stahp plz!

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The hot wheels thing is Just so hilarious. Imagine Raf bringing some of his own hot wheels toys and gets questions about them from the rest of the bots (and knockout, if he joined the winning team) "oh, these are hot wheels" cue gobsmacked prime team, including a laughing bumblebee (knockout secretly snags a red one,lawl)

Oh my god!  That’s hilarious!!!  It’d be like the equivalent of the Autobots having a perfectly normal and innocent gadget that they call “a sweet piece of ass”!  XD XD XD

Smokescreen and Bee would by DYING of laughter, while Ultra Magnus’s entire face burns bright blue, like, Raf, plz stahp…

I love the idea of Knock Out playing cars with Raf!  That’s so cute!  The two of them plus Bee and Smokey would all get together to build one of those massive hot wheels tracks to race on!  (They end up having to move it to the back of the base when Ratchet nearly trips over it and yells at them.)

//Gonna lay down–

While y’all clean up yo nasty lives!!!

Just kidding. I really do love you all~

Also my interview I think went really well! There are a lot of other applicants so it’ll be a while before I hear back, but… CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!! I’d be really glad if I got in, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t.

Be back in a bit, then probably reply to a few drafts~