemed like two friends having lunch.

“Hold on, I need to take this.” Sebastian said, getting a call halfway through lunch. He left the table for a few minutes before coming back.

“Is everything all right?” You asked.

“Yeah, it’s just my friend, Chris, is in town for the week. His car just got towed and he’s lost in the city, so I’ve got to pick him up. I really enjoyed having lunch with you. You’re a great candidate and I’ll be in touch with you.” He explained, putting some money on the table to pay for the bill. You left when he did and you went back to your little apartment, trying not to think back to that night nineteen years ago.


It didn’t take long for Sebastian to call you again. He hired you the day after lunch and you were needed that night for his premier. You didn’t need to do anything, but he wanted you to attend so you at least knew what it was like being a celebrity’s assistant instead of a business man’s.

“So when I was doing a background check on you, I noticed you went to the same high school as Chris Evans. Do you know him? You two would have been there at the same time.” Sebastian asked you. You were sitting in his hotel room as his hairstylist fixed his long hair.

“Yes, I did know him back at school.” You nodded.

“Was he super popular or a giant nerd?” He laughed, thinking of what his friend would be like in high school.

“He was popular, but he was nice. Everyone loved him.” You stated, trying  not to sound super upset about the conversation. Sebastian noticed how your hands started to shake, so he reached forward and took them in his.

“Was high school rough for you? It was terrible for me. I tried so hard to fit in, but I was from Romania. People saw me as the weird kid, but it’s just something I had to get used to. I wasn’t going to fit in and that’s alright. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I did.” He said, trying to calm you down.

“I’m sorry. I’d just rather not think about it.” You replied.

“Are you excited for tonight? Have you seen any of the other movies?” Sebastian asked and you shook your head.

“I think I’m more nervous than excited. I never got around to watching any Marvel movies, but I’m sure they’re all fantastic.” You said. There was a knock on Sebastian’s hotel room door.

“Come in.” Sebastian answered and the door swung open, revealing the one and only Chris Evans in his suit, seemingly ready for the premier. The only thing missing was his socks and shoes.

“Do you have another pair of black socks? I only brought one black sock, or at least that’s all I can find.” Chris asked, not noticing you in the room and for that you were thankful.

“Yeah, there should be some more in my bag.” Sebastian said, pointing to the black bag at the foot of his bed. Chris went over there and dug into it. He found a pair of socks and smiled triumphantly.

“Thanks, Seabass. You’re a life saver.” He stated.

“Hey, Chris, meet my new personal assistant,” Sebastian spoke up before the other man could leave. You mentally slapped your new boss for pointing you out. Maybe taking this job wasn’t such a good idea. Chris went to turn around and froze upon hearing your name, “Y/N Y/L/N. She went to high school with you.”

“Y/N?” Chris mumbled, turning around to face you completely.

“Hi, Chris.” You whispered. You could see Sebastian’s face of realization. It all clicked to him; you didn’t want to talk about Chris or high school and you were tense when he appeared in the room. The Romanian immediately realized his mistake, believing he had just hired his friend’s ex as his assistant.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Chris asked.

“Sebastian just hired me.” You replied.

“I’m sorry. Are you two exes?” Sebastian asked, genuinely trying to learn the truth between you and his friend. You looked from your boss to Chris.

“Chris, can we talk in private, please?”

“Fine.” He nodded and walked out of the room. You silently followed him.

“Why are you really here?” He questioned, angrily.

“I live in the city.” You stated.

“It’s been nearly twenty years and you just pop up here. You’ve ignored me that long, why now?”

“I didn’t search you out, if that’s what you’re implying, and you’re the one that began to ignore me first.” You said, raising your voice.

“You dumped me. What was I supposed to do?” He asked, balling his fists.

“We weren’t even dating and I had to. You don’t understand.”

“Then make me understand.” Chris demanded.

“It was Georgia.” You confessed. The anger had left you and you were on the verge of tears now. All of your emotions from previous years were built up and spilling out in front of him. Chris, on the other hand, kept his fists balled in anger.

“What do you mean it was Georgia?” He questioned.

“She came to that Friday and told me to leave you. She blackmailed me, Chris. I truly didn’t mean to hurt you and I was going to tell you, but you wouldn’t give me the time of day.” You begged, “I never wanted to hurt you. Please believe me.” You said. He stayed quiet and only looked at you with an angry stare.

