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This is obviously Liv and Robert being all proud Mill owners, watching how Aaron is very enthusiastically (well, the Aaron equivalent of it anyway) reviewing the results of their home improvement skills.

Sinning In A Holy Place - (M)

Genre; S m u t

Length; 670+ words

(Sorry if the layout is weird, I have to do everything on mobile bc no wifi yet rip)

Originally posted by youngest-k

Despite his outward appearance and questionable habits- your boyfriend was quite the frequent church go-er.

As the two of you quietly walked through the large stained glass doors, you both made your way to the back isle- not wanting to disturb others as mass was about to begin.

Everything was going smoothly, the two of you were sweetly singing along with the choir as well as making friends with the families that sat two rows in front of y'all. It just all seemed so lovely, well that is until the angelic aura that once coated your man from head to toe diminished as darkness slowly replaced it.
Turning to you as the two of you sat back down, he flashed you a mischievous grin while leaning over to you.

“Baby..” He smoothly whispered as his pillowy lips ghosted over your ear while his large hand gripped your voluptuous thigh. “Daddy wants to play..”

The instant you heard his words, your eyes widened while a soft gasp slipped from your slightly parted lips.
“Really?” You quietly replied, trying your hardest not to make eye contact with him- knowing damn well that if you did you’d be putty in his hands. “Can you wait til we get to the car or something? We’re in church Chri-”

Before you could even finish saying his name, his hand pushed up your dress, automatically finding its way to your heated core.
Slowly, he allowed the pad of his digits to trace your clothed slit, “Sh, sh, sh..” He purred, pressing a finger to his lips as he moved the crotch of your panties to the side.

“Be very quiet baby, don’t make a noise..” Your whole body seemed to melt right then and there as his fingers explored your dampening heat; relentlessly teasing your sensitive bud.
“You don’t want us to get caught now, do you?”

Immediately you shook your head no as you tried your hardest to fight back your sounds.
You knew you had to keep quiet, but the lust that gradually consumed you made it feel as if you and he were the only ones around, despite the pastor’s preaching practically echoing off the walls.

“Chri- Chris…” You airily mumbled, unable to even say his name as he continuously rolled your pearl in torturous circular motions.

The wicked chuckles that flowed from him sent electric vibrations throughout your entire body, “That’s not my name baby..” He snarled taking harsh nips at your cheek and jaw. “Address me correctly babygirl, or I won’t allow you to finish..”

His cruel warning only intensified your arousal. Nothing but choked breaths escaped you as your moans stayed caught in your throat.
“Da- Daddy..” You whimper, turning to face him as tears began to blur your vision. “I- I need.. I need to..”

Resting his forehead against yours, he placed his hand on the back of your head; gently raking his fingers through your hair.
“You wanna cum, kitten?” He asked, moving his digits from your clit to your entrance; drawing enticing circles around your hole before slipping two fingers inside with ease.
“Let me hear you beg..”

His fingers curled inside you as he began to automatically fuck you at a rough pace.
“Please- Please..” You whimpered as the tears you attempted to fight back broke free; streaming down your face.

Your hand gripped his forearm, clawing into it as he repeatedly hit your most sensitive spot while warmth wash over you; signaling your impending climax. “Please let me..” Just as you began your plea, mass came to an end.

Everyone rose from their seats as the pastor made his way down the isles. Shaking peoples hands and giving them blessings as he made his way to the exit.

Christian automatically retracted his digits from you, giving your thigh soft pat as he put his essence coated fingers in his mouth- licking and sucking them clean before flashing that grin of his.

“Too bad baby..” He jeered, rising from his spot- offering his hand to you the moment he noticed your trembling legs. “Maybe I can finish you up later… If you’re a good girl.”

