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Yes I know We’ve Talked About The Bed Scene Too Many Times Already But We Need to Talk About It Again

Because it still gets to me. It gets to me because, he knows what she wants to say. He can see it in her eyes, he’s dying to hear her say it, (lol, too soon for that line?) and then he watches as her face falls a little and her wall comes up and she just, doesn’t. Instead she throws out this awkward thanks-for-dying speech. And honestly, it was Killian’s right to be upset, or disappointed. Because he’s put so much into their relationship, and he was probably anxiously awaiting that particular verbal validation from her, and he didn’t get it. But instead of being upset or disappointed, what does he do? He makes sure the conversation is a positive experience for her. He takes what she says seriously, (even though he knows she just made it up right there as a cover) and, instead of fretting about the validation of love he was just robbed of, he brings up the validation she has given him, about him being a hero. “It’s all in a day’s work for a hero,” was his way of saying, “Hey. I know that you struggle with giving people validation and that’s it’s scary. But remember when you gave me some that time, at Granny’s? That was a good thing. Good job. You’re so wonderful. This is me appreciating that validation and showing you what it means to me. And that it affected me. I know this conversation went differently in your head, but that’s okay. This is still a good, healthy conversation for us.” Like, he’s so thoughtful with her and careful with her and just like builds her up and I know I say that every single day but like, he does!! All the time! Even when he probably wants to throw his hands up in the air and just go, “Arggggggggggg! Caaaaan youuuuuu sayyyyyy ittt alllllllllllready!?!???!” He doesn’t, because he knows that’ll only make her take backward steps. And he wants to make sure that she’s taking forward steps. And he wants that because he is a certified angel from heaven, far too good for this world, but perfectly perfect for Emma Swan.