stained glass butterfly

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I have this idea of no piercing no tattoo Tae going with Jimin to a tattoo parlour cause Ji wants another ear piercing and surprise! The guy doing the piercings is super hot. He's got a bunch of tattoos including this gorgeous stained glass butterfly on the back of his hand and Tae is just standing there in his gucci button up feeling so flustered. Sneaking glances at the piercer and his pretty mint hair. He can't help himself from going back to the tattoo shop, [cont'd]

Okay but before they even start Taehyung is almost shaking just thinking “oh shit oh shit oh shit what did i just do!” because he’s never really had a high pain tolerance, like he literally cried when Jin pinched him one time for stealing his snacks, and now there’s going to be a needle going through his skin.There’s going to be something sharp and pointy literally stabbing a hole into his body. The younger is like seconds away from puking as Yoongi stands in front of him and smirks that little teasing smirk like he knows exactly what Taehyung is thinking. 

He probably does, honestly, if the way he grabs Taehyung’s hand and squeezes says anything. 

“You know, Doll.” Yoongi’s voice is laced with concern but also playfulness and it makes Taehyung feel soft but still scared as fuck. “You didn’t have to come all the way over here and get a piercing if you wanted to see me that badly, i know it’s scary, Princess.”

Yoongi is still smirking, smugness clear all over his face.

Taehyung blushes. He’s been caught and all he can do to keep what little honor he has left is roll his eyes and put on a brave face. Yoongi totally feels his dick twitch in his pants when Taehyung lifts his shirt to show off the tan smooth skin of his tummy. 

“C’mon big boy, you gotta stick me with your needle.” 

Stained glass butterfly sun catcher

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