To be continued~ Maybe ofc💋

a house made of this
(vic, liv, aaron/robert)
outsider pov, grief, mentions of someone dying offscreen. 

soft fic for @escapingreality51 because she needs some love today. i know you wanted soft fic, and i hope there’s that in here, but i also hope this is what you wanted to read. i love you, my darling, and i’m here if you need me <3

The Mill feels lived in

Vic loves the house, the driveway always impeccable (Robert’s no-nonsense approach with the landscaper), and usually one or both cars parked haphazardly in the driveway whenever she pops round. The gravel crunches underfoot as she shifts the box under her arm to reach up and ring the bell. 

The stained glass door shimmers with a shadow, someone coming down the hall to meet her, and she grins when Aaron tugs open the door. 

“Alright?” Stepping aside to let her in, Aaron frowns at the box. “What’s that for, then?”

“For Robert,” Vic says, hefting it back to her front. “It’s the last box from my place. I was doing up the attic and I thought he’d want it back.”

“Having a clear out, eh?” Aaron asks, waving her in. 

Vic appreciates that he doesn’t try and take the box from her, and steps into the living room. The stupid vespa chair is still propped up against the wall, and there’s a pile of bags in the doorway. “Liv’s home then?”

“Yep,” Aaron grins, gesturing at the floor next to them. “Drop it there, Robert’ll take it up later. A brew?”

Vic nods, drops the box carefully down next to Liv’s bags. “Where is he?”

“Walking the dogs,” Aaron says, snorting. 

Robert will tell everyone in earshot how much he hates the dogs, “they get hair everywhere,” mixed with, “Laika peed in my shoes,” and “the cats would never.” That doesn’t fool anyone that knows him, or who spends more than five minutes in the Mill. 

It looks lived in; Vic moves the remote and Aaron’s phone onto the coffee table. It’s piled high with magazines (from Auto Trader to Sci-Fi Now), coasters, and a pencil case that’s half open, spilling it’s contents onto the glass. 

Sometimes Vic feels the press of pride in her chest when she thinks about Robert being this happy, light in his eyes and the warmth in his voice whenever he talks about home. 

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The Alternates Chapter 2: Black Paladin (Part 1)

Warnings: OOCness and some grammatical errors, fast paced story.

If anyone will ask, Lance got no say in this matter. At all.

It was like with a flick of a finger Lance was already plummeting down from the endless abyss he found himself into. This was just a dream, a nightmare, or maybe…Lance finally lost it. The stressed of war finally got to his brain and now he was trapped in this psychedelic dream of sorts.  He had no control of what was happening. Lance now understood the feeling of little Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole. Just watching the passing of various objects, from music notes to rows of clocks up to even various images of places he had seen and some that could only be brought up by ones active imagination, made Lance to feel nauseous.

Clockwork Lance, or Clockwork as how the other guy liked to be called, was merely humming beside him. His position was relaxed; back facing the unknown ground they were about to plummet down to and his arms cushioning his head with his legs crossed and stretched out.

“Where are you taking me?!” Lance wished his voice was heard against from the howling wind that greeted them.

Lance received a laughed.

“Somewhere I’ve been wanting to take you! Lots and lots of places to take you too!”

“Really, really?!” frustration was clear on his voice as he looked directly at Clockwork, “A moment ago you just introduced yourself, dropped a bomb of info, and now you decided to kidnap me just because you want to and you can?!”

“What? It’s not like anyone will miss us!”

“Um, hello?! Defenders of the universe here? A Paladin? We don’t exactly have time taking vacations right now! Much more in an Alice in Wonderland kind of vacation! What is even with this weird trip down the rabbit hole?!”

“Hm…” Clockwork pondered at that for a short while, “Well, I guess that time this was a good theme in going to alternate realities. I mean, one of the “Alice in Wonderland’s” known scenes was when she fell down the rabbit hole.”

“What even do you mean by that?!”

And suddenly…they stopped falling.