“I’m sorry, Chris. That’s all I can say. I was stupid and scared. You can have Sebastian fire me or I can quit if you don’t want me around. Just know that I really liked you back then and I think I still do. I would never intentionally hurt you.” You stated after a few moments of silence. You turned around to head back inside, but you were stopped by Chris finally moving. He put his hand on your shoulder and turned you to face him. His lips fell onto yours and his hands cupped your cheeks as he kissed you. It was then that every ounce of feeling from nineteen years ago came back.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since third grade.” Chris admitted, when he finally let go of you, “I’m so sorry for what Georgia did to you and I’m so sorry that I was a jerk to you all those years ago.”

“You’re not the one who should be apologizing.” You stated.

“Let’s start over.” He suggested, sticking out a hand to you, “I’m Chris Evans and I’ve had a crush on you since elementary school.”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N and I’ve liked you since middle school.” You laughed, shaking his hand. The weight of the world was lifted off your shoulders as that hand shake sparked the new beginning between you and Chris, taking away the pain of the past.

Bacterial Taxonomy 1 - Classification Based on Morphology and the Gram Stain. 

Taxonomy, is literally the science of classification. Look at the picture above, and imagine that all those little divisions, like “firmicutes” are different phyla under the kingdom of bacteria. Then those phyla are further subdivided into different classes, then orders, then families, then genera, and then finally species! Take a look at how this works for one particular bacteria, called streptococcus mutans. 

Wow, there’s a lot to classify, probably why it’s taxonomy: it’s such a taxing job.

Ahem, right, so. As you’ve probably noticed, Streptococcus mutans is named using its Genera and its Species name. Similarly, all organisms have a scientific name comprising of two parts: The genus, followed by the species. It is very important to classify organisms in this way because: 

  1. It establishes criteria for identifying organisms. 
  2. Allows arrangement of related organisms into groups. 
  3. Provides important information on how organisms evolved.  

Bacteria are classified, usually, according to their morphological, metabolic and biochemical differences, although genetic and immunologic factors are also now being considered. 

One of the earliest, and most fundamental methods of classifying bacteria depended on the use of the Gram Stain. 

Gram Stain

Unlike large organisms like humans, parrots and dra-, erm, Komodo Dragons, which are easy to spot and have a distinct appearance to the eye, bacteria are colourless and invisible to light microscopy. Thus, gram staining had to be developed to give bacteria a colour, and visualize them. Since bacteria would either respond to the stain, or not, all bacteria were subsequently classified into gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. 

There are 4 steps to the Gram Stain Procedure. 

  1. Pour crystal violet stain (a blue dye) and wait for 60 seconds. 
  2. Wash off with water and flood with iodine solution. Wait for 60 seconds. 
  3. Wash off with water and then “decolourize” with 95% alcohol solution. 
  4. Counter-stain with safranin (a red dye). Wait 30 seconds and then wash off with water. 

Basically, when viewed under the microscope, cells that absorb the crystal violet dye and hold on to it become blue: These are gram-positive. Alternatively, if the crystal violet is washed off by the 95% alcohol, the cells absorb the safranin and appear red. These are gram-negative. 

Gram Positive = Blue 

Imagine yourself sitting by the beach, opposite crystal blue waters, or kayaking across deep waters, or even river tubing across the bluest of rivers.. won’t you say yes to that? So, Blue = Positive. Note that Gram-Positive bacteria may also appear purple if the red safranin is not effectively washed off. This is because blue + red is purple. 

Gram Negative = Red

Now you’re sitting in sweltering red heat, sweat pouring down your body, the sun red in the sky. You don’t want that, do you? Or for comic book fans, you can picture Superman’s face when he sees a Red Sun in the sky. NOPE, thinks Superman. So Red = Negative. 

This difference occurs due to a difference in morphology of the bacteria. 

Gram Positive vs Gram Negative Bacteria 

Unlike eukaryotic animal cells which contain only one cell membrane composed of phospholipid separating the nucleus from the ECF, both gram-positive and gram negative bacteria contain more than 1 layer: the layer outside the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane is the peptidoglycan layer. 

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Pretty Woman - Joel Heyman x Reader

Name: Pretty Woman

Pairing: Joel Heyman x Reader

Summary: When stressed out over a case, Joel turns to his favorite girl.

Rating:M for sex and sexual themes

Word Count:4,338

Notes: Thanks for the prompt, anon, this was fun!

