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Harumichi Month 2017 Prompts!











Tag your work as “Harumichi Month” or mention me! Also, make sure to label the day somewhere on your work! PS: NSFW stuff is allowed as long as it’s not too weird.

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30 Things You Can Add to Your Art Journal

Art journals can be decorated, simple, planned out, spontaneous, and a great outlet for stress. Here are some ideas for you to add to your own art journal.

1. Collage. Using magazines, newspapers, old books, posters, prints off the internet, you can make fabulously artistic pages.  

2. Sew-on Decor. Instead of using glue, Mod Podge, or tape, try using thread to sew pictures onto the pages. It will give it a vintage, textured look.

3. Tea Stain. If you take a tea bag and steep it in hot water for a little, you can stain the pages to make the pages look old. Different teas make different colors, so experiment!

4. Paint. Water-color painting, acrylic painting, finger painting, or whatever the medium of paint is that you choose. Get in there and paint the pages however you want!

5. Sketch. Not all pages have to be pops of colors and textures. You can have pages of beautiful simple sketches.  

6. Stamp. If you don’t have stamps, it’s easy to make your own. Search for some DIY stamps.

7. Nature. Tape or glue pieces of nature into your pages. Flowers, grass, leaves, or twigs. 

8. Masking Tape. Make a pattern on the page with masking tape and color, paint, or doodle over the pattern. Take the tape off when you’re done to see the amazing pattern underneath. 

9. Doodle. Draw anything and everything. Try using pens or markers instead of pencil. Make mistakes and live with them because mistakes are beautiful.

10. Outline Objects. Take a roll of tape, a phone case, pictures, or anything around you and outline them with pens, markers, or Sharpies. Overlap the shapes for an interesting effect. 

11. Washi Tape. Decorate the pages with borders, wrap it around the edges, or create shapes. 

12. Trace. If you have thin enough pages, you can trace shapes, images, and scenes. Just don’t claim that the tracing was your own art because that’s not cool. 

13. Blow Paint. Glob some paint with some water and use a straw to blow the paint around the page. 

14. Pastels. Experiment with pastels. Mix them with water, rubbing alcohol, or just smudge and mix them together. 

15. Stencils. Use stencils to design pages with shapes and images. You can experiment by using paints or by overlapping. 

16. Stickers. Plaster an entire page with stickers if you want or use them sparingly. It’s your call. 

17. Divide the Page. Use a ruler or a flat edge to divide the page into various sizes of shapes. Color each shape in differently. 

18. Etch. Etching is a technique in which you place an object under the page and shade over it. The final outcome is really amazing. 

19. Sharpies. Scribble, sketch, doodle or experiment by mixing the Sharpies with rubbing alcohol. 

20. Glitter. Throw some glitter (make it rain) on some wet paint, glue, or water-brushed pages. 

21. Scribble. Exactly what it says. 

22. Burn the Page. This one you need to be careful with because you could ruin the whole book. Take a lighter or a match and just gently burn the edges of the page to make it look old. 

23. Outline Your Hands. By outlining your hands, you are making a page that no one else can…unless they have the same size hand as you.

24. Sponge. Dip a sponge in paint and press it on the page all over. 

25. Make A Comic. Who says you have to draw out a comic? Collage it or paint it! Or just draw it because that’s pretty too. 

26. Zentangles. If you aren’t sure what these are, just look them up. They are fun and are said to help people calm down. 

27. Your Own Pictures. Add your own personal images of friends, family, yourself into your artwork. 

28. Quotes. You can write them yourself, print them out, cut them from magazines, or cut them from books. 

29. Maps. This might be difficult for those who don’t have maps or atlases. Mod Podge pieces of maps to the pages. 

30. Mixed Media. Combine any of the previous suggestions for a fantastic piece that you’ll be proud of.

Coffee Stains Pt.3

Ship: Feysand 
Type:College AU
Word Count: 2,366

Thank you so much to @moldy–voldy for being so patient with me! I’m really sorry this took longer than expected. Exams really took over my life and I broke my pinky promise to finish this in time for Halloween, and I take my pinky premises seriously so I’m sorry about that. And another thank you to @tintinnabulary@abbymendoza-14 @feysandbooks and @sparkleywonderful for your kind words of encourgaement! I hope you all enjoy! 