Lance flailed a bit in mid-air because while they indeed stopped falling there was still no visible ground for him to land on. He tried to gain some semblance of balance; still trying to apply logic in his body even though he knew it was not his strong suit, after a while he finally managed to get in a standing position while still floating. All that time, Clockwork was just staring at him with amusement sparkling in his clock like eyes.

“What?” Lance narrowed his eyes at his kidnapper with annoyance clearly written in his face.

“Your reactions are very amusing to watch.” Clockwork moved a few steps away from Lance after he said that, not caring to hear further what Lance has to say.

Of course Lance was about to voice out his complaints again but stopped when he saw the different sort of doors surrounding them. Great, first a rabbit hole straight from Alice in Wonderland and now Lance was having a flashback from that very old children’s movie. What was it again…monster something…oh, whatever the title of that movie.

“Welcome,” Clockwork started to speak again as he turned around and present to Lance all the doors floating alongside them, “to the place where all alternates meet.”

It was…mesmerizing if Lance was about to put it in one word. There were doors made of wood, with designs straight out from a Victorian era, some showed a metallic glint, there were plain prison like doors, stained glass covered ones, doors adorned by vines and flowers, golden ones, gray and lifeless appearance, and then there were some that radiated a simple yet suffocating malice.

Wait a minute…it seemed like everything moved a bit too fast.

“Where exactly are we?!”

His questioned went unheard because Lance didn’t notice that there was a door underneath him. It was black and had a fierce lioness occupying the whole center of the cold rectangular metal. Once it opened, it was like an airlock experience all over again.

Airlocks were evil.

“Is everyone okay?!” Lance, adorning the Black Paladin’s suit, asked around the room as he checked each one of the team. Like, literally patting them down all over their body’s despite already voicing out his concerns.

“Geez, Lance,” Pidge slapped the hand away from her shoulders none too gently but enough to mean that she didn’t mind the worried way the other showed it, “tone down the mother hen mode, will you?”

“Excuse me? I’m just worried!”

“We know, Lance. But we are alright. Aside from bruises from bumping here and there but—” Shiro didn’t got to finished his sentenced when Lance jumped on him and started demanding where he got hit.

“Ow…That’s never really a good experience…” Hunk stood up wobbly and used his chair as a support. The moment he said that was the time that Lance focused on the yellow paladin with parting words to Shiro that says “your buffiness helped you this time.”

“Hunk! Did you hit your head?!”

“Ah…I guess? It’s just a mild bump though.” Hunk started patting his own head but Lance slapped it away in favor of checking it in his own.

“Do you feel dizzy? Do we need to put you in a crypod? Coran! Hunk needs a crypod!”

“Woah, woah, Lance I am fine!” and it was a scene of stopping their Black Paladin from stuffing Hunk to a crypod. Pidge was laughing so hard at the comedic way the things unfold before her, Coran was patiently explaining to Lance that no, Hunk would not be needing a crypod, that it was just an ordinary bump and no harm about it. Shiro was holding Lance’s shoulders to prevent him from dragging Hunk towards the infirmary or worse the pods room.

Keith sighed from where he was leaning on. Lance was living up to the Space Mom theme. And their leader was still furiously denying that he was the team Mom.

“It’s really fun watching Lance like this.” Keith heard Allura giggled beside him. She was checking the Castle’s system but her gaze would go back from Lance and the others with a soft smile on her lips. Ever since Lance got the Black Paladin role it seemed that their sole Cuban on board managed to make everyone relaxed in some degree for every minute they got. For every window, for every second. Just because they were fighting a war didn’t mean they should not cherish the simple moments like this.

“And he keeps saying that he is not the “Mom”.” Keith mocked sighed.

“Yeah, I wonder why and he always acts like that.”

Everyone whipped around to where they heard the echoing voiced (which was weirdly similar to Lance) and there behind Keith was someone looking similar yet not to their resident Black Paladin.