This story does feature a prostitute!Reader. If you are offended or sensitive to adult themes, please avoid this fic. In other news, 4,000+ words… What have I done? This fic is more fluff than anything else, honestly. I tried to keep the time period ambiguous, let me know what

A cool breeze blew into Joel’s stuffy office, fluttering the papers scattered across his desk. A picture fell off of his bulletin board and he cursed, stooping to pick it up. He pinned it back to the board and took a step back. Something just wasn’t adding up here. A dog barked somewhere down the street. A car sped by, honking at a pedestrian. A baby cried. Joel needed a cigarette. He didn’t bother opening the window any further than a crack. He only leaned next to it and lit up. The landlord would complain about the nicotine stain developing on the ceiling, like she did every month, but Joel didn’t mind. He paid her well enough that she was never serious about her threats of kicking him out. No self-respecting renter would pay her to turn his office into a livable apartment, and so there he stayed.

He glanced at the pub across the street and ran a hand through his already-messy hair. Three girls had gone missing in the past three weeks, turning up days later wrapped like presents. He flicked his cigarette out of the window, not bothering to put it out. He popped his spine as he walked across the room to frown at his bulletin board again. If looks could kill, the thing would have rotted and fallen off of his wall by now. The phone on his desk rang and he cursed. His secretary was out for the week, leaving him to deal with annoying clients.

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Have been trying Jagua tattoos. The whale is actually on myself. Bottom one is a Mike Adams copy, (favorite tattoos artist) with the gel still on. It remains on the skin for another 2-4 hours, and then you either wash or peel it off. Then the stain develops over then next 48 hours, and stays for a week or two.

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anonymous asked:

Your opinion on bnha's portrayal of morality? Is it black and white? Too naive? Or are endeavor's treatment of his family and his reason to being a hero, bakugou's character development, and stain's arguments on heroes of that generation good grays?


First of all, anon, I LOVE talking about this kind of stuff when it comes to my fandoms, so thanks so much for sending this me! I’ve been busy with college, so that’s why this reply is so late ^ ^”

Before I actually answer your question, I’d just like to point out some of the restrictions that would get in the way of Horikoshi fully portraying the grayness of morality. First, Bnha is published in Shounen Jump which is geared to children, so he can’t go too dark, because there would be an uproar if he did so with his demographic. Second, which I think people forget a lot, is that the bnha kids are…just that. Kids. They literally just graduated from middle school and even though they do run into some things that students wouldn’t typically, they are shielded from perhaps “darker” things that actual pro heroes would have to deal with in the real world. But with that over with!!

ACTUAL ANSWER LOL: I don’t think Horikoshi’s portrayal of morality is too black and white, but I do think he could push it a lot more. For the “not too black and white” note, I think a good example is how Horikoshi includes motivations for the heroes that aren’t traditionally morally upright. For example, Mount Lady literally just wants to be famous, Ochako wants money (albeit for her family), and Mineta just wants to be cool (I hate M*neta, but still…). Whenever Horikoshi introduced these not-so-admirable motivations, he never judged them for being “lesser” than, say, Midoriya’s desire to save people, and presented them as completely legitimate motivations. Another good example I just thought of is Shinsou and how he literally has just as much capability as the other students in the hero classes, but couldn’t make it in, because his quirk didn’t have any compatibility with the test. That throws a wrinkle into the “try hard!! and you will succeed!! the world is fair!! karma!!!” trope that is in a lot of more adolescent stories. As I’m talking about the heroes right now, I think Endeavor is also a really good gray in bnha! (again, I hate him LOL, but…) I appreciate having a hero who is so clearly “bad”, but I think it is slightly disappointing that he’s such a one-dimensional character. I know Horikoshi did want to explore more with him, but if was more multi-faceted, he would’ve been a really fascinating challenge of morality in Bnha. 

On the other side of the coin, I’ve always thought one of Horikoshi’s writing weaknesses was his villains. Stain, Shiragaki, and Overhaul all have, at least, villainy motivations that aren’t just “I WANT TO RULE THE WORLD XP”, but “I kind of want to dismantle the society that heroes are built upon cuz it sort of unfair and corrupt” - which I really like! However, their personalities are a bit….hm….. one-note. Stain’s character was literally just supposed to act as a martyr, so he didn’t get explored at all. Shiragaki’s main personality trait was immaturity and impulsiveness. And his character hinged a lot on All For One…who was taken out almost immediately. (And Overhaul’s arc hasn’t finished yet, so I’ll leave him out for now.) They definitely are not as fleshed out as his protagonists, so I think Horikoshi does lag behind a bit on challenging morality with his antagonists. They do have motivations which are believable and sympathize-able (?), but the fact that they’re not as complex as the protagonists makes it more difficult to relate to them and therefore challenge the readers’ empathy for them. 

