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Recently, there’s been an increase of threads talking about the treatment Woolie and Pat received during the DS1 LP. Since Pat’s tweet, people (like me), became inspired to talk about the subject deeper.

While it’s true that their playthroughs can be frustrating at times, they shouldn’t be. The friends talk about a vast array of subjects, and games are used as a back drop.

By demanding a more expedient style, you’re basically ignoring the fact that these videos have a laid back approach to them. Like say, hanging out with your friends.

While it’s true that watching some parts of their LP can be kind of annoying, you can simply not watch and treat all like a podcast. I know because I do that often.

I’m not giving a free pass, just an alternative for those unsatisfied with their skill level. It’s getting to a point where I believe this kind of zealous criticism was a reason why Liam left and why the friends are getting less energetic.

It divides the community and the content creators, and it makes us look like a bunch of elitists morons. Beware, anxiety sucks shit, and getting shit for everything by everyone will eventually lead to a very bad situation, where no one wants to communicate anymore.

Ne Things

- Having a ton of hobbies
- Making a list for these hobbies to keep track of them all because there are so many
- Having a ton of ideas
- Making a list for these ideas to keep track of them all because there are so many
- Never finishing anything
- Making a list for all things unfinished to keep track of what needs to be finished because there are so many

In short: a crap ton of lists never reread because I’m too busy making other lists for things I have too many of.

This just in: You can think that the WWII-era Japanese Empire was a fascistic, horrible regime that committed horrific and unbelievable atrocities in Manchuria and throughout the Pacific, and also think that the United States dropping the atomic bombs on innocent fucking Japanese people, unconnected from their government, was horrific and another atrocity. These aren’t mutually exclusive. Nationalists please stop reblogging my shit and making horribly racist arguements, thanks.


Inspired by the first verse of the song “Jealous” by Labyrinth. 

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for you guys.

Set during the three year separation.

Thunder rolled in the distance as the married couple settled in for the night. “It’s fixing to storm..” Sango muttered, looking worried at the noren as she tucked the twins into bed, their identical faces completely at piece for once. Sitting back on her heels, she her right hand was drawn to her pregnant belly as if my a magnet, mindlessly caressing the mound. 

Miroku sighed, setting the cast iron pot on its hook to dry. “You know how he has gotten with the rain recently.” he smiled reassuringly, trying to mask his own worry and calm his wifes. He always worried about his silver haired companion. Especially when it rained. 

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