The unwanted visitor was lying in mid-air, his stomach facing the ground, feet up in the air, chin resting above his palms, and was sporting an amused grin while looking down upon the rest of the team. Upon closer look, Keith saw that the eyes of the trespasser were a ticking clock. Maybe it was his imagination working but he could hear the ticking from it too.

“Who are y—OOF!”


Lance, their Black Paladin, didn’t manage to finish his question for another person dropped down directly on him. The force was enough to put them face down on the floor.

This time…the man feel out of nowhere really looked like Lance. A carbon copy. The only difference was that the other guy was wearing Lance’s Earth clothes in contrast to their leader who was still wearing his Black Paladin suit.

“Ouch…” the Lance-copy muttered before standing up immediately and put an accusing finger towards the Lance-with-clock-eyes, “You! A warning will be the least thing you could do next time if you are going to drag me away, Clockwork!”

Clockwork, as Lance-copy called him, hummed simply indicating that he did not care at all what the other was talking about.

“Ghhert uff meee…” Lance-copy looked down and shouted apologies when he realized that he was directly standing on someone. Clockwork laughed at this.

“Okay…okay…this is freaky…” Hunk was twiddling his thumbs together as he stared back and forth at the three Lance(s) before them. “Did we crossed again a corrupted wormhole?”

“Quite possible considering our luck towards wormholes nowadays. I mean, we just realized that Slav’s predictions of alternate realities are real thus the reason we met the evil Alteans before.” Pidge adjusted her glasses and wanted to get closer to Clockwork due to pure curiosity on how his eyes worked similar to his namesake. Self-preservation and doubt if he was an enemy was thrown out of the window for Pidge when a fight didn’t happen the first thing the two strangers appeared.

“Stay away from me if you want to live, Green Paladin.” With those words of threat, everyone stiffened and readied their bayards just in case the guy decided to attack one of them.

“Who are you two? Why do you look like me?” Lance growled out, brows furrowed in a frown as he took the front line like mother bear protecting her young ones.

Lance-copy, Keith needed another name for the guy, just stared at their leader with wide eyes. He was scanning the armor their Lance was wearing then gazing back at the others and the more his eyes passed one of them the more his jaw dropped in a surprised that Keith could not fathom to understand.

“Close that mouth of yours, will you?” Clockwork floated beside Lance-copy and was about to closed his mouth when the other whirled around and snapped at clock guy.

“Is this a joke to you?!” Lance-copy was furious at Clockwork. Fists were curled in an angered ball, lips twisted in a snarl, and his eyes had some dancing flames of frustrations within, “I know you like making fun of me! Making my life miserable most of the time! Heck, you’ve been watching me my whole life laughing at every mistake I make! And now! NOW!” Lance-copy took a deep breathe, “YOU DARE TO WAVE AT MY FACE THIS ILLUSION OF ME BEING A BLACK PALADIN?!”

“Technically, this is not an illusion. This is another reality where black paladin Lance happened. As you can see that there is a Lance wearing the black paladin suit before us.”

“Great! THAT’S GREAT!” Lance-copy was breathing too fast for Keith’s liking, “ANOTHER REALITY! YOU LOVE FLAUNTING IT IN FRONT OF ME THAT I AM FAILURE, AREN’T YOU?!”

Ragged breathes followed the outburst. It was…so out of character in Keith’s opinion. He never saw their Lance snapped like that. Heck, none of them saw Lance with real anger directed to any member of their team. To see this unrestrained display of fierce negative emotions? It was…a new experienced.

Clockwork lost all his playfulness displayed on his face before and replaced by a seriousness that even Lance-copy was forced to tone down his anger. The eyes mimic a serpentine appearance when the clock hands moved to six o’clock.

“No, that is not the reason why we are here. This place,” Clockwork spread his arms to emphasized his point, “is another route that could have been for you. After all, you are the original timeline. The original Lance. I am just showing you the could have’s and the would have’s.”

“This is a “could have” reality.” Clockwork pointed towards the Black Paladin, “And I am your “would have” reality.”