Ultimately, I think Horikoshi does a good job on portraying a gradient of mortality, primarily through his complex protagonists and heroes, and through challenging tropes. However, I do think he does fall a bit flat when it comes to his villains ^ ^ He does have a lot of restrictions considering that he’s writing for literal pre-pubescent tweens, but I think his depiction of morality is a cut above other mangas in the same genre :D 

Urban Magic Honeyphos Wedding

Lucy: (I am really into them being married and it never being remarked on it’s just a thing)

Summer: of course they’re married, honeydew’s got the good health insurance and xephos cries at weddings

Three: oh my god he would
with a bow tie on
dgsfhjklgdfsjk so cute I want to cry now

Summer: it was a big lovely wedding and the scrapbook’s still on their coffee table

Three: they totally have the huge wedding book

Summer: they did that thing where they didn’t see each other the morning of the wedding

Lucy: Lalna tells Will, “Don’t let Xeph see you look at the scrapbook, he’ll show you every picture.”

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You had thought it completely ridiculous when the white haired lady with an over the top smile had taken your palm in her wrinkly hands and told you that your soulmate would show himself soon. As a hunter, you had been able to learn the difference between the real deal and the wannabes. As a hunter, you should have known better than to walk into a small bookstore and letting a pretend psychic read your palm. Dean was not going to appreciate this at all. 

“Hmm…” the old woman mused, running her cold fingers across your palm. 

“’Hmm’ what?” you retorted, surprised at the impatience in your voice. You were humoring the old lady and, in turn, amusing yourself, but the curious girl underneath wanted to know how she would meet her soulmate, if she even had one. “Is he dead or something?”

She shook her head. “No, dear, it seems you will meet this man when you save him…” she stopped for a moment and you watched her face contort in confusion. 

“Something wrong?” 

“Well, child, “ she looked into your eyes as she spoke, “you will meet your soulmate when you save him from choking on a piece of pie.”

Pie was on your mind as you entered the quaint diner where you were supposed to meet Sam and Dean over an hour ago. Just as you had expected, there were few customers all scattered around and you stood at the entrance for a few seconds before you found Sam and Dean sitting in a booth, with Dean stuffing his face with raspberry pie. 

As soon as Dean, with his eyes brightened at the sight of pie, saw you he pointed his fork at you and was about to exclaim your name when his face began turning bright red and small choked noises began to escape him. 

It took you a moment of realization before springing into action. You were not sure (nor trained for that matter, despite your job) as to what sort of maneuver to perform and you had a moment of panic before you raised your fist. The piece of pie flew out of Dean as soon as your fist made contact with his abdomen and, as unfortunate as you were, it crashed right into the sleeve of your arm and slid down to the floor, leaving a reddish trail. So much for the one clean blouse you had. 

“Oh, gross!” you cried out, saddened by the developing stain. “You and your stupid fetish with pies!” 

“Y/N,” Dean breathed, glancing at you with a nod. “I owe you one.”

“What? Why?” You met his gaze and staring into the glistening green of his eyes, it suddenly began to dawn on you that perhaps the psychic was right. 

“Y/N,” Sam said as he got out of the booth and took you in a hug, smiling dorkishly as usual, “thanks for saving Dean!”

(Y/N means ‘your name’)

This is the reason you why you have to handle TLC plates by their edges

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates are a great way to test for products and impurities during or after a reaction has been carried out. While I had lots of experience with TLC in labs it was never explained why you can’t touch the layer of silica on the TLC plate, so i decided to find a reason why while I was waiting for my column to run. I found a very good answer very quickly.

Once you put your sample on a TLC and let it run, you often need to stain or develop a the plate so that you can see your different spots produced on the plate (either with visible or UV light). If you use a stain called Ninhydrin, all compounds with primary or secondary amines will become very visible on the plate ( in red/yellow - blue/purple colours depending on the compound). 
This means it will stain any amino acid which is on the plate, and when you touch a TLC you leave behind a small deposit of skin cells which all contain … amino acids.

This results in all fingerprints on the plate lighting up like christmas trees, leading to cool fingerprint images but very bad for seeing your actual TLC results. 

When Goat Simulator first surfaced, the internet believed it to be a joke. It was, in fact, a programming test for Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios — but one that became much more thanks to an abundance of requests. And now, Goat Simulator will launch on April 1, 2014. What better date, honestly?

The developer’s are hoping to give fans their moneys worth by providing Steam Workshop support, allowing for players to create goats, missions, levels and more. As it stands, the point of Goat Simulator is to destroy stuff using your natural goat abilities. There will be a leaderboard for those wanting to RAMp up the excitement.

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