stained glass butterfly



A curious variety of butterfly found in South America, the Ītzpāpālōtl - or Obsidian Butterfly - can come in a range of colours from shades of brown to dark grey and, indeed, almost black, much as Obsidian can. Named for the Aztec deity, they were first formally identified to Western Magizoologists by Brazilian Libatius Borage, who found the creatures feeding on some plants he wished to take specimens of. Sometimes mistaken for the mundane moth, Rothschildia orizaba Ītzpāpālōtls can be recognised by an almost glassy iridescence to their wings and can, when threatened, turn utterly invisible.

Due to their glassy and sometimes mineralised forms, it has been suggested by some Magizoologists that Ītzpāpālōtl be exposed to the Stained Glass Butterflies of northern England, though this has not yet been done, due to the limited numbers of the latter and their delicacy. The continued studies on the creatures by Professor Borage proved the creatures to be essential to the pollination of some mundane and magical plants and, indeed, the cause of certain cross-pollinations that had been puzzling him for years. Due to this they are also sometimes called Borage’s Butterfly - the insect he speculated had to exist but had not found.

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