Well…that was an info bomb.

it’s easy to miss the gold we find

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a series of ficlets written for robert week.

day one: write a romantic scene between your favourite robert ship.

It was like any other Saturday morning, when Robert woke up. He could just about see sunlight poking through part of their curtains, Aaron never closing them properly (despite Robert going and buying blackout curtains, so there wouldn’t so much as be an inch of light in their room in the mornings), the duvet bunched up around Robert’s shoulders.

He was alone.

Robert wasn’t surprised to wake up to an empty bed, Aaron prone to still being an early riser at the weekends, the side effect of too many years up at the scrapyard, but he was still a little disappointed he’d slept in so much, and missed his favourite part of their Saturday routine, the two of them curled up in bed together, exchanging lazy kisses, and talking about their plans for the day.

(Robert savoured every moment he got with Aaron now, savoured all the lazy kisses and cosy mornings, all the things he’d never expected to get to have again.)

Stretching his hands above his head, Robert took a second or two to stretch out his sleep heavy limbs, smirking slightly to himself as he felt the ache in his backside, the aftermath of a Friday night in with his husband (boyfriend? partner? He really wasn’t sure anymore, if he was honest.)

A night in with his Aaron.

Robert pushed the duvet off himself, shivering slightly at the chill of their room as the air hit his bare skin.

Aaron hadn’t turned the heating on again.

Robert tugged on a pair of pyjama bottoms, and a ratty old t-shirt, going back for a pair of Aaron’s thick winter socks and a hoodie on second thought, wanting to spend his Saturday morning as comfortable as possible, thank you very much.

This was his home, and if he wanted to slob out, he absolutely would. Robert wasn’t even going to bother with a shower, figuring Aaron had experienced his bed head and morning breath enough times to not care.

(And if he was angling for a round of shower sex, well, no one had to know, did they?)

Robert could hear Aaron in the kitchen, as he made his way down the spiral staircase, admiring the way light seemed to pour in the stained glass front door. That, he decided, was one of his very best ideas.

(Okay, so maybe it had been Ronnie’s idea, but Ronnie was long gone from the village, and Robert was taking the credit.)

“Something smells good,” Robert commented, padding into the kitchen. The table was laid for two, a bright bunch of flowers messily arranged in a vase Diane had bought them as a wedding present.

Aaron whirled around at Robert’s words, eyes wide. “You’re supposed to still be in bed!” he said, as though this was something Robert was supposed to know already. Aaron was already dressed for the day, wearing his best jeans, and a tight grey t-shirt that showed off the very welcome consequences of his five days a week in the gym habit.

Robert raised an eyebrow. “I’m not allowed in my own kitchen now?” he said, reaching around Aaron to flick the kettle on, noticing that Aaron was making his favourite, pancakes and bacon. “What’s the occasion?”

Aaron looked at the mess behind him, giving a slight shrug. “I….. I wanted to do something nice for you,” he admitted.

“Why? It’s not my birthday.”

“No, but does it have to be? You do nice stuff for me all the time,” Aaron shrugged, tugging on the sleeve of Robert’s borrowed hoodie. “Go on, sit down, it’s nearly ready.”

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Stitches and Smiles

This is the first fanfiction written for our Court with our members by our amazing Healer, Levi @lifelillysandmagicwands. It’s just a random day in the court and please do like/reblog and leave feedback for Levi if you enjoy this! Welcome to a little glimpse of The Lightning Court. Enjoy!

