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Hungry (YugBam x Reader)

Request: Poly relationship with YugBam? I think that relationship would be so cute and on the immature side as our two maknaes are so playful Fluffy interactions where they mess with other members and ends with others annoyed but mildly amused and fond of the situation? Please and thank you!

Member: Got7′s Yugyeom x Got7′s BamBam x Y/N

Type: fluff

Warning: poly relationship between Yugyeom and BamBam, it’s super cute, but if you get grossed out by it, fair warning here!

“Hyung,” Yugyeom moaned as he writhed around on the floor. “I’m hungry.”

Jinyoung looked up from the book he was reading with wide eyes and quickly scanned the room. “I’m sorry, am I the hyung you’re talking to?”

“Yessss,” Yugyeomed moaned again as he looked up at the older boy. “Jinyoung hyung, will you make me some food?”

“I’m sorry Jinyoung isn’t in right now, please leave your message after the tone,” Jinyoung yawned, looking back down to the novel in his hands. 

“HUUUUNGGRRRRYYY,” Yugyeom whined. 

I chuckled as I watched my boyfriend wiggle around on the floor. When he was tired or hungry, it seemed as if he would most often revert back into some sort of toddler mode. 

“Y/N, can’t you control that monster?” Mark groaned, passing through the living room and narrowly avoiding stepping on his dongsaeng. 

“Bammie!” I called down the hallway. “Control your boyfriend!”

“He’s your boyfriend too!” BamBam called back. I groaned and rolled my eyes, I proceed to hop over the side of the couch and wander down the hall. 

“Bammie,” I whispered, sticking my head into he and Yugyeom’s bedroom. “Yuggie is hungry…and I am too. Will you make us Thai food?”

“In ten minutes,” he muttered, tapping at his mouse furiously. Youngjae sat by his side, not even acknowledging my existence as they both focused on the game of League of Legends before them. 

I felt hands press against my sides and a voice appear in my ear. “What did he say?” Yugyeom whined, nuzzling into my neck. 

“That we have to wait,” I grumbled. 

“Aish!” Yugyeom spat, shooting BamBam a dirty look. “Bammie, don’t you love us anymore?”

“Of course I do. I heard Jaebum hyung loves you guys too, you should probably ask him to make you food.”

At that moment, JB was walking down the hall and stopped, looking at the situation with lifted brows. “This is one mess I’m not touching,” he chuckled before continuing his trek back down the hall. 

“Ten minutes in League of Legends time is like ten years,” Yugyeom moaned with a stomp. 

“Yah, Jackson hyung!” he called as he released my hips and disappeared into the next room. 

“No! Keep your lover’s quarrel in there!” Jackson screeched. “But if he happens to be cooking, I am also hungry. Just putting that out into the world if anyone was curious.”

“I mean, if we’re asking, I’m kind of hungry too,” Youngjae sighed, shooting a curious look at BamBam. “I can finish the game if you want to start cooking.”

“Ugh,” BamBam groaned, slamming the mouse down and standing. Youngjae quickly took his spot in the rolling chair and began clicking manically. 

“Hey,” I hissed, furrowing my brows. “Attitude check.”

BamBam’s face softened and he leaned into me, wrapping a careful hand on my lower back. “Sorry jagi,” he whispered, setting a delicate kiss on my temple. 

“Oh, she get’s a ‘sorry jagi?’ I get a ‘you can starve!’” Yugyeom pouted behind us. 

BamBam rolled his eyes at the younger boy and grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him in with his opposite arm. “Sorry babe,” he sighed, standing on his tiptoes and kissing Yugyeom on the temple as well. 

Yugyeom leaned away, shimmying his shoulders slowly with a pout. “So why do you call Y/N jagi and not me?”

“Dear God Yugyeom,” BamBam groaned, fighting the smile on his face. I watched the younger boy carefully as he broke into a smile as well. Both boys engulfed me in their arms and screeched as they began to tickle my sides. 

“Stahp, oh my god, please, I can’t breath!” I croaked, melting into a puddle on the hardwood as their narrow fingers flew across my ribcage. 

“The chop stick twins strike again,” JB chuckled, poking his head from the door. 

“Yah, hyung!” BamBam said, halting his tickling and looking to his older member. “Is that an insult?”

“No, the pair of you have legs that look like chopsticks, that’s all,” Jaebum said, a wry smile on his face. 

“Yah! Your…eyes look like chopsticks!” Yugyeom fired back. 

“Aish, Yugyeom, you should probably leave the insults to us,” BamBam chuckled, helping me up from the ground. 

“Your just a cinnamon roll my love,” I sighed, taking his hand in mine. “Too pure, too good.”

“I like cinnamon rolls,” BamBam nodded with a smile, wrapping his arm around Yugyeom’s waist. 

JB rolled his eyes at the exchange and looked on us pleasantly. I knew the boys were a handful for him on his own, but add me to the situation and he had to deal with chaos a lot of the time. Even though we were crazy, I was pretty sure he was still fond of us. 

“What are you making?” Jinyoung called from the living room, the appearance of BamBam making him suddenly interested. JInyoung had no self control when it came to BamBam’s Thai food although he wouldn’t admit it. 

“Pad kra prao,” BamBam said quickly as he gathered pans from different areas in the kitchen. I set my elbows on the bar and watched as BamBam tied an apron on and giggled at Yugyeom doing the same. 

“So all helpers will get rewarded with food,” BamBam nodded, smiling brightly at Yugyeom and giving him a quick kiss. 

“I don’t need to help to be fed!” Jinyoung pouted. “You have a boyfriend AND girlfriend for that.”

“Y/N can’t help because she tried to cook Thai food with me once and almost set me on fire,” BamBam chuckled. I nodded happily and shot a smug look to Jinyoung. 

“Well, I can arrange to do the same,” Jinyoung hissed, lifting his brows. 

“On second thought, Yugyeom and I will just cook for everyone and if they’d like to help that’s fine too,” BamBam nodded. “I prefer my eyebrows not scorched.”

“You’d still be cute,” Yugyeom cooed, wiggling his butt. 

“That’s beside the point,” BamBam laughed as he busied himself chopping ingredients. Jinyoung leaned beside me and put his hand under his chin. 

“You’re lucky Y/N,” he sighed, giving my a friendly smile. He slowly directed the loving expression to the boys in front of him. 

“I know I am,” I nodded, his smile spreading onto my own lips. “But what makes you say that?”

“I can’t even get one person to go out with me,” JInyoung laughed. “And you have two. They’re a pain in the ass…but they’re good guys…and they love you and each other a lot.”

I nodded slowly. “Thanks JInyoung oppa,” I sighed. “But if you think your sweet words are what’s going to make me give up my portion of delicious Thai food to you, you’re wrong.”

“Damn,” Jinyoung grumbled, his smile turning to a frown. “I take it all back. You guys suck. Quit being cute.”

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husbandmurders  asked:

Hey! True question this time: I love you Queen of Otayuri .... Oops no, that's not it! I mean, what software do you use to draw? I am very curious to see how you colorize. I repeat it, but I'm really a fan! I am a child who learns, the eyes full of stars in front of you.

I’m not queen of otayuri please stahp it x”“D
OK I’ll do a kind of simple anime style coloring tutorial. it’s my own coloring style and it’s pretty much saves time, wants to make some simple artworks, or used when you’re too lazy to color.

I actually not good at explaining things to people….
I hope you can understand..(。ŏ﹏ŏ)

I used to use SAI but decide to try this one and I personally like it. but a lot of my friends still use SAI. any software is good, it’s just you who decide to make your drawings look fab

let’s use otayuri ministop for example cuz it has everything I need to explain (my) anime style coloring. (i said my style because everyone has their own coloring style)

any kind of coloring style always needs base color (idk what to say in here)

use G-pen or Marker to color and shade. or any kind of brush that have no blending effect. shade some parts that have depth like the back of Yuri’s neck, under the chin. Beka’s armpits, Yuri’s elbow, etc. make sure to set the light source first to decide which part that need shadows.

use light color to shade

lightning not only use for hairs but also for clothing. if your character wears spandex then you have to add lightning on it because spandex is elastic. since they’re not wearing any elastic or shiny clothing material I didn’t added lightning to their clothes

layer clip is awesome. sometimes you see your lining is too conspicuous that’s where the layer clip help to solve the problem. I use it on Yuri’s blush and the plastic cup Beka holds

last I add more layer to give thin strands for the plastic cup and tiny dots on  Beka’s eyes

to make an artwork looks so fabulous all you have to do is keep doing experiments. such as add effects like glows, sparkles, add variety of colors, add tiny details.

take note that you can’t be a pro in a few days/weeks/months without practicing a lot. I took 5 years or more to be like now x”D I’m lazy

not everyone spend their 5 years on improving. some only need a few months or years to be so good at drawing, and some need their whole life to improve cuz all they do is just complaining at their own drawings and jealous on other people’s drawings instead of practicing. choose wisely.

that’s all… I think.. and thank you for reading (´エ`;)

Seventeen Reaction To You Being Insecure About Your Thighs

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise stated ))

Requested by anon

Seungcheol: Jagi what did I say about you loving yourself?

Jeonghan: jagi are you forgetting who loves your thighs the most?

Joshua: *listens to you about your insecurities while he thinks of how to tell you he loves your thighs*

Jun: why don’t you come here and I’ll show you how you can use your thighs~

Soonyoung: I love every part of you baby~ now you just need to learn how to love yourself

Wonwoo: *fights your insecurities*

Jihoon: *preparing himself to start writing a song about how beautiful you are*

Seokmin: jagi I love your thighs! I just want to grab them like… (Seokmin that sexual assault stahp please)

Mingyu: no self hate here baby~

Minghao: Your thighs make you soft like a teddy bear!

Seungkwan: *compliments himself then you*

Vernon: look at you girl how can you not love every part of you?

Dino: But jagi I love your thighs!

When Your Sister and Your Dad Both Ship Wolfstar
  • (Aftermath of https: // and )
  • Dad: (Holding my copy of Order of the Phoenix) He fucking stares at him for FORTY FUCKING LINES
  • Sister: Wow omg dad don't swear but ya
  • Me: Can I have my book back please
  • Dad: And in Prisoner of Azkaban Lupin just transfers the blame for the death of Harry's parents from Sirius to Pettigrew in like five seconds like honestly
  • Sister: True dat
  • Me: Guys I'm glad you found something to ship but stahp please
  • Sister: (Pointing at the page) And it specifically says Lupin is staying "with Sirius"
  • Dad: Oh I didn't even notice that you're right
  • Me: (Gives up) And did you notice in-