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Beautiful, darling, JEALOUS Jack. Made these at the request of balticprincess, such a great idea! These were the scenes that sprang immediately to mind when I thought of jealous Jack, but if you guys come up with some others I’d be glad to make some more of these! Making gifs kind of turns into an in-depth examination of the scenes you’re giffing and of course it gave me all these fangirly thoughts soooo now that I’ve engaged in a few hours of Jack scrutiny let me add a bit of commentary…

1-2 1 x 6 - Ruddy Gore: this is the first time I remember seeing Jack acting overtly jealous. Holy hot damn, the way he grinds that jaw! It’s also the only time I can recall him pulling what I see as a total alpha male stunt, speaking for Phryne - “Miss Fisher was on her way home.” Phryne calls him on it too, gently reasserting her control - “Actually, Miss Fisher is feeling a tad peckish.” And the cheeky look she gives him as she walks away with Lin! She seems completely delighted by his jealousy and so am I.

3-4 1 x 8 - Away With the Fairies: Does this count as jealous Jack? At first he just seems kind of bewildered by the romantic scene in the dining room, but then he mentions Lin to Phryne once she joins him - “Mr. Chung looks well. We crossed paths as he departed” - it alters the context of the scene somewhat and gives us a hint as to what’s been on his mind. There is much throat-clearing and he adorably knocks over a piece of crockery in his turmoil. And Jack is generally not a clumsy man so…there’s that.

5-10 2 x 2 - Death Comes Knocking: This damn episode. So many memorable Phrack moments! But the above has always been one of my favorite scenes, with the two of them interviewing Warwick Hamilton. It all starts, of course, when Warwick mentions the boudoir. Jack’s expressions are priceless (major kudos to Nathan Page’s acting here, he can do such amazing things with his face!) and he shoots Phryne dirty looks pretty much throughout the scene. Afterwards, she follows him into his office…just look at his body language in those last two gifs! Jack does not often lose his temper to the point of angry gesturing, and that he does so here is pretty indicative of, well, growing feelings. Unnngghh when he irately plants that fist on his hip! *thudddds* My God, if ever there was a moment for an angry, caught-up-in-the-passion-of-the-moment kiss, this was IT. I imagine some of that anger is aimed at himself for being jealous in the first place. Because let’s be honest, Phryne having a fling during a case is pretty much business as usual.

Hope this is what you were looking for balticprincess! Again, let me know if y'all can think of any other jealous Jack moments, I will gladly add to the collection.