Levi awoke to her summons bell ringing wildly, breaking the calm silence of her private room and scaring her so badly she fell off her bed. She toppled out of her warm blankets, knocking over a pile of books and effectively waking up Ori who was napping on the windowsill. She’d make up for frightening her later, she thought as her cat glared at her and then slipped under her still toasty blankets. She glanced at the clock that sat on her wall- it was far too early to be up. But alas, duty calls. Or more specifically, the injured did. She quickly threw up her tangled hair into a bun, splashed water onto her face and grabbed her work satchel before running out the door. As of three weeks ago, Levi was living in the castle. During training season, injuries were at a high-and so the demand for a live-in healer was as well. But unfortunately, it meant that sleep was a rare commodity for her and Milly, the other court healer. Levi’s stomach gurgled its opposition to work before breakfast. Perhaps Alexa was up already, making breakfast for the High Ladies, but there was no smell of pancakes or coffee in the air, so it was unlikely. Strolling through the halls of Hiraeth and occasionally tripping over her own feet, she concentrated hard so as to not stumble like a drunkard, lest someone come upon her at this ungodly hour and think she was abusing the generosity of her High Ladies. Levi made note to ask them for a different mean of summons. She had been woken too many a night by the loud clanging of that awful iron bell. Maybe they’d send a night guard to fetch her next time someone decided it would be a wonderful idea to throw daggers half drunk at 3am.

Realizing she had unintentionally started to frown and furrow her brow, she tried shaking off her bitter mood. As she turned the corner into the hospital wing, the unusual silence reached her ears. If someone was injured, surely there would be voices speaking, or at the very least, cries of pain. But there was nothing. She must have been called to the High Ladies’ tower directly.

Tonight was Milly’s turn for the late shift, but it seemed that her schedule was getting to her, since she seemed to be curled into a ball and completely asleep in one of the medical beds. Let her sleep, Levi mused; after all, that was her some days ago-always passing out, not so much at the castle hospital wings, but always in the hallways and during meals. Walking past a gently snoring Milly, Levi opened the door to the mixing room to look for her work clothes. She’d walked all the way there in her training pants and sleep shirt, which was a sheer grey and kept riding up her stomach, as well as slipping off her shoulders. It would be rather awkward to work in that, if the patient was conscience.

After replacing her rumpled clothes for her far more appropriate healer’s attire, she slipped back out of the hospital wing, only slightly more awake than when she came.

It was a rare day in the city when they didn’t have a sky full of dark grey and black clouds, crackling with thunder and lightning. Today however, there was sunlight softly dripping through the thin white clouds that swirled around with the east winds. This must be something the Búrkalag was working on. It was a nice change of pace, all her flowers and plants would be grateful for the extra sunshine. With a renewed sense of focus, Levi found herself climbing the 150+ stairs to the fourth floor of the castle, making her thank the gods for the still cold air of the early morning.

She approached the open tower ledge and gently untucked her wings, stretching them wide and curling her toes. Tucking her satchel under her arm, she bent her knees and shot up towards the door to the High Ladies’ suite in the highest tower. It only took about a minute to reach the balcony, but it was one minute of very cold ears and wind-lash tears. Levi released a small sigh of relief when her feet touched the solid stone of the balcony. From her spot, she could see the entirety of the west side of the city, and some of the sea close by. Surprisingly, there was little to no wind this high up, and that was thanks to the sheer amount of control the High Ladies had on their surroundings.

Tucking her wings behind her again, she lifted a hand, knocking on the doors softly, and waited. Shifting her weight from side to side, Levi took a moment to prepare herself to greet the High Ladies. It always unnerved her. Settling on “Good day, Milady”, she straightened her back and took a deep breath as the dark blue and purple stain glass door opened.

“Grood-uh, I mean-” She paused her rambling at the sight of a very serious looking August, standing in the doorway with a long billowing robe of royal purple that matched the color beneath her eyes, her blonde hair in a long intricate braid. “What happened?”

The High lady said nothing, only opened the door wider and stepped back into the large room. Levi cautiously stepped in after her, her eyes darting around, searching for signs of blood or something being amiss. But before she could scan the whole room a loud clang made her jump. With a start she looked for the source of the sound, but August shook her head in a silent warning and walked into a side room, off the living space. Following her, Levi heard quiet mumbles and a hushed whisper. Moving the curtain aside she caught full view of High lady El, dumping blood soaked cloths into a very large fireplace. Pausing to watch them catch fire, before walking all the way into the spacious chamber.

