Reasons why this scene is everything, why it is life, and I cling to it like a comfort blankie. And why I will under no circumstances except any explanation from CC about a split-up Mulder and Scully in the revival.

1. Peeka boo!! And his playful smile, although our favorite lighting department did it no justice.  Also Concerned!Mulder is da-bess. 

2.“Just a little something?” THEY ARE REFERRING TO HIS PENIS, YOU GUYS.    If you take away the entire series, this officially makes MSR sex canon.  Excuse me while my life is made. 

*Honorable mention goes to the fact that he is probably squeezing her butt under the cover. 

3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOGMOGMGM OH MY GOD!!!!!!  He calls her honey!!!!!!!! I missed it the first time, but listen close: “Oh, honey.” STAHP. Stahpit Mulder right now with your domestication. The butterflies in my tummy are flying around the room. I have a toothache. Marry me. 

Addendum:  Some of you may agree with me on this point and some may not. And that’s fine and dandy with me. It’s what my eyes see and my ears hear. I also believe Mulder say’s “I love you.” in Fight the Future and Scully mouths “It’s yours.” In Three Words. They are my happy little canons and you can choose to share them with me or not. :) 

4. WILLIAM. I’m just so fucking grateful they talk about William. Finally. The pain that losing a child can bring FINALLY get’s some– albeit brief– acknowledgement. CHRIST they (the writers) screwed this up in season 9 and while this isn’t anywhere near a solution, it’s *something*. William deserved something. Dana Scully deserved something. And for F’s sake CC couldn’t have made Mulder any LESS of an ambiguously grieving father than he did in the series finale. THEY DESERVED MORE. That arc forever left a scar. Let’s hope the revival does a bit more repair work. I could say more. But it would be a book. 

5. “..Let me curse God for a while…” True to Mulder fashion, he knows he cannot fix the problem, so being the ever-martyr that he is, he wants to take on the pain himself. Bear the cross for her. GOD HELP ME I LOVE THAT MAN. It’s so perfect my chest hurts. That is selfless love, peeps. Pay attention.

6. They kiss like married people y’all. I’m cheesing. It’s so damn old and cute and *habitual* that I want to cross-stitch their fake wedding date and hang it on my wall. 

7. “Scratchy beard!!” Scully’s pouty face, plaintive tone.  Observe Mulder’s adoring gaze. Let’s just freeze time and stay in this moment, shall we? Can we? What I wouldn’t give to know what that beard smells like. (is that bad?)  

8. Oh, let me count the ways. The nuzzle. The giggle. HE SMELLS HER HAIR. And then he kisses her. This is every happy head canon and MSR fanfic rolled into a perfect few seconds. It’s exactly how I would have pictured Mulder (and Scully, for that matter) to act in bed. Utterly in love, devoted, and playful amongst all the heartbreak and ruin. Their truth is each other. And I don’t care how cheesy that sounds. 

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