stained glass rose

The Two-Faced Goddess, Grimdark, Lady Luck, the Seer and Guide and Wand-Wielder, the Hero of Light and Rain. 

Frost and Frogs 
Heat and Clockwork 
Wind and Shade
Crypts and Helium
Mounds and Xenon


some shitty doodles which i made during hiding in lockers. Miles Upshur 🔋📹📰 Chris Walker 💪😬👣 Dr Rick Trager (i love this guy XD he has sense of humor) 😷💺✂ Waylon Park and Eddie Gluskin 👬+🔪=👰👨 -> 👰💔 -> 🔪😲💢

coloring brush pens~

my other outlast art ->

Stained Glass Gem Mural 💎

We’ll always save the day!

Love the colours and designs in Steven Universe so I’ve been meaning to do a piece for it for ages. Got a whole lot of characters/fusions/poses in this one so whee!

Note: I am available for commission for illustrations like these for other series too!