“Levi! Thank goodness, come here quickly!” El said, walking halfway to her and gesturing frantically with one hand. “What happened? Who’s hurt?” Levi responded. Knowing it wasn’t either of the High Ladies, a weight that had been forming in her chest was lifted. Moving to El’s side, she looked down at the person on the bed who was clad in only a thin white nightgown, looking remarkably pale. Her usually mischievous eyes now filled with pain and confusion.


“Lev? Why aren’t you sleeping?” questioned Labonno, the First-in-Command to the High ladies.

“Me? I’m the healer! What your excuse?”

Bon then gestured to her left forearm with a grimace. Furrowing her brow Levi dropped to one knee and snatched Bon’s arm into her hands. Blood coated her fingers within seconds. “What happened? This is a deep wound Bon, you’re going to need stitches before I can reform your skin” Levi mumbled as she searched with one hand through her satchel for gauze, her other clamped on the still bleeding wound. Bon looked at the painting of a large palace on the wall, avoiding her gaze and her question. El spoke up from behind her instead “There are more Levi, at least three”

Raising an incredulous eyebrow, and glanced sideways at Gusty. Who, in response sighed and sat next to Bon on the bed. “Tell her Bon, what did you do last night?”

Bon shifted uneasily, frowning deeply and wrinkling her nose. She glanced up at Gusty cautiously, who in turn gave her a stern sort of glare, something you’d get from your mother after misbehaving. With a sigh of resignation Bon returned her gaze to the healer, too busy quietly mending the second wound she had found on Bon’s side, the first already closely stitched and tingling as it healed over.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen. I went out for a stroll on the south side, to take a look at the new bar” she mumbled, clenching her jaw as she recalled the incident. El made a tsk-ing sound with her tongue as she gently braided Bon’s long hair as she added, “And ended up frightening me half to death, showing up at our door so early - looking like you’d been to hell and back, covered in blood no less!” El scolded, giving Bon a solid tap on the top of her head.

“So you went out for a drink? Then what?” continued Gusty, with a raised brow of interest.

“I was trying to talk up a blacksmith when I saw a man across the bar touch a girl’s leg and push a drink into her hand” answered Bon, her eyes going cold as she stared straight ahead, lost in the memory and seeming to forget about the pain of her wounds. “He was acting like he owned her. I didn’t like the way he stared at her, like she was some kind of meat”

“So you attacked him?” asked El, her large eyes wrinkling around the corners as her lips pulled into a frown.

“Not right away!” Bon defended. “I waited until I was sure she didn’t want to be around him - and she didn’t! She asked him to leave but he wouldn’t go”

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re so roughed up - you’re an exceptional fighter” piped up El. Bon winced before answering “I had…a few drinks-”

“A few?” cut in an extremely sceptical Gusty.

“And I didn’t think. I just…lept in- I was so angry I hadn’t thought to make a plan”

She curled her legs under her as Levi finished with the last of the stitches, flinching with the moment, before murmuring a quick thanks.

“I didn’t know he had friends with him, it was four to one. Yeah, they got in a couple hits, but I still won” Bon added, a wicked grin curling her full lips. Gusty let out a sigh before sitting next to El, giving space for Levi to stand.

Getting up and wiping her crimson stained hands on a cloth from her satchel Levi took a second to check over her work. And after nodding to herself, she pulled out a tin of salve.

“This will help to keep it from itching and scarring. Next time Bon, please try to keep the High Ladies from worrying about you getting into fights” She mumbled as she smeared some across the now fleshy pinky wounds.

Gusty looked up at her, a small smile gracing her elegant features.

“I’m not worried about my First-in-Command getting into a fight Levi, she can handle herself fine” she said, giving Bon a knowing pat on her shoulder before taking a breath to continue.

“What I do have a problem with however, is her disturbing the peace of my city. If you need to fight someone Bon, at least have the sense to take it outside” she finished with a pointed look in her direction.

“Yes, August”

A steady silence filled the room, the only sounds being the fire crackling heartily in its hearth and the soft tinkle of wind chimes hanging from outside the bay window.

“Will that be all, Milady?” inquired the suddenly very fatigued healer. Gusty stood, with a slight shake of her head and turned to face her properly.

“Yes. Thank you for coming at this hour Levi, go get some rest. I’ll have Alexa bring up your breakfast to your room before you go”

“Um, go where exactly? - Milady” said an already confused and slightly drowsy Levi.

“Home” Gusty replied, leading her back towards the door “You’ve been working very long shifts. Milly will get a few days off as well”

Her tone left no room for the argument that was trying to slip through Levi’s lips. If she and Milly weren’t around, who would act as healers in their stead? The High Lady, seeming to know her concerns, spoke before she could.

“I will be temporarily suspending any weapon training in the castle and in case of any other injuries, a friend of mine from the Dawn court will be visiting us and living in the castle. He can act as healer while you and Milly are away”

August looked at Levi as she opened her door for her, the sky now filled with both sunlight and dark clouds bunched together like clumps of grey wool.

“Go get some sleep, you look like you’re about to pass out” She said with a small and slightly concerned smile.

“Of course, goodnig- Err.. good morning?” Levi quickly bowed and opened her wings once more. Slinging her satchel over her head, she leapt from the balcony.

With the healer safely out of sight and headed to bed, August returned to her mate and First-in-Command-the latter sound asleep and mumbling quietly to herself, the color already returning to her skin. The day was new and the aroma of fried eggs and spices was already making its way up from the kitchens. Rubbing her heavy eyes, El slipped her hand into Gusty’s and dragged her down onto the velvety black couch next to where Bon slept.

“She’ll be fine, it’s only a few cuts and a hangover. Nothing she hasn’t dealt with before” El whispered, her eyes already fluttering close and a sleepy grin pulling up her lips. Pressing a loving kiss to the side of her mate’s head, August leaned back into a throw pillow. Closing her eyes as well and pulling her arms around El’s small frame, she let herself be thankful for the fact that she had her mate in her arms. Her friends were alive and well, and all the lands had found peace for the first time in centuries. Her court was not perfect but neither was she. Yes, she was extremely grateful and she would continue to be as long as there were things to be grateful for.

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Trust Me Part 4

Originally posted by the-return-of-the-imagines

Not My Gif

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5, Part 6

Poe Dameron x Reader (eventually), Female Reader, Original Characters, Fluff

Author’s Note: Okay, I think I figured out it’s going to be a six parter.  I have part 5 half way done right now.  So I’ll have it up soonish. Thank you for all your patience and support.  I love you guys! <3

Word Count: 3,079

          The night of the mission arrived and Poe couldn’t stop fidgeting.

          He stood in the living room of your apartment awkwardly tugging at his collar and sleeves.  He normally would be running his hand through his hair, but he didn’t want to mess with it. It had taken him longer than he wanted to admit to keep it down and slick.

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The Secret Garden

Note: this has nothing to do with the novel, other than it shares a name. Many thanks to the group chat participants who stayed up with me while I wrote this, and graciously allowed me to fill the chat with fic in the first place.

As has been his habit for long years, Sid wanders the local forest, and happens upon a quiet, well-maintained garden, where he meets a young man reading on a stone bench. The young man looks up at Sid’s intrusion, a little shocked, but his face smooths to a pleasant smile. “Hello,” he says, his voice soft and accented in a way that makes Sid think of adventures in far-off lands.

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Cheer Up Post #4101 - Art Nouveau Edition

alexandra-again would also like a post full of beautiful Art Nouveau. Here!

Art Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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