stained gloss

You were all sharp edges;

twisted and mangled.

She was all soft and gentle;

each curvature of her face coming to meet the next one with ease.

You were rough, torn apart, half-heartedly put back together, guarded.

She was nurtured, loved, protected, outspoken.

You were extreme, gasoline stained boots, matted hair, and a permanent smirk.

She was calm, eyeshadow never out of place, perfect hair, and lip gloss stained kiss.

You were bloody knuckles with flecks of dirt, broken skin, and bleeding lips kissed roughly with hair tugged, needing more.

She was the plaster on a broken bone, a bandage to cover the absence, and not enough to go around.

You were sunrises seen with insomniac eyes, cigarette smoke at midnight, and all too explosive.

She was a good night’s sleep and no circles under your eyes, clean air in a crowded city, safe.

You were afraid to touch her for fear she would break,

She was scared to touch you for fear that she would break you.

You were both ignorant, stupid, foolish, young,


In love.

Now she’s rough edges, husky voice in the morning from nightmares that never end, and a touch that is never as careful as it used to be.

Now you are fine lines, marble with smooth indents which form words, a smiling picture on the wall of a school; in a year book; next to your Mother.

Finally, she has given you what you needed: calm.

Finally, you have driven her to be what she thought she could never be: chaotic.

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Relationship status Partnered, will probably not get married. I’ve *been* married, but he wasn’t great.

Lipstick or ChapstickMostly neither. If I had to pick, I’d want long-term lipstick, or deep staining gloss.

Last Song I Listened ToTwo Sunsets, by Ludovico Einaudi

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Top 3 Characters – Thorin Oakenshield, His Grace Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, Samwise Gamgee

Top Three Ships Bagginshield, Snupin, Anne/Frederick

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HP Lightning Era: Lavender Brown

The reduction of your person boiled down to your love for love.

Reduced to the vapid love interest, you will be remembered as the obsessive girlfriend. If you spoke too much and kissed too often you were not important enough to warrant the attention. All you did will have the light of those whose attention was caught cast on it. Your remembrance will be as shallow as they assumed you must be.

But not for her.

She will remember the way you pressed secrets to her gloss stained lips; the way you cried when everything fell apart. No, not your sixth year romance, your life. You kissed and cried and loved and left but she was your tether.

If you found yourself with another boy under the Quidditch stands she did not rage. Just as you accepted the freckled Ravenclaw she dragged in to an empty corridor after the Halloween feast in fourth year. You understood each other viscerally.

She will remember better than any how consuming your love could be. But she will remember more than that. How you kept sheet music in your bedside drawer and waxed poetic about her hair. Which nail polish you preferred, the fairy tales your father read to you as a child, the lessons your mother taught you on attracting, avoiding, and cultivating attention. She will know who you were.

You were a teenage girl and lived up to the name. You were a hurricane in pink lip stick and died proving that there is more to any girl than who they love.

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