stahp the cuteness!


When Himchan’s preoccupied with comments and doesn’t listen.


Jungkook realising his mistake by killing thousands of fangirls


2017.01.12 VS嵐 チーム酉年、Plus one-加藤シゲアキ 4/5

Next part was human ping-pong thingy. Nino said he would like to get the pink balls (they’re more points) and Sho ever-so-subtly mentioned Shige’s book, Pink and Grey. Thanks for the promo, guys! Shige bashfully noted he also has a pink flamingo. Ugh, the cute! Stahp it, you.

There was also a guy who had a running joke of “hiding” a “Yay!” in his fist and then “finding” it in his pocket. The second time, however, he failed to find it in his pocket and so evidently it was in someone else’s pocket. Which Sho suggested must be Shige. So Shige had no choice but to play along. Again.

But the real promo came when the girl from the other team, Kojima, said she had something to tell to Shige. He looked so startled like “What did I do?” But she informed him that Maruyama who she works with urged her to read Shige’s books.She added he was buying them on his own and distributing them to other people too. She said “I thought I’d tell you about Maruyama’s love a little.” Shige said he knew about that and other people have already told him they got him books from Maru. Shige also said he offered him to at least take his books but he wouldn’t accept them saying he wanted to “contribute to Shige’s royalties”. So Shige spoke to him on the show saying “Thank you for your care! Please continue distributing my books!” So precious~

Maru is Shige’s #1 fan.♥

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I just have to say, your 'I'm not cute! I'm a werewolf!!' is seriously word for word from a part in the play I was in a few months back where I was the werewolf and someone called me a puppy in the play and that is exactly what I said and I think I just about died

EHEHEHE, I guess you can say… we werewolves have the natural tendency to become tsundere when called “Cute”