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@sixpenceee I was busy revising for my biology practical and I found this.

Hyaline cartilage


A translucent bluish-white type of cartilage present in the joints, the respiratory tract, and the immature skeleton.


Sorrows by Albert
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Museum Schnütgen, Köln

- Howlers -
Red Rising Trilogy (Morning Star)

Rejects-turned-Commandos, the Howlers were an essential component to Darrow’s Rising. Founded and Led by Sevro Au Barca in the grit of the Institute; this group of elite soldiers grew from a few school yard friends to a notorious corps of fearsome warriors comprised of different fighting colors and a myriad of backgrounds. Candidates must be willing and capable, loyal and fearless, and shouldn’t mind a little initiation.


Daily Drawing Challenge 76: I drew a Sevro drawing and kinda flubbed it, wasn’t up to par with my previous fanart. Thought I’d remix it and and include my one of my favorite characters: Ragnar Volarus! 

Again I figured I’d try a futuristic commando aesthetic rather than the popular ‘superhero’ attire I see on tumblr.