Beautifully stained specimen make me so happy! This is a shortnose sturgeon.

Hello! I work for the natural history collections at my school so I understand all the law and have all the Permits I need to care for my dead things. This piece is not a personal collection piece but the schools.

-30 day OTP challenge-

DAY 22 - In battle (side by side)

This drawing is basically a fan art for the phanfictions Stained, Twisted and Wanted by audrat on wattpad, you should read them they are amazing, audrat is my go to for good fan fictions haha.

I had the sketch for this drawing for like 2 months now and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to finish it, so… yeah.

PS. I am back from my little holiday I feel so refreshed and filled with ideas so the OTP challenge is back; also I started to use my Instagram more (alannaharlow) in case you want to follow that haha, thank you all so much, see you tomorrow <3 


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@sixpenceee I was busy revising for my biology practical and I found this.

Hyaline cartilage


A translucent bluish-white type of cartilage present in the joints, the respiratory tract, and the immature skeleton.