stahp. please

Got7 Reaction To You Singing Chris Brown Sweet Love To Tease Them

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Mark: *Slow smile as he tries to not show how turned on he is*

Jaebum: *Drops whatever he was doing because there is now a new thing he wants to do*

Jackson: you think this is a game babe? *uh ohhh*

Jinyoung: *Demon Jinyoung mode on*

Youngjae: *Frustration at it’s finest*

Bambam: Stahp please… 

Yugyeom: Jagi… *Trying to be innocent*

Shit I have heard in reference to the short hair I have been trying to grow out for 4 years. NO. I do not want short hair. My hair just does not grow.

“I could never have hair as short as yours.”

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“Did you cut your hair?”

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*At the hairdressers* “Can I trim your hair?”

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“Are you trying to grow your hair out or do you prefer it short?”

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“Oh wow, your hair looks short.”

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*when my hair is pulled back* “Oh my god, did you cut all your hair off?”

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“Has your hair gotten longer?”

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“Why don’t you take biotin/prenatal/vitamins?”

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“Why doesn’t your hair grow?”

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“You should get a trim, it will grow faster.”

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“Maybe you should stop dyeing it.”

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“Aw! But you look cute/good with short hair!”

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“Why don’t you get extensions?”

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“Just wear a wig!”

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“I love my long hair!” or “Ugh! I can’t stand how long my hair is right now!”

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All this to say that the struggle is real. And please be courteous and don’t assume that I like my hair at it’s current length. I’m trying soooo hard to grow out my hair. It’s offhanded comments that just make my inner self want to slap you upside the head.

Seventeen Reaction To You Being Insecure About Your Thighs

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Seungcheol: Jagi what did I say about you loving yourself?

Jeonghan: jagi are you forgetting who loves your thighs the most?

Joshua: *listens to you about your insecurities while he thinks of how to tell you he loves your thighs*

Jun: why don’t you come here and I’ll show you how you can use your thighs~

Soonyoung: I love every part of you baby~ now you just need to learn how to love yourself

Wonwoo: *fights your insecurities*

Jihoon: *preparing himself to start writing a song about how beautiful you are*

Seokmin: jagi I love your thighs! I just want to grab them like… (Seokmin that sexual assault stahp please)

Mingyu: no self hate here baby~

Minghao: Your thighs make you soft like a teddy bear!

Seungkwan: *compliments himself then you*

Vernon: look at you girl how can you not love every part of you?

Dino: But jagi I love your thighs!

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Someone tell this guy he doesn’t need to be so extra All The Time.