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So his first kiss with Amy was just like all the other ones.
Amy swooped in and kissed him out of the blue just like Beverly and Ramona did. But his reaction was the complete opposite, he just closed his eyes and let it all in. I also love the way he looks down at her lips right after they kiss. I zoomed in to make it more obvious.
PS: As soon as I was done making this gifset, Ed Sheeran’s New York ended and he sang “And I just kissed you darling, I hope you weren’t alarmed. It’s just the start of everything… if you want”. STAHP IT ED 😭

i can’t write, i say as i write 8 pages on Word

I discussed this simple little idea i had with @adelmortescryche from 2AM to 5AM and now it’s not a little idea. A lot of ideas thrown mostly randomly together on the same fic idea i will never write cause i write baaaad.

I call it : EdRi!!! On Para-Ice

- When Yuuri arrives at Wayne State to major in buisness and become a pro skater, he meets the four people with who he’s going to share lodging.

- Ling is his age, he’s a Xingian diplomat son that want to keep it low-key, and he’s majoring in political science. He’s a funny, eccentric kind of guy, and he makes Lan Fan mad.

- Lan Fan is « totally not » his body guard, and she’s majoring in chemistry. She’s a strange blend of calm and hot-temper. He likes her.

- There’s also Phichit, ; he’s younger, but so nice and enthusiastic ; he wants to do photography. (he’s Thai and doesn’t speaks much english, but everyone helps him and stick colored notes cards to everything and he learns quickly).

- And there’s Edward Curtis, who is half cyborg, hot tempered, foul mouthed and full of shit and loyalty. He’s younger than him, but more advanced than him in his studies. (« He’s a genius », explains Lan Fan.) They got on like a house on fire.

- Strangely, even if they’re so different from each other, they share the apartment fine. Lan Fan and Ed go run in the mornings, Ling cooks, Yuuri and Phichit go to the ice ring… They fit.

- Ed is a bit hyperactive, and when Lan Fan is too occupied to spar with him, he gotta finds something to do. (« No Ed, you can’t punch people in the face. ») He visits Yuuri and Phichit at the ice ring, and he tries a bit of skating ; it’s challenging, he likes it.

- Yuuri starts to teach him simple figures : a single-toe-loop, a sit-spin… Ed spend his time falling on his face because the automails are destabilizing him, but he’s tired and happy when he masters a new move. From there, you can’t stop him. Skating becomes the escape to his problems, and the guilt he feels.

- He comes to every of Yuuri’s event to cheer him on ; he manage the panic attacks like it’s nobody’s buisness, and Yuuri starts to feel more confident. It’s great time, they have fun.

- But one day, there’s an accident ; the huge score board fall on Yuuri that just finished his routine. They have to amputate his arm.

- Ed has lived this before, and acts quick. He’s there through everything, the hospital ride, the hospital stay, the therapy. With the others, he persuades Yuuri to get an automail (« Hey, we match now. ») He never let him wallow in his depression, and he puts him back on his skates with his therapist acceptance.

- They fight, with all the others, through Yuuri’s terror of the ice, and slowly, slowly, he finds back his love for the ice ; he starts to skate again, to being confident. Ed does it all with him, he’s his crutch. (« I miss two limbs. If i can do it, you can do it better. » And Yuuri does.)

(beware of the cut)

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Ed stahp
  • S1 Ed: Wow that's a Mr. Penguin, so cool let me befriend you with riddles of foot eggs
  • S2 Ed: Omg let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself also you're not getting those clothes back what is personal space your mommy is dead want some spicy mustard?
  • S3 Ed: Hey thanks for the prison break and the nice suits and giving me a job and feeding me but ugh stop calling me when I'm trying to murder why are you so self centered
  • Me: (ಥ_ಥ)