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Imagine Jared Leto is your friend’s hot father that you soon learn has a thing for you, too.

Kerri has a crush on her friend’s dad, Mr. Leto -a man well in his 40s with the face and body of a 25 year old. Little does Kerri know that Mr. Leto sees her, too. 

Sleepover Surprise - Chapter 1

Mr. Leto was a fox. There’s nothing silver about him. His hair was dark brown and slicked back down to his neck every time I saw him. His build was slim, but fit for a man well in his half of century here. The way his muscles cleaved to his frame was incomprehensible. And his eyes…his eyes were a piercing blue that stabbed my eyes like an arrow at every glance. It’s always hard to look at him sometimes, not just because of his fierce eyes, but because my mind always wandered into the dark side of reason after a few seconds…

Everyone else was in Allegra’s room. Blasting our favorite pop hits and gossiping about Dylan Jones and what he said in AP pre-cal class… for a nerd, he’s such a deutsch.  

I’d just finished taking a shower and getting my favorite Pink PJs on. I felt so sexy like those models on the TV commercials. I struck a pose as I brushed my teeth, After failing horribly at resembling anything sexy, I packed my toothbrush and girded my loins for Allegra’s stories about Dylan.

“Kerri! You take forever in there! We’re gonna start the movie without you” Allegra yells up the stairs from her living room. Boy, she’s right on queue.

“Just a minute!” I tried to scramble everything together in my night bag. Major fail. Half my toiletries fall into the hallway floor. Deodorant, nail polish, Q-tips, stain removers, you name it, it was on the floor.

“Ugh,” I sighed as I collected my things. I tried to keep it neat; try is the operative word. 

I was almost done collecting the Q-tips when I heard soft rock music from down the hall in Mr. Leto’s room. The song sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t recognize it. My curiosity lead me tip-toing down the hall. The door was slightly cracked. A soft beam of light made a glowing triangle on the hallway rug. From behind the door I finally began to make out the song.

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Okay who’s good with some stain remover tips?

Also, this past week I learned that I can start a new life as a card shark, the Autobahn wasn’t as thrilling as I’d have hoped, and finally that liverwurst is really not that bad.


A helpful solution to get rid of those bright lipstick stains that get let behind after you remove your makeup. 

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Not the best day when it comes to sewing. The damask fabric I got for the main dress is proving to be quite the problem child. 

About three yards of it is damaged with stains and marks which I thought were wrinkles but once they are pressed out they leave behind marks that look like pencil lines. I tried soapy water, alcohol, and stain remover on a Q tip and they did come out!…but that seriously altered the sheen of the fabric which looks even worse than the marks themselves. 

I practically had to toss out two yards of fabric since the bodice pattern I cut out was unusable (I was working from the underside and didn’t notice the markings). And the remaining yard of damage is going on the back of the skirt. I just hope i’ll have enough fabric ;_;

And on top of all that i’ve been staring at it so long that the filigree now looks like a sad mans face. It has a nose. And a mustache. With eyes and eyebrows.

I’m not looking for a solution, i’ve moved on. It’s just been frustrating!