Parts 1&2 are here 

Feyre was dragged from her slumber by the persistent buzzing of her cell phone. Who the hell was calling her at 9:00am on a Sunday? She rolled over to her bedside table to see who could possibly be calling. Feyre was slightly less annoyed when she saw Mor’s name across the screen. Feyre picked up the phone and managed to choke out



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y/n and spencer had gotten to his apartment and were currently sitting on his couch, She with a glass of wine and he with his favorite donuts.

y/n grinned at spencer as she watched him devour the donuts she knew he loved.

“my mom wants to meet you.” spencer said nonchantly.

“your mom? why me?” Y/n almost yells after choking on her drink.

“well I may or may not have told her I was dating this amazingly beautiful woman who happened to make me extremely happy.” he replies with a grin.

“ Actually y/n, I have been meaning to ask you for the past couple of weeks but every time I gathered the courage to, I got interrupted. well, uh , y/n, what I’m trying to say is uh-” Spencer was trying to say

“Spence. ” y/n whispered.

She scooted closer to him, their knees now touching.

I swear to the fucking lords above, if anything happens to him. y/n thought to herself.

She cupped his cheek in her hand, sliding it down to the back of his neck; pulling his face down to hers.

Her lips hovered over his for a sight second before he crashed his lips to hers. She laid back into the couch as he hovered over her, her hands sliding up into his curly brown luscious locks, tugging on them slightly, earning a small moan from him. His hands gripping her waist, he pulled away before kissing the corner of her now bruised lips, trailing kisses down to her jaw, the middle of her throat, the base of her neck.

“ Y/n kiss Will kiss you kiss please kiss be kiss mine kiss ?” He asked in hushed whispers

She rolled them over, crashing onto the floor and straddled his lap. They laughed before pushing aside the fallen books that had crashed onto the floor with them.

she kissed his nose. and then his cheek, then his left. and then his chin, leading down his jaw, and his adams apple, and finally his neck. She began to suck lightly, wanting to claim him as her own. Spencer gripped her waist, trying to suppress his moans and failing at it. She left dozens more kisses across his neck before pulling away and sitting up.

“ Is the wonderful, brilliant Dr. Spencer Reid, asking me to be his girlfriend?” Y/n asked with the biggest smile on her face

“I guess I am, What do you say?” Spencer asked, feeling bold and confident.

“ well maybe if you took a look in the mirror, you’d know your answer. ” y/n replied with a slight chuckle, shaking her head in embarrassment.

He is a fricking FBI agent for gods sake.


Spencer walked into the BAU the next morning, with his head a little higher and his neck a little lower.

“Pretty boy, stop right there.” Derek said, making Spencer wipe his grin off his face.

“ What is that on your neck” Derek asked, slightly laughing

“ oh- uh nothing i,um. I fell.” Reid said as he tried to play it off.

“Well, Spencer, was this thing you fell on happen to be someone’s lips?” Emily suddenly asked.

well im screwed.

“boy genius has a girlfriend and as much as id love to discuss this, we have another case. Hotch wants us immediately. ” Penelope interrupted, thankfully.

“ alright people, This is Rachel Madrigal, a caucasian female, 25 years old. She was reported missing a month ago by her fiance. She was found 2 weeks ago, her eyeballs missing. This is Tanya Mauricio also a Caucasian female, 22 years old. She was reported missing 2 weeks ago by her roommate and was found yesterday afternoon with her tongue missing. Both girls were found under planted roses after the owner of the land found a dog who had been digging in his yard. The property is currently being searched for any other victims.” Garcia said, noting that this was happening.

“The eyeballs and tongue are missing? What could our unsub be doing with them?” JJ thought aloud.

“Well the unsub could be harboring them, possibly eating them or maybe creating something.” Spencer said nonchalantly.

Garcia’s eyes widened in horror at what Spencer said.

“Well thanks now that’s burned into my brain.” She said glumly

“Garcia, notify the Local Police and let them know we will be there in 2 hours. Wheels up in 30.” Hotch said

Well if this isnt the perfect way to start off a new relationship. Luckily y/n understands.

Spencer thought to himself, a small smile on his face.