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I Love You Forever
Two Steps From Hell
I Love You Forever

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While all art here was drawn by me, the song and characters are not my property and belong respectively to Two Steps From Hell and Andrew Hussie. I am not profiting off of the use of these creations.

A long time ago someone proposed the prompt: “What I learned in Homestuck is…?” and I never could shake the idea. I wrote the script for this about a year ago, remade the panels about three times, and finally ended up with this. Please take your time reading, the song does not have lyrics. I recommend viewing this on my blog rather than on your dashboard.

Thank you, Homestuck. Thank you, Hussie. Thank you, fandom. Happy 413!

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I promised myself i wasn’t gonna make a villain deku…but i wind up doing it anyway *cries* not to mention on deku’s birthday….terrible timing, right?

Villain!Deku-The Hero Lover: Deku snaps after years of bullying/discouragement from people around him. Tomura finds the broken boy and crowns him his own “Little brother”. Deku became Stain’s apprentice while developing his own twisted theory of what heroes are meant. It seems that deku is too far gone…and yet….there is that one scar faced boy who refuses to give up on him.

She wanted to ask the stars why they are so beautiful, but little did she know that these stars wanted to ask her the same question.

you’re beautiful.

It was all shapes.

Guess which video game I finished (and am like halfway through a second play through on haaaah)! Night in the Woods is charming, and I loved the characters and the colours. I heartily recommend it to anyone who liked Oxenfree, Undertale or Life is Strange, among other things. I don’t know if I did the game’s actual colours justice, but I